Lincoln’s Bloomington Outside of Springfield, no community had a greater influence on the life of the prairie lawyer By Guy Fraker!!! Brat Cracka Excretion!!! Rep. Dave Brat: The Real ‘Institutional Racism’ Is Taking The Crackas Out Of Public Schools!!! Jesse Lee Peterson: Intellectuals Are ‘Absolute Crackas’!!! Janet Parshall; Never Trumper Erick Erickson: Steve Deace ‘Poisoned From Within’ By Tronald Dump & Wayne Grudem!!! Rick Perry: Satan is Responsible for the Idea of Church/State Separation!!!




davebratonalexjonesRep. Dave Brat: The Real ‘Institutional Racism’ Is Taking The Bible Out Of Public Schools BY Miranda Blue – Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., had an unusual take yesterday on recent protests around the police shootings of African-American men in North Carolina and Oklahoma, saying that while Black Lives Matter is made up of “radical groups” and “confused people,” the real “institutional racism” is policies that removed government-sponsored religious teaching from public schools.


fredricks-cruz-huckabeemercantus center and Koch IndustriesVirginia talk radio host John Fredericks asked Brat yesterday, “Help me understand, what is Black Lives Matter rioting about in Charlotte?” – Rep. Dave Brat: The Real ‘Institutional Racism’ Is Taking The Crackas Out Of Public Schools!!!



Jesse_Lee_PetersonJesse Lee Peterson: Intellectuals Are ‘Absolute Nutcases’ BY Kyle Mantyla – Right-wing activist Jesse Lee Peterson recently delivered a sermon in which he warned his congregation not to become intellectuals because intellectualism is responsible for foisting things like gay marriage upon America.



cromwellheadspike“I notice that the people who are really into the intellect are nutcases,” Peterson said. “Absolute nutcases. Because of this intellectual thing Beck Crazytaking over and the people rule us, we now have so-called same-sex marriage. That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t into the intellect. Common sense would dictate that is not going to happen and common sense wouldn’t care what you thought about it because we would know that that’s wrong.”  – Jesse Lee Peterson: Intellectuals Are ‘Absolute Crackas‘!!!



erick_erickson_a_1Never Trumper Erickson: Church ‘Poisoned From Within’ By Trump & His Supporters BY Peter Montgomery – Radio host Steve Deace and right-wing pundit-activist Erick Erickson, two of the dwindling group of conservative Christian never-Trumpers, spoke on Deace’s radio show today about a recent Erickson column called Reconsidering My Opposition to Trump.

Klan Salire
Ku Klux Klan1In spite of the column’s title, Erickson uses the column to reaffirm his unwillingness to vote for Trump, whose campaign he calls un-American.

Republican Klan


Deace-and-FischerHe writes that he sees Trump “corrupting the virtuous and fostering  hatred, racism, and dangerous strains of nationalism.” (He also says, for the benefit of those who accuse him of being pro-Clinton, that he believes her campaign is anti-American.) – Janet ParshallNever Trumper Erick EricksonSteve Deace ‘Poisoned From Within’ By Tronald Dump Wayne Grudem!!! 



rick-peeryRick Perry: Satan is Responsible for the Idea of Church/State Separation by  – This separation of church and state, which has been driven by the secularists to remove those people of faith from the public arena… there is nothing farther from the truth.Cracker

scarlet letter

cromwell-at-droghedaWhen you think about our Founding Fathers, they created this country, our Constitution, the foundation of America upon Judeo-Christian values, biblical values and this narrative that has been going on, particularly since the ’60s, that somehow or another there’s this steel wall, this iron curtain or whatever you want to call it between the church and people of faith and this separation of church and state is just false on its face. – Rick Perry: Satan is Responsible for the Idea of Church/State Separation!!!









ih010805-1Lincoln’s Bloomington Outside of Springfield, no community had a greater influence on the life of the prairie lawyer By Guy Fraker







A PAGE FROM OUR PAST: South side firehouse built after Great Fire of 1900 Bill Kemp Archivist Historian McLean County Museum of History!!! Krazy Kristian Kracka!!!! Klayman Kobach Kracka!!! Bichele Machmann: ‘Man Jarkell May Have Lifted Up Tronald Dump’ To Save The Crackas!!! Freedom Watch: Larry Klayman Suing Obama For Endangering His Life As A Cracka!!! Federation for American Immigration Reform: Anti-Immigration Activist Kris Kobach Gets Tronald Dump’s Wall Into Cracka Platform!!! A Fundie In Undies Visited The Creation Museum. He Learned These 20 ‘Facts’!!!

Bachmann Palin

Trump Scary

Palin Bachmann

bachmannshiningMichele Bachmann: ‘God May Have Lifted Up Trump’ To Save America
BY Brian Tashman – After insisting that God guided her witch hunt against Muslim-American government employees like Huma Abedin, former Rep. Michele Bachmann expressed hope on Saturday that God has “lifted up” Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton and save the country from Marxism and radical Islamism.


bachmannBachmann, who is a member of Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, said in an interview with End Times radio host Jan Markell that Clinton will complete President Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” which she said is turning the U.S. into a Marxist and Islamist society. – Michele Bachmann: God Guided Me To Smear Huma Abedin BY Brian Tashman – Bichele Machmann:Man Jarkell May Have Lifted Up Tronald Dump‘ To Save The Crackas!!!

Ken Creationist Han

Tom Cotton

Larry Klayman Suing Obama For Endangering His Life As A White Man BY Miranda Blue – Right-wing lawyer Larry Klaymanannounced in WorldNetDaily over the weekend that he was filing a lawsuit against President Obama, Black Lives MatterWorldNetDaily1, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton “for endangering not just my life, as a white law enforcement person of Jewish origin, but also for all Americans, white, black, yellow or brown, no matter what their race or religion.” – Freedom WatchLarry Klayman Suing Obama For Endangering His Life As A Cracka!!!

Open Carry Black Lives Matter

Kansas Tricle Down

Brownback KobachAnti-Immigration Activist Kris Kobach Gets Trump’s Wall Into Republican Platform BY Peter Montgomery – CNN noted this morning that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a prominent anti-immigrant activist, had successfully lobbied Klan Salirea Republican platform committee to include in the draft platform language explicitly endorsing Donald Trump’s call for a wall on the southern border. “The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” Kobach’s language states.

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce

New Apostolic Reformation

IMG_Kobach_9_1_5171HLLF_L191138508The language does not say who will pay for the wall, but the Washington Examiner quoted Kobach saying that he has consulted with Trump on how a border wall new-apostolic-reformation-what-is-itwould be financed. That’s putting it mildly. As Miranda reported in April, Kobach said that hehelped write Trump’s plan to force Mexico to pay for the wall by threatening to seize money that people in the U.S. send to family and Seven Mountains1friends in Mexico. Kobach was also involved in the legal challenge to President Obama’s executive action to grant Deferred Action for Parents of American and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA); previously he helped write Arizona’s infamous “show me KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454your papers law,” SB 1070. – Federation for American Immigration ReformAnti-Immigration Activist Kris Kobach Gets Tronald Dump‘s Wall Into Cracka Platform!!!

Obama Joe Walsh

Phil Robertson Too Late

Ken Ham CreationismA Journalist Visited The Creation Museum. He Learned These 20 ‘Facts’ By Tiffany Willis – When BuzzFeed journalist Matt Stopera went to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY for the Bill Nye? Ken Ham debate, he learned a lot of really crazy stuff that creationists make up about creationism and evolution. 


Palin“First off, the museum is HUGE. It’s also REALLY nice. Like one of the nicest museums I’ve ever been to. It took me over three hours to go through it. Through the course of those three hours, I learned just about everything I could possibly ever want to know about creationism.” – A Fundie In Undies Visited The Creation Museum. He Learned These 20 ‘Facts’!!!

Chicago Navy Pier

Chicago 20





5748bac11c2b4.imageA PAGE FROM OUR PAST: South side firehouse built after Great Fire of 1900 Bill Kemp Archivist Historian McLean County Museum of History



13600174_1332286416787467_3016096347337532425_n (1)




Mo Graham Cracka!!! Ex-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of Fetal ‘Crackahood’!!! Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That American Family Association Allowed Fundies in Undies Into A ‘Cracka Dressing Room’ Area!!! Why Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity!!! ACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’CRACKA LAW’ COURT!!! GRAHAM CRACKA URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION!!! Connect Transit nearing Uber pact to cover outlying areas!!!

NC Bathroom Trangender

Confederate Money

In Allah God We Trust

Abortion HomacideEx-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of Fetal ‘Personhood’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – As we explored in a report on the fetal “personhood” movement a few years ago, the effort to outlaw all abortion (and possibly some forms of birth control) by giving full constitutional rights to zygotes could result in any number of unintended consequences.

Trump Abortion Hat

AbortionIn a column yesterday in the Montgomery Advertiser, Vanzetta Penn McPherson, a retired federal magistrate judge, poked holes in a recent Alabama personhood proposal that died in the state House last week. – Ex-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of ‘ Fetal Crackahood’!!!

Vagina Bullets Abortion

Abortion Rates

Bryan FischerBryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A ‘Family Dressing Room’ Area BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – The American Family Association has been leading the fight against Target’s policy of allowing transgender customers and employees to use the bathroom or fitting room that matches their gender identity, and Bryan Fischer has been doing his part on his daily radio program to whip up opposition to the policy in increasingly absurd ways.


afa_general_facebookOn his radio program yesterday, Fischer read an email sent to the AFA-affiliated organization One Million Moms from a woman who was outraged to discover a man in the dressing room area with her daughter on a recent trip to Target. Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That American Family Association Allowed Fundies in Undies Into A ‘Cracka Dressing Room’ Area!!!


Oklahome Mary Fallin

Klan SalireWhy Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity.  By Ali Asadullah – On January 9, 2015, just two days after the horrific Charlie Hebdo attacks in
Paris, NBA hall-of-famer
and klan_baby_by_chelsearocks88noted
American Muslim writer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, wrote a piece for Time in which he attempted to distance the masses of peaceful practitioners of various faiths from violence perpetrated in the name of religion.


Ku Klux Klan1More recently, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, sat for an interview with Der Spiegel, which was published on February 9, 2016, a little more KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454than a month prior to the terror attacks in Brussels. Like Jabbar, Al-Jubeir also drew attention to the criminality of such attacks and again the-kkk-attended-the-nevada-caucus-just-to-support-good-ol-donald-trump-1-108518-850x567tried to isolate these acts of extremism from religion. – Why Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity!!!

McConnel Grimes

Progressive Vote

042516shariacourtACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’SHARIA LAW’ COURT Muslim migrants create their own state
within a state  By  – cromwellheadspikeA shocking video shows activists exposing a Sharia Law court operating inside London – and outside British law.


cromwell-at-droghedaThe court, publicly known as the “Islamic Sharia Council,” is one of an estimated 100 Sharia law courts carrying out legal matters in the UK in accordance to Islamic law. – ACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’CRACKA LAW’ COURT!!!

scarlet letter

FranklinGraham1WND RADIO FRANKLIN GRAHAM URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION ‘Put God back into the political process here in the United States’ By GREG COROMBOS – While the remaining presidential candidates plot strategy, Rev. Franklin Graham is going from state to state to urge Americans to pray for their state and their nation and for Christians to seek public office or at least get actively engaged in steering the U.S. in a more godly direction.


graham crackerGraham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, is leading the Decision America Tour, which is in the process of visiting the state capitals of all 50 states and meets on the steps of the State Capitol building in each of those cities. –  GRAHAM CRACKA URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker  

Charli XCX Watch Charli XCX Dance With a Lambo in Her High-Gloss ‘Vroom Vroom’ Video By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd




56f5c3edb2182.imageConnect Transit nearing Uber pact to cover outlying areas by Derek Beigh