Missy Elliott, the Easter Bunny, Wifey and Sia Sock It to Dumb Fundie Crackas Swinging From the Chandeliers!!! Dim Bakker: God Is Using Trump To Test Your Faith In The Lord!!! God Has Given Skank Amedia Permission To Reveal That Tronald Dump Will Win Re-Election In 2020!!! Fartin Barton Wonders Why Church-Goers Have To Pay Taxes If There Is A Separation Of Church And State!!!


Jim Bakker: God Is Using Trump To Test Your Faith In The Lord By Kyle Mantyla – On his television program today, End Times Cracka pastor Jim Bakker declared that support for President Trump is a test from God of one’s faith in Him.

“Do you know why church people and millions of other people do not understand Donald Trump, that God could use him?” he asked. “They don’t know God. They don’t know God. They don’t know this book [the Bible] one iota.” – Dim Bakker: God Is Using Trump To Test Your Faith In The Lord!!!

God Has Given Frank Amedia Permission To Reveal That Trump Will Win Re-Election In 2020 By Kyle Mantyla – Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping pastor who served as a volunteer Christian policy liaison for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign before launching his POTUS Shield effort, appeared on Jim Bakker’s program today, where he prophesied that President Trump will win re-election in 2020.

Amedia recounted how God had told him weeks before the 2016 election that Trump would win and then gave him the assignment on election night to launch POTUS Shield in order to “put up a line of defense and call My prophets to go forth” to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of the president. – God Has Given Skank Amedia Permission To Reveal That Tronald Dump Will Win Re-Election In 2020!!!

David Barton Wonders Why Church-Goers Have To Pay Taxes If There Is A Separation Of Church And State By Kyle Mantyla – On today’s episode of the “WallBuilders Live” radio program, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton suggested that the separation of church and state should mean that Christians do not have to pay taxes.

While Tim Barton, who serves as president of WallBuilders, was discussing the Florida Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a challenge to the state’s school voucher program that allows students to attend religious schools using public tax dollars, David piped up to wonder why people who support the separation of church and state have no problem collecting taxes from Christians. – Fartin Barton Wonders Why Church-Goers Have To Pay Taxes If There Is A Separation Of Church And State!!!

Sia Chandelier (Official Video) – Amy Winehouse Tears Dry On Their Own (Official Video) – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna This Is What You Came For (Official Video)

Missy Elliott & Da Brat Sock It 2 Me [Video] – Amy Winehouse Love Is A Losing Game (Official Video) – Karol G Pineapple (Official Video) – Keke Palmer Hands Free (Explicit)

Lana Del Rey High By The Beach (Official Video, Explicit) – Lana Del Rey Terrence Loves You (Audio Only) – La Roux Let Me Down Gently


BloNo Amadeus, Wifey and Sweater Beats Says Stop Dumb Fundie Cracka Here and Now!!! Andy Warski, Beloved By The Alt-Right Bragged About Sexually Assaulting A Drunk Woman!!! Linda Harvey: Gay People Engage In ‘Dead-End, Degrading Passions’!!! Ratt Barber’s New Group Is Creating Its Own List Of Anti-Christian Extremist Groups!!!


NORMAL, Some trains shutting down April 3 for high-speed rail work!!! Ku Kolorado Krackas!!! Dumb Fundie Crackas on Steriods!!! Kevin Swanson Blasts ‘Beauty And The Beast’ For Promoting ‘Inter-Species Breeding’!!! Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Advice To Katy Perry: ‘You Need To Get The Devil Out Of You’!!! Fart’n Barton: The Same Evil Behind Nazism Is At Work Today In The Push For LGBTQ Equality!!!

Kevin Swanson Blasts ‘Beauty And The Beast’ For Promoting ‘Inter-Species Breeding’ By Kyle Mantyla – 
On his radio program last month, rabidly anti-LG
BTQ pastor Kevin Swanson railed against the current remake of “Beauty and The Beast,” not only for featuring a gay character but also for supposedly promoting “inter-species breeding.”

Swanson said that the movie was an “insidious” effort to “homosexualize the next generation of eight and ten-year-old kids” and ensure that they are “indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle.”  David Kupelian: God Intervened To Prevent Millions Of Americans From Going ‘Completely Mad’ Under President Hillary Clinton By Kyle Mantyla – Kevin Swanson Blasts ‘Beauty And The Beast’ For Promoting ‘Inter-Species Breeding’!!!

Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Advice To Katy Perry: ‘You Need To Get The Devil Out Of You’ By Kyle Mantyla – Religious Right activist and former Republican state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt is not very happy with a speech that pop singer Katy Perry delivered last month at a Human Rights Campaign gala, in which she recounted having grown up in a conservative Christian environment where she was taught that “homosexuality was synonymous with the word abomination” and where attendees at the “Jesus camps” she attended were encouraged to “[pray] the gay away.”

Perry no longer hold such views and Klingenschmitt says that he knows why: She is “ruled by Satan. If you had been sincere in your prayers at the Jesus camps, you would have prayed against sin and the devil”. – Pat Robertson: Boys Are Being ‘Effeminized’ And Turned Into ‘Wimps’ By Brian Tashman  Gordon Klingenschmitt’s Advice To Katy Perry: ‘You Need To Get The Devil Out Of You’!!! 

David Barton: The Same Evil Behind Nazism Is At Work Today In The Push For LGBTQ Equality By Kyle Mantyla – Speaking about his recent trip to Poland on hisWallbuilders Live” radio show today, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton said that his visits to sites of Nazi atrocities showed him that “every evil that’s ever appeared in the world also occurs in every generation.”

The evil spirit that was responsible for the Holocaust, Barton went on to say, is now at work today advancing the “homosexual lifestyle.”  Lance Wallnau: Trump Is Anointed By God To ‘Subdue’ Nations That ‘Are Threatening
God’s Purposes’
By Kyle Mantyla 
art’n Barton
: The Same Evil Behind Nazism Is At Work Today In The Push For LGBTQ Equality!!!


Sign of the Times (Audio Only) By Harry Styles

Good For You (Official Video, Explicit) By Selena Gomez ft. A$AP ROCKY


Afrojack ft. Belly & O.T. Genasis & Ricky Breaker

No Tomorrow

(Official Video, Explicit)

Cold (Official Video, Explicit) By Maroon 5 ft. Future

Some trains shutting down April 3 for high-speed rail work by Derek Beigh dbeigh@pantagraph.com – NORMAL, High speed rail work will shut down some trains from Normal to Chicago and to St. Louis on April 3.


Fart’n Barton On Tronald Dump’s Cabinet Picks And Agenda: ‘I’m Loving What I’m Seeing’!!! The New Apostolic Crackas go to Washington!!! Dozens Of Members Of the American Crackas Network Met With Religious Right Pastors To Drive Barry Loudermilk, Trent Franks and Ted Cruz Out Of Power In The Capitol!!! National Pro-Life Alliance: Anti Choice Group Says Tronald Dump Promised To Support Its ‘Personhood’ Legislation!!! Faith 2 Action: The Radical Religious Right Activist (Janet Porter) Behind Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’!!! Study: Bloomington-Normal the most educated community in Illinois!!!




BartonDozens Of Members Of Congress Met With Religious Right Pastors To Drive Satan Out Of Power In The Capitol By Kyle Mantyla – Last week, conservative pastors gathered on Capitol Hill, where they new-apostolic-reformation-what-is-itjoined dozens of members of Congress for aCongressional-Clergy Town Hall organized by Wallbuilders and the Jefferson Gathering. Wallbuilders is a right-wing Glenn Beck Chuck Pierceorganization run by GOP operative and pseudo-historian David Barton while the Jefferson Gathering is a prayer organization started by anti-LGBT Religious CindyRight preacher Jim Garlow and overseen by Pastor Dan Cumming that is responsible for the annual Washington: A Man of Prayer event that takes place in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall.

New Apostolic Reformation

Barton 7 Mountains

Seven Mountains

jim-garlowJim Garlow posted dozens of photos from the event on his Facebook page last week, revealing that in addition to hearing from Barton, the pastors at the town Crackahall met with several members of Congress, including Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Trent Franks and Sen. Chuck Grassley. At one point, Rep. Barry Loudermilk even led the group in Ku Klux Klan1prayer: – Dozens Of Members Of the American Crackas Network Met With Religious Right Pastors To Drive Barry LoudermilkTrent Franks and Ted Cruz Out Of Power In The Capitol!!!      



scarlet letterAnti-Choice Group Says Trump Promised To Support Its ‘Personhood’ Legislation By Miranda Blue – According to a candidate survey document available on the website of the anti-choice group National Pro-Life Alliance, President-elect Donald Trump responded to Abortionits 2016 candidate questionnaire by voicing his support for a number of anti-choice measures, including a federal “personhood” bill aimed at dismantling Roe v. Wade and banning all Crackerabortions—and possibly even some forms of birth control—without exceptions. – National Pro-Life AllianceAnti Choice  Group Says Tronald Dump Promised To Support Its ‘Personhood’ Legislation!!!  



janet porterThe Radical Religious Right Activist Behind Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ By Miranda Blue – Yesterday, both houses of the Ohio legislature passed a so-called “heartbeat bill” that had been inserted at the last minute into a child abuse prevention measure. The bill would ban abortion, without exception, after a fetal heartbeat can be detected; that’s usually around six weeks into a pregnancy, which is before many women know that they are pregnant at all.


cromwell-at-droghedaIf signed by Gov. John Kasich, the bill would almost certainly face a constitutional challenge, but the president of the Ohio Senate said Republicans in the legislature decided to risk it because President-elect Donald Trump will soon be the one nominating Supreme Court justices. – Faith 2 ActionThe Radical Religious Right Activist (Janet Porter) Behind Ohio’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’!!! 



David Barton 1-3-13David Barton On Trump’s Cabinet Picks And Agenda: ‘I’m Loving What I’m Seeing’ By Kyle Mantyla – On today’s “WallBuilders Live” radio broadcast, Republican political operative and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton rejoiced in the election of Donald Trump, especially because he has handed over control of his legislative agenda to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who shares the Religious Right’s agenda.

Seven Mountains1

Klan SalireBarton said that he has been thrilled with just about every Cabinet choice that Trump has announced because “he has overwhelmed us with very conservative folks.” – Fart’n Barton On Tronald Dump’s Cabinet Picks And Agenda: ‘I’m Loving What I’m Seeing’!!!








ameslibrary630Study: Bloomington-Normal the most educated community in Illinois By Eric Stock – A new report ranks Bloomington-Normal as the most educated community in the state and one of the most educated in the country.







Branson, New Apostolic Snake Handling Cracka Explosion!!! Trucracka; Hick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!! Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!! Christian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by Michael Stone!!! Mules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History!!!


Snake-Handling Pentecosta

Elvis Oral Roberts

rick wiles jim bakkerRick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Hillary Clinton Down And Confuse Her Mind By Brian Tashman – Yesterday on Trunews, Rick Wiles said that he has been praying for Donald Trump before each debate to ask God to protect him and guard him against demonic attacks from witches. Before the third debate, Wiles decided that he will also be “praying that confusion would cloud Hillary Clinton’s mind and that fear would come upon her.”

HillaryHillary Clinton“I’m praying that Hillary Clinton will fall in this debate in whatever manner God chooses to bring her down,” he said. “If the witches can pray against Donald Trump, the Christians can pray that Hillary Clinton will fall.” – TrucrackaHick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!!  



Jim Bakker: Obama Sounds Like ‘The Representative For Antichrist’ By Brian Tashman – Televangelist Jim Bakker said on his program today that President Obama “sounded like the representative for Antichrist” in his recent speech at the United Nations.

Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison


New Apostolic Reformation

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce

jim-garlowBakker’s guest, conservative pastor Jim Garlow, responded by suggesting that Donald Trump has come under attack because of his opposition Jim Bakker Tammyto globalism. – Garlow: Hand Social Safety Net To Churches To Eliminate ‘Freeloaders’ By Nabi Dressler  Jim Garlow: We Must Educate Donald Trump On CrackerThe Threat Of ‘The LGBTQ Radical Agenda’ By Brian Tashman –  ‘Welcome To The War’ – Jim Garlow’s New Book On ‘Biblical Applicationalism’ By Peter CindyMontgomery   Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! 


Seven Mountains1

BartonDavid Barton: Christians Who Vote For Donald Trump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office By Kyle Mantyla – On today’s Wallbuilders Liveradio program, Republican operative and Religious Right activist David Barton and his co-host Rick Green interviewed Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, about the importance of conservative Christians supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

Klan Salire

afa-kkkBarton, who has been making this case for months, rolled out a new and rather interesting argument aimed at convincing reluctant Ku Klux Klan1Christians to support Trump, insisting that those who do so are in no way endorsing the GOP nominee’s deplorable views or behavior and will not be responsible for Huckabeeanything he does while in office because they are simply voting for “policies” and not for the candidate himself. – David Barton Narrows Down The Five Commandments For Conservative Christian Voters 
cromwellheadspikeBy Peter Montgomery – Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!!

scarlet letter



cromwell-at-droghedaChristian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by  – Crusaders: Domestic terrorists in Kansas charged with plotting attack on Muslims. Federal investigators have stopped a domestic terrorism plot to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that is home to mostly Somali Muslims and is also used as a mosque. The plot to kill Muslims was planned by a small group of Christian extremists known as “The Crusaders.”




14718705_10153661179361362_345371903891246554_n14729138_10153661179366362_6973318323327228960_n9c567f62-fd8e-11de-ad74-001cc4c03286-imageMules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History archivist historian!!!








Fresh, Steaming Hot Fart’n Barton Cracka Excretions (2)!!! Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Must Accept That Tronald Dump Is ‘Dim Bakker’s Guy’ In This Election!!! Steven Anderson Hate-Filled AZ Pastor Says Fundies in Undies Should Bathe In ‘Cracka’ Blood While Eating Palms!!! Bill Donohue Refuses To Apologize To Crackas: I Don’t Want Them ‘Crusted In My Face’!!! Michele Bachmann Claims Cthulhu Told Her to Advise Tronald Dump’s Presidential Campaign!!! A Page From Our Past Union Depot, grand gateway to wider world Bill Kemp Archivist/Historian McLean County Museum of History!!!

  Trump Democrat

Tom Cotton

Trump Great Again

BartonDavid Barton: Christians Must Accept That Trump Is ‘God’s Guy’ In This Election
BY Kyle Mantyla – On his “WallBuilders Live” radio program today, David Barton fielded a question from a listener who will be serving as a delegate to the Republican convention but feels that he cannot support the nomination of Donald Trump. The listener asked Barton if there is anything that delegates can do to stop the nomination of Trump, to which Barton replied that Christians should simply accept that Trump is “God’s guy” in this election.

Barton 7 Mountains

Seven Mountains1

Jim Bakker TammyBarton, who has already made clear that he will be voting for Trump despite the fact that he ran a super PAC supporting Ted Cruz, explained that since Christians were very active in the Republican primaries, they must conclude that Trump’s victory was part of God’s plans. – David Barton Accuses Us Of Lying About What He Said … By Lying About What We Said BY Kyle Mantyla – Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Must Accept That Tronald Dump Is ‘Dim Bakker‘s Guy’ In This Election!!!

Chicago 9

Wendy Davis vagina Business

pastor Steven Anderson1 Hate-Filled AZ Pastor Says Christians Should Bathe In ‘F*ggot’ Blood While Singing Psalms By Andrew Bradford – Steven Anderson is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, and he’s also one of the most disgusting and reprehensible human beings to ever walk upon the face of the earth. This monumental so-called Christian hates everyone: Muslims, Jews, women, the LGBT community, and anyone who dares to disagree with his interpretation of the Bible.



Cromwell1But now Anderson has sunk to an all-time low, even for him. In a recent sermon, this asshat said that he wanted to draw his congregation’s attention to Psalm 58:10, which reads: –  Steven Anderson Hate-Filled AZ Pastor Says Fundies in Undies Should Bathe In ‘Cracka’ Blood While Eating Palms!!!

gary north

Reagan Church Stete

Ark Creation Ham Noah

cnn_nd_donoue_160628c1-800x4301-800x430Bill Donohue Refuses To Apologize To Gays: I Don’t Want Them ‘Thrusted In My Face’ By David – Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who has been a crusader against LGBT rights, insisted on Tuesday that Pope Francis’ call for Christians to apologize to gay people did not apply to him.

Klan Salire



KlanDuring a recent return flight from Argentina, the pope said that “the church not only should apologize to the person who is gay whom it has offended, but has to apologize to the poor, to exploited women, to children exploited for labor; it has to ask forgiveness for having blessed many weapons.” – Catholic League’s Bill Donohue melts down on CNN after pope tells him to apologize to gays by  – Bill Donohue Refuses To Apologize To Crackas: I Don’t Want Them ‘Crusted In My Face’!!!

Ginsburg Abortion

Trump Wives Trust

Omar BachmannBachmann Claims God Told Her to Advise Trump’s Presidential Campaign By Hamish Balfour – Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann said divine guidance helped her decide to join the Donald Trump presidential campaign. According to , Bachmann currently serves on bachmanna 21-person “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board,” who counsel Trump, a thrice married, casino owner, who has appeared in Playboy,
on faith in America. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who also serves on the board, previously said God had chosen Sen. Ted
CTHULHUCruz to be president.
Michele Bachmann Claims  Cthulhu Told Her to Advise Tronald Dump’s Presidential Campaign!!!











560ede84bd09d.imageA Page From Our Past Union Depot, grand gateway to wider world Bill Kemp Archivist Historian McLean County Museum of History








Fart’n Barton Will Train Fundies in Undies To Take Control Of Andrew Wommack And Transform Ballbuilders Into The ‘Crackas That Jim Bakker Wants It To Be’!!! Generations Radio: Ku Kruz Kracka Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor Kevin Swanson!!! American Family Association: – Bryan Fischer: Steve Deace Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law!!!

 Glenn Beck Chuck PierceMaternity Leavenew-apostolic-reformation-what-is-it

david_barton_3_aDavid Barton Will Train Christians To Take Control Of Government And Transform America Into The ‘Nation That God Wants It To Be’ by Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Last month, we noted that right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton,  plans to launch a “School of Practical Government” at Andrew Wommack‘s Charis Bible College in Colorado, which will be based heavily in Seven Mountains dominionism.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

New Apostolic Reformation

David Barton 1-3-13Seven Mountains theology teaches that conservative Christians are to take control of the seven primary institutions, or “mountains,” that shape and control our culture — (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Jim Bakker TammyEntertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion — and use them to implement biblical standards and spread the
Gospel. – 
Chuck Pierce’s CrackaPrayer Effort Got Sam Brownback Re-Elected BY Kyle Mantyla  Fart’n Barton Will Train Fundies in Undies To Take Control Of  Andrew Wommack And Transform Ballbuilders Into The ‘Crackas That Jim Bakker Wants It To Be’!!!


swansoncruzdCruz Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz, his father Rafael Cruz, and two of his then-rivals in the Republican presidential race attended a “religious liberty” conference in Iowa hosted by Kevin Swanson, a radical pastor who had a long record of viciously anti-gay rhetoric, which he continued at the conference itself by expounding at length about his view that the Bible commands governments to put gay people to death.

Ku Klux Klan1

Before the conference, we publicized Swanson’s history — including his discussions of the death penalty for gay people — leading one Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, to drop out of the conference.

Republican Klan

2015-11-06-kevin-swanson-cow-manure-right-wing-watch-screen-grab-640-668x501A few days before the conference, CNN’s Jake Tapper read Cruz a few of Swanson’s statements and asked him about the wisdom of appearing alongside Swanson. Cruz claimed ignorance about Swanson and then dodged the question.

Cruz Klan

swanson1Cruz went ahead to the conference, where he joined Swanson for one-on-one discussionOn the same stage that weekend, Swanson went on several unhinged rants about gay peopleHarry Potter and wildfires– Generations Radio: Ku Kruz Kracka Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor Kevin Swanson!!!

Klan Salire


Bryan-Fischer_II Bryan Fischer: Bryan Adams Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at:  The American Family Association‘s Bryan Fischer is unjustifiably convinced of his own cleverness and enamored with trying to defend acts of bigotry by arguing that those who oppose such bigotry are the real bigots. 


Bryan FischerHe has used this laughable tactic time and again, so it was no surprise to see him post a new column today arguing that singer Bryan Adams is racist for having canceled a concert in Mississippi in protest of the state’s recently enacted anti-LGBT law. – Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car By  – American Family Association: – Bryan Fischer: Steve Deace Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law!!!








Miller Park Zoo is a zoo located in Miller Park; a public park in Bloomington!!! Mount Cracka Erupts, Okay, Louie, That Does It!!! Gouie Lohmert: Fart’n Barton Tried To Play Cracka In Gay Marriage Ruling!!! Ballbuilders: For The Fifth Time, Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims The Average Family On Welfare Receives $61,000 A Year In Benefits!!! Virgin Galactic Is Helping Develop A New Supersonic Commercial Airplane!!!

 Trum[ NSDAP

King Gohmert Bachmann

Teabagger Guns Obama

louie_gohmert2Okay, Louie, That Does It By Juanita Jean – Y’all, Louie Gohmert has fallen so low on the food chain that we’re going to have to start watering him once a week.

Gohmert King

The House just passed a bill to authorize the National Science Foundation to use its entrepreneurial programs to recruit women. Only four congressvarmints voted against it. Louie, of course, was one of them, but he did have a reason. Not a good reason, mind you, but a reason. Mount Cracka Erupts, Okay, Louie, That Does It!!!

2013-06-26-gn-gohmert_louie-4CrackerLouie Gohmert Glenn Beck Iran rally.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2Gohmert: Supreme Court Tried To Play God In Gay Marriage Ruling BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Last week, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, sat in for Tony Perkins on the Washington Watch radio program, where he chatted with conservative attorney Ken Klukowski about the supposed attacks on religious freedom in the U.S.

Washington Watch

fox_hannity_gohmert_ducttape_130807c-615x345-645x325After warning that liberals are trying to stop Christians from practicing their faith openly in America, he repeated his claim that the Supreme Court justices declared themselves God when they handed down last year’s marriage equality ruling: – Gouie Lohmert: Fart’n Barton Tried To Play Cracka In Gay Marriage Ruling!!!


Barton 7 Mountains

David Barton IIFor The Fifth Time, David Barton Falsely Claims The Average Family On Welfare Receives $61,000 A Year In Benefits BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Last week we noted how right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton continues to insist that the average family on welfare receives $61,000 worth of benefits a year despite the fact that this claim is entirely false.


BartonWe have heard Barton make this claim four times before and, while appearing on the “License to Parent” podcast earlier this week, he repeated it again. – BallbuildersFor The Fifth Time, Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims The Average Family On Welfare Receives $61,000 A Year In Benefits!!! 

Reagan Socual Security

Science Religion

Virgin_GalacticVirgin Galactic Is Helping Develop A New Supersonic Commercial AirplaneBehold, what may be the fastest flight since the Concorde. If the discomfort of air travel has got you down, the prospect of speedier flight will be music to your ears… or rather, a sonic boom to your ears. 

Boom Technology

Buck RogersColorado-based startup Boom Technology is developing a prototype of a plane that flies at more than twice the speed of sound, capable of making the trip from New York City to London in just 3.4 hours. 

Virgin Galactic

Buck Rogers1Last week, Virgin Galactic signed on to help develop and build the plane, meaning a better era of supersonic air travel could be just around the corner. – Virgin Galactic Is Helping Develop A New Supersonic Commercial Airplane!!!


12932794_10209084131606983_8432825748633265645_nMiller Park Zoo is a zoo located in Miller Park; a public park in Bloomington, Illinois, United States. It is administered by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Bloomington


eaa3c359b5beea01d6a23ce954c68d09Miller Park Zoo :: Bloomington Parks & Recreation …