James Dobson Ku Klan Boy Kracka!!! Far-Right Pundits Defend Project Veritas After Botched Smear Campaign Exposed!!! Gina Loudon: ‘The Innocence Or Guilt Of Roy Moore Is Really Not Even At Issue’!!! Hick Wiles: Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are The Result Of The Left’s ‘Godless Society’!!!

The Federalist Is Now Apparently Arguing That GOD Chose Accused Molester Roy Moore by  

WATCH: Roy Moore Rally Organizer And Supporter Both Assault Cameramen At Event By Conover

What James O’Keefe doesn’t get about the media Analysis by Chris Cillizza

Far-Right Pundits Defend Project Veritas After Botched Smear Campaign Exposed By Jared Holt – After reporters at The Washington Post unmasked yet another botched undercover sting operation headed by James O’Keefe’s organization Project Veritas, right-wing pundits put their eagerness to undermine mainstream media outlets above all else and took to providing cover for O’Keefe and his organization.

Yesterday, the Washington Post revealed that a Project Veritas operative had attempted to dupe reporters with a false story claiming that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore impregnated her as a teenager. – Far-Right Pundits Defend Project Veritas After Botched Smear Campaign Exposed!!!

Gina Loudon: ‘The Innocence Or Guilt Of Roy Moore Is Really Not Even At Issue’ By Jared Holt – Dr. Gina Loudon, a former Breitbart writer and right-wing pundit, claimed that the matter of whether Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore is guilty or innocent of making sexual advances on teenage girls as young as 14 years old while he was in his 30s “is really not even at issue” for Alabama voters.

Loudon appeared with Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on “Breitbart News Daily” this morning to discuss Moore’s press conference yesterday, which Marlow described as “strange.” Loudon assured Marlow that Alabama voters were too independent to be swayed by allegations that he sexually pursued teenage girls and that “many of these so-called stories or rumors have been out there for a long time.” – Gina Loudon: ‘The Innocence Or Guilt Of Roy Moore Is Really Not Even At Issue’!!!

Sessions exposed covertly installing white nationalism in the Justice Department 

Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans (Official Video)– Lana Del Rey  Ultraviolence (Official Video)

 Fake Roy Moore accuser approached Washington Post in sting operation By BLAIR GUILD CBS NEWS

Archbishop of Canterbury baffled by Christians who back Trump 

James O’Keefe’s Bungled Washington Post Sting Will Not Hurt Him One Bit By Osita Nwanevu

Rick Wiles: Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are The Result Of The Left’s ‘Godless Society’ By Kyle MantylaOn his TruNewstelevision program last night, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles declared that the recent string of sexual harassment and assault allegations involving famous and powerful men is a direct result of the “godless society” created by the left.

Wiles said that America’s Christian morality has been under relentless attack by the “political left” ever since prayer and Bible-reading were removed from public schools in the 1960s. – Hick Wiles: Sexual Misconduct Scandals Are The Result Of The Left’s ‘Godless Society’!!!

Mike Huckabee: Is Disney ‘Racist’ For Making a Billion Dollars from Pocahontas Franchise? by  

The Banality of White Nationalism The existence of extremists like Tony Hovater doesn’t require extraordinary explanations—they stand in a long American tradition. By YONI APPELBAUM

The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk  I Feel It Coming (Official Video) – Dua Lipa  – Be The One


Hey Joe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience!!! James Dobson Releases Radio Ad Endorsing Roy Moore!!! Lake Forest businessman Uihlein is top donor to pro-Moore fund in Alabama Senate race!!! Leader Of Trump Cabinet Bible Studies Aggressively Expanding Right-Wing Proselytizing To Government Officials!!!

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Branson, New Apostolic Snake Handling Cracka Explosion!!! Trucracka; Hick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!! Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!! Christian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by Michael Stone!!! Mules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History!!!


Snake-Handling Pentecosta

Elvis Oral Roberts

rick wiles jim bakkerRick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Hillary Clinton Down And Confuse Her Mind By Brian Tashman – Yesterday on Trunews, Rick Wiles said that he has been praying for Donald Trump before each debate to ask God to protect him and guard him against demonic attacks from witches. Before the third debate, Wiles decided that he will also be “praying that confusion would cloud Hillary Clinton’s mind and that fear would come upon her.”

HillaryHillary Clinton“I’m praying that Hillary Clinton will fall in this debate in whatever manner God chooses to bring her down,” he said. “If the witches can pray against Donald Trump, the Christians can pray that Hillary Clinton will fall.” – TrucrackaHick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!!  



Jim Bakker: Obama Sounds Like ‘The Representative For Antichrist’ By Brian Tashman – Televangelist Jim Bakker said on his program today that President Obama “sounded like the representative for Antichrist” in his recent speech at the United Nations.

Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison


New Apostolic Reformation

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce

jim-garlowBakker’s guest, conservative pastor Jim Garlow, responded by suggesting that Donald Trump has come under attack because of his opposition Jim Bakker Tammyto globalism. – Garlow: Hand Social Safety Net To Churches To Eliminate ‘Freeloaders’ By Nabi Dressler  Jim Garlow: We Must Educate Donald Trump On CrackerThe Threat Of ‘The LGBTQ Radical Agenda’ By Brian Tashman –  ‘Welcome To The War’ – Jim Garlow’s New Book On ‘Biblical Applicationalism’ By Peter CindyMontgomery   Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! 


Seven Mountains1

BartonDavid Barton: Christians Who Vote For Donald Trump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office By Kyle Mantyla – On today’s Wallbuilders Liveradio program, Republican operative and Religious Right activist David Barton and his co-host Rick Green interviewed Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, about the importance of conservative Christians supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

Klan Salire

afa-kkkBarton, who has been making this case for months, rolled out a new and rather interesting argument aimed at convincing reluctant Ku Klux Klan1Christians to support Trump, insisting that those who do so are in no way endorsing the GOP nominee’s deplorable views or behavior and will not be responsible for Huckabeeanything he does while in office because they are simply voting for “policies” and not for the candidate himself. – David Barton Narrows Down The Five Commandments For Conservative Christian Voters 
cromwellheadspikeBy Peter Montgomery – Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!!

scarlet letter



cromwell-at-droghedaChristian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by  – Crusaders: Domestic terrorists in Kansas charged with plotting attack on Muslims. Federal investigators have stopped a domestic terrorism plot to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that is home to mostly Somali Muslims and is also used as a mosque. The plot to kill Muslims was planned by a small group of Christian extremists known as “The Crusaders.”




14718705_10153661179361362_345371903891246554_n14729138_10153661179366362_6973318323327228960_n9c567f62-fd8e-11de-ad74-001cc4c03286-imageMules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History archivist historian!!!








Demolition of ISU residence halls moving forward!!! Branson Trucracka!!! Trucracka; North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest: Cracka Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On Hick Wiles!!! Alex Jones; James David Manning: Jim Bakker Will Stay In Branson By Stoking Race War!!! Josh Bernstein: Jan Crouch Will Be ‘The First Dead Cracka Preacher’ Just As Gordon Klingenschmitt Is ‘The First Cracka Preacher’!!! Terrifying (and True) Facts About Violence Against Abortion Providers!!! An Orangutan Sees A Magic Trick And Loses His Mind!!!

Ali the Greatest

Chicago Beach

Trump Nuts Guts

danforestNorth Carolina Lt. Governor: LGBT Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On God
BY Brian Tashman – North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is apparently not above appearing on “Trunews,” the radical anti-LGBT radio program hosted by far-right conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, where he insisted Wednesday that his state’s new anti-LGBT law is in no way discriminatory.


rick wiles jim bakker

Trunews WilesIn fact, the GOP official said, “women and children” were the ones “being discriminated against” under LGBT rights ordinances like the one passed by the city of Charlotte, which was voided by the new state law. TrucrackaNorth Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest: Cracka Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On Hick Wiles!!!

America distracted

Three Stooges Drinking

Alex-Jones-Nazis-Coming-300x251Manning: Obama Will Stay In Power By Stoking Race War BY Nabi Dressler – Notorious Harlem hate pastor James David Manning,  joined conservative radio host Alex Jones on Wednesday to discuss his theory that President Obama will try to stay in power beyond the end of his second term in office by releasing anti-American, Muslim inmates from prison, who will then serve as his personal Brownshirts.


bakkeralex-jones-crazy-eye“Black men that go to prison learn about Islam,” Manning said. “It’s very pervasive in the prisons.” Alex JonesJames David Manning: Jim Bakker Will Stay In Branson By Stoking Race War!!! 


KlingenschmittJosh Bernstein: Hillary Clinton Will Be ‘The First Lesbian President’ Just As Obama Is ‘The First Gay President’ BY Kyle Mantyla – On his “Pray In Jesus Name” show recently, Gordon Klingenschmitt interviewed right-wing radio host and political commentator Josh Bernstein about the current state of the election. Bernstein, who also serves as the spokesman for the Association of Mature American Citizens, a Tea Party version of the AARP, is someone whom we have mentioned a few times, but never really paid much attention to … at least until he called us pinheads on Klingenschmitt’s show.



Bryan FischerThat prompted us to take a look at Bernstein’s “TV show,” which consists of little more than a YouTube channel, where we found insightful clips like this one where he explains that Hillary Clinton could become the first lesbian president, which is fitting since President Obama is the first gay president. –  Josh Bernstein: Jan Crouch Will Be ‘The First Dead Cracka Preacher’ Just As Gordon Klingenschmitt Is ‘The First Cracka Preacher’!!!

Jan Crouch


Klan Salire

Cecile RichardsCecile Richards Knows Health Care Is Your Right — & Becoming a Mom Is Your Choice By Barbara Kimberly Seigel – Cecile Richards has a responsibility as a mom of three (now-Abortion Tillleradult) children … but,as the president of Planned Parenthood, she also has an immense responsibility to millions of women across America — women who need and deserve access to Abortion Tiller2affordable and high-quality health care; women who want to raise children and plan families; and women who don’t want to become moms again or at all. She is Abortion Tiller3fighting for those fundamental rights and the choices that every woman should be able to make for herself, and she has famously taken that fight to the Planned Parenthood1United States House of Representatives. She was influenced by her own mother, a former governor of Texas — and she is passing on her spirit for social justice and public service (as well as the skills to bake a pie Planned Churchcrust from scratch!) to her children. She strives to be a role model for her kids — and she’s achieved that with us, as we name her one of CafeMom’s #MomsWhoInspire. – Cecile Richards: Abortion“There is No More Fundamental Injustice Than a Lack of Access” to Abortion by  MICAIAH BILGER – Terrifying (and True) Facts About Violence Against Abortion Providers By 

Ann Richards

HT_orangutan_zoo_1_sk_140722_4x3_992An Orangutan Sees A Magic Trick And Loses His Mind – Absolutely Priceless! This orangutan just saw a magic trick, and he CANNOT handle it! It’s nice to see the little fella getting some quality entertainment. His mind = BLOWN

13327526_230737980645909_4877604345069943374_n (1)


5682f7f066dc6.imageISU Demolition of ISU residence halls moving forward By Lenore Sobota Additional Photos By Violet!!! lsobota@pantagraph.com





One Eyed Branson Wonder Worms!!! Yike Crackabee: Poor Teabaggers will be better off if we treat them like we ‘train Crackas’!!! This Pastor (Hick Wiles) Wants To Show You His Cracka At A Branson Target To Prove Other People Are Predators!!! Virginia KKK Leader Endorses Tronald Dump: ‘What He Believes In, We Believe In’!!! The Myth of the “Christian Nation”!!! 12 famous people who attended Illinois Wesleyan University – 20 famous people who attended Illinois State University!!!

 Ken Ham Ark Noah

Ken Ham Kentucky Creationism

fbn_huck_dogs_160114c-800x430Mike Huckabee: Poor Americans will be better off if we treat them like we ‘train dogs’
DAVID EDWARDS – Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee argued on Thursday that the “common sense” way to improve the economy was to treat taxpayers with the same techniques used to “train dogs.”


CrackerSpeaking at the Republican presidential debate on the Fox Business channel, Huckabee argued that Americans were having trouble getting ahead because “the tax system punishes them.”  – Yike Crackabee: Poor Teabaggers will be better off if we treat them like we ‘train Crackas’!!!

Post Hoosier trump

Post trump

rickwiles2This Pastor Wants To Show You His Penis At Target To Prove Other People Are Predators By Evan Hurst – Oh look, it’s another TOTALLY NORMAL REACTION to how Target has issued a policy that says people can use whichever restroom matches their gender identity. We are beginning to wonder what wingnuts actually do in the bathroom, because for a significant portion of America to be freaking out about human beings going into bathroom stalls and aiming #1 and #2 at the potty, there’s got to be something we are missing.

rick wiles jim bakker


Trunews WilesAnyway, here is insane pastor Rick Wiles, host of the wingnut TruNews radio program, sharing a fetish he’s been having, about doing golden showers on the floor at Target: – This Pastor (Hick Wiles) Wants To Show You His Cracka At Branson Target To Prove Other People Are Predators!!! 

Daily Trump Republican Evolution


KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454Virginia KKK Leader Endorses Trump: ‘What He Believes In, We Believe In’ In a sit-down interview with a Richmond news station, the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is his candidate for President.

Klan Salire


Ku Klux Klan1The KKK leader, identified by WWBT only as “Imperial Wizard,” also insisted his organization is not a hate group, telling the station’s black anchor, “We don’t hate anyone.” – Ku Klux Klan Leader Endorses Trump, Denounces Ted Cruz by  – Virginia KKK Leader Endorses Tronald Dump: ‘What He Believes In, We Believe In’!!!

Trump Bernie Bust

Trump Sanders mental Health

Sarah PalinThe Myth of the “Christian Nation” – If you watch or listen to the news on a consistent basis, you’ll hear it a couple of times a week: the Founding Fathers, good Christians themselves,  intended the fledgling United States to be a Christian Nation ─ that is, founded on good Christian (biblical) principles.


Bakker JoynerFundamentalist Christians these days are working very hard to make you believe it in an effort to get their conservative agenda(s) past you.


1279-20130115-LiesFromPitOfHellBut let’s face reality: the facts just don’t agree with them. The idea of the United States as a Christian nation is contrary to the facts (not that that has ever stopped the Religious Right), and no amount of right wing rhetoric can make it so. – The Myth of the “Christian Nation“!!!


Mother Jones Stock13001115_10209225553902452_8995311290746425493_n12986953_10209225546862276_4358523027769618027_n12 famous people who attended Illinois Wesleyan University – 20 famous people who attended Illinois State University!!!





Bloomington once a stop on electric railway system!!! Mo Branson Cracka!!! Psychopath Ann Coulter Wants Credit For Tronald Dump’s Hateful Language!!! Trunews: Steve Stockman Threatens To Leave The U.S. If Gouie Lohmert Becomes President!!! Daily News Bin endorses Tammy Duckworth over Mark Kirk in 2016 Senate race in Illinois!!!


Trump Scary

Ring of Fire

anncoulter061715_gettyPsychopath Ann Coulter Wants Credit For Trump’s Hateful Language – The Ring of Fire – Ann Coulter is the queen of hate for the Republican Party, and Donald Trump is using the same language as her in coulter-headshot-640x480-640x480order to secure the nomination.  All Coulter wants in return is a little credit for helping create the conditions that allowed Trump to rise to the top. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. – Psychopath Ann Coulter Wants Credit For Tronald Dump’s Hateful Language!!! 

Kaufman Coulter

Willie Duck

stockmanFormer GOP Congressman Threatens To Leave The U.S. If Hillary Clinton Becomes President BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Former Texas Republican congressman Steve Stockman said yesterday that he may flee the U.S. if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

rick wiles jim bakkerIn an interview on Rick Wiles‘ Trunewsprogram alongside Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt, Jim Bakker TammyStockman said that he may move to Panama to avoid the Clinton administration, predicting that she would open the nation up to a massive attack. – TrunewsSteve Stockman Threatens To Leave The U.S. If Gouie Lohmert Becomes President!!!

GOP Trump Cruz Last Supper Gaytammy-duckworth-150x150Daily News Bin endorses Tammy Duckworth over Mark Kirk in 2016 Senate race in Illinois – Daily News Bin endorses Tammy Duckworth over Mark Kirk in 2016 Senate race in Illinois!!!


it_streetThe Illinois Terminal Railroad, known as the Illinois Traction System until 1937, was a heavy duty interurban electric railroad with extensive passenger and freight business in Pictured here is the Illinois Traction System passenger station, circa 1920, located at 220 N. Madison St. in downtown Bloomington. This building met the wrecking ball in March 1974. Today, this site is a Pantagraph parking lot and loading dock. (Image courtesy of the McLean County Museum of History)central and southern Illinois from 1896 to 1982. When Depression era Illinois Traction was in financial distress and had to reorganize, the Illinois Terminal name was adopted to reflect the line’s primary 12513911_10205614990602006_3231921942586884468_omoney making role as a freight interchange link to major steam railroads at its terminal ends, Peoria, Danville, and St. Louis. Interurban passenger service slowly was reduced, and it ended in 1956. Freight operation continued but was 12108102_1104487142905390_2413402278134881530_nhobbled by tight street running in some towns requiring very sharp radius turns. In 1986, ITR was absorbed by a consortium of connecting railroads. – Bloomington once a stop on electric railway system by Bill Kemp Historian, McLean County Museum of History



Hick Wiles: ‘Anticracka’ Dim Bakker Is The True Leader Of Trunews!!! Rafael Cruz: Jimmy Swaggart Is Committing ‘Treason’!!! Bryan Fischer Rewrites History In Order To Criticize The American Family Association!!!

@TRUNEWSradio 022715Right Wing Blogwilesmaxresdefault1 crazy-b-header-Rick-Willes-330x200Rick Wiles: ‘Antichrist’ Obama Is The True Leader Of ISIS BY Brian Tashman – On March 1, it was announced that President Obama would attend a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national ueam during his historic visit to the island nation.

Trunews Wiles

rick wiles jim bakkerBut according to “Trunews” host Rick Wiles, Obama’s appearance was meant to purposefully coincide with the Brussels terrorist attacks that occurred that morning and the president went to the ball game in order to cheer on ISIS. – Hick Wiles: ‘AnticrackaDim Bakker Is The True Leader Of Trunews!!! 

Jim Bakker prison

Rafael Cruz: Obama Is Committing ‘Treason’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at:  Ted Cruz’s father and campaign surrogate Rafael Cruz spoke to WorldNetDaily yesterday about President Obama’s trip to Cuba and his plans to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, which prompted Cruz to accuse the president of committing “treason” in his handling of the detention facility.


american_taliban_meme_74f816535d36e03fd3d153d9ac8fc68716632cceThe elder Cruz falsely claimed that “Obama is bent on releasing all of those terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and every time he releases some of those, they go join ISIS or join Al Qaeda to kill more Americans. That’s treason.” – Rafael Cruz: Jimmy Swaggart Is Committing ‘Treason’!!!



Bryan FischerBryan Fischer Rewrites History In Order To Criticize Obama BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer predictably criticized President Obama for attending a baseball game in Cuba following the terrorist attacks in Brussels because … well, who knows?


Clown-CarFischer didn’t explain what he thought that Obama should have done and, frankly, he would have criticized the president regardless of how he responded because it would have inevitably been, in Fischer’s view, the wrong response. – Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car By  – Bryan Fischer  Rewrites History In Order To Criticize The American Family Association!!!





New Apostolic Crackas!!! Trunews; Rick Wiles: Obama, Hillary And Pope Francis Will Destroy America!!! Glenn Beck Continues To Mobilize His Audience To Remove Grover Norquist From The NRA!!! Michael Alan Weiner: ‘It’s The End Of The World’ If Antonin Scalia Appoints A New Justice To The Supreme Court!!!


pope_francisRick Wiles: Obama, Hillary And Pope Francis Will Destroy America BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – End Times radio host Rick Wiles, took issue yesterday with Pope Francisrecent remarks about Donald Trump and immigration, claiming that Francis wants to flood the U.S. with Roman Catholic immigrants from Latin America as part of a conspiracy to bring America down.


Trunews Wiles“What this Jesuit is doing is he’s using illegal immigration to accomplish what the Jesuits have been unable to do for hundreds of years in North America, and that is to topple this country,” the “Trunews” host said. – New Hampshire Republican Defends Trump: “The Pope Is The Anti-Christ”  – TrunewsRick Wiles: Obama, Hillary And Pope Francis Will Destroy America!!!


grover norquistGlenn Beck Continues To Mobilize His Audience To Remove Grover Norquist From The NRA BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Glenn Beck used his radio program today to once again call upon his listeners who are members of the NRA to vote to remove anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist from the organization’s board due to his supposed ties to Islamic radicals.

New Apostolic Reformation

Glenn Beck Chuck PierceNearly a year ago, Beck threatened to quit the NRA if Norquist remained on the board, which prompted the organization to launch an investigation into the allegations that he has links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Though the NRA promised that the probe would be “fully transparent” and the results posted on its website, it has been more than 11 months since it supposedly launched this investigation and nothing has come of it. – Glenn Beck Continues To Mobilize His Audience To Remove Grover Norquist From The NRA!!!


obama-1Michael Savage: ‘It’s The End Of The World’ If Obama Appoints A New Justice To The Supreme Court BY Brian Tashman – See more at: On Wednesday, conservative talk radio personality Michael Savage continued to hash out his conspiracy theory that President Obama was behind Justice Antonin Scalia’s death at a Texas ranch.


Weiner2He told “Savage Nation” listeners that Scalia’s “suspicious” death was the single worst thing to ever happen to the world because if Obama “gets control of that Supreme Court you may as well pack your bags and move. Where? There’s nowhere to move. It’s the end of the world. You heard me, it’s the end of the world. Not the end of America, the end of the world.” – Michael Alan Weiner: ‘It’s The End Of The World’ If Antonin Scalia  Appoints A New Justice To The Supreme Court!!!


New Apostolic Crackas!!!




Elvis Oral Roberts

Barton 7 Mountains

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a title used to describe a movement that seeks to establish a fourth house within Christendom, distinct from Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodox Christianity, largely associated with the Pentecostal and the Charismatic movements.

Seven Mountains1