Magill House project (Clinton Il.) lands 1st tenant!!! More Gohmert Texas Pat Cracka!!! The Crackas Robertson!!! Donald Trump, Louie Gohmert, Mat Staver, Mike Pence, Roy Moore, Ted Cruz, Tony Perkins; The Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate!!! Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs!!! The Preachers On Tronald Dump’s Inaugural Podium!!! How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016!!!



King Gohmert BachmannThe Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate By Brian Tashman – It’s now been more than one year since the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling struck down state-level marriage equality bans, and the Religious Right’s many dire predictions about the ruling’s impact still haven’t come true.

Catherine Engelbrecht


Gohmert KingBut neither have predictions that Obergefell spelled the end of the anti-LGBT movement. Instead, this year, as the anti-LGBT Right’s brand of deceptive True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht.and bigoted politics became increasingly unpopular among Americans and continued to be defeated in the courts, many activists further concentrated their efforts on Klan Salireresisting LGBT equality abroad, while others pinned their hopes on November’s general election. –True the Vote‘s tag line is “If you see something at the polls that just doesn’t seem right, record it.” True the Vote’s current president is Ku Klux Klan1Catherine Engelbrecht.  Donald Trump, Louie Gohmert, Mat StaverMike Pence, Roy Moore, Ted Cruz, Tony Perkins; The Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate!!!



donaldtrumppatrobertsonPat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs By Stephen D. Foster Jr. – In another example demonstrating that Pat Robertson believes in persecuting non-Christians and indoctrinating children, the televangelist openly suggested that parents should beat their kids until they respect Christian beliefs.


CrackaDuring yet another shameful episode of the 700 Club, which runs on Disney-owned channel ABC Family, Robertson received an email from a woman who claimed that her Pence Abortiongrandson disrespects their Christian faith when they visit their daughter on Christmas and chose not to visit this past year. – Man accused of tax evasion says Indiana’s religious freedom law exempts him Mike Pencefrom paying  By Kristine Guerra  Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs!!!



paula-white-800x458The Preachers On Trump’s Inaugural Podium By Peter Montgomery – Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has announced that six faith franklin-graham-religous-freedomleaders will take part in his swearing-in ceremony by offering prayers or delivering readings.  Among them are Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Bishop Wayne TrumpandJeffressJackson, who draped a prayer shawl from Israel over Trump’s shoulders when Trump made a campaign stop at his Great Faith Ministries International church in Detroit for a scripted interview.

Seven Mountains

graham crackerHere’s more on the other announced speakers: Franklin Graham, Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez and Tim Dolan– Arkansas Attorney General, Who Got a 77% Raise, Brags Federal Judge Just Blocked Overtime Rule for 4.2 Million Workers by  – The Preachers On Tronald Dump’s Inaugural Podium!!! 



Cromwell1How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016 By Peter Montgomery – U.S.-based Religious Right groups have a long track record of collaborating with their counterparts in other countries to Abortionrestrict women’s health choices and make life harder and more dangerous for LGBT people around the world. This year was an especially active one in this global human rights struggle. U.S. Religious Right leaders have clearly taken sides, teaming up with many of the most repressive regimes in the world to resist equality for LGBTQ people.


cromwell-at-droghedaThese efforts spanned the year: In January, the Alliance Defending Freedom, brought former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to New York for a secretive meeting about opposition to marriage equality. Efforts to derail a newly created human rights position at the United Nations Alliance Defending Freedomcontinued almost until Christmas. – It’s All Right To Teach Evolution In Kansas by Rob Boston in Wall of Separation – How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016!!! 







5813686e6eebf-imageMagill House project lands 1st tenant By Edith Brady-Lunny – 
“It’s been a long time in the making,”
said Tim Jamieson, a member of the DeWitt County Restoration Association (DCRA), a group working to restore the former Taylor-Magill Hotel on Clinton’s downtown square.








Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK!!! Rat Staver’s Cracka Excretions!!! Liberty Counsel: Send Money To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny!!! D. James Kennedy; Ministries; Kim Davis: Crackas Were Trying To Shove Ken Ham ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’!!! Liberty Cracka; Rat Staver: Kim Davis ‘ Attorneys Take Credit For Paul Blair’s Felony Abortion Ban!!! Rumors, hauntings, and headlines: 15 urban legends of McLean County Fact and fiction!!!

Trump WordsLiberty CounselTrump Monkeyroy_moore_aLiberty Counsel: Send Money
To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny
BY Peter Montgomery  Liberty Counsel, a Religious Right legal group that is actively promoting efforts by right-wing judges, lawmakers and activists to nullify U.S. Supreme Court rulings on abortion and marriage equality, is raising money for its ongoing support of suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. As Miranda reported yesterday, Moore’s backers are holding a rally on Saturday to support his defiance of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. 



Roy Moore Ron PaulIn a direct mail letter, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver warns that Moore and other Christian leaders “are facing intense backlash for upholding God’s unwavering TRUTH.”– Liberty Counsel: Send Money To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny!!! 


Davis Trump

Kim Davis BathroomKim Davis: Gays Were Trying To Shove The Supreme Court Ruling ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’ BY Kyle Mantyla – On the latest episode of “Truths That Transform” from D. James Kennedy Ministries, the organization’s president, Frank Wright, interviewed Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis about her fight against the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, during which she refused to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because doing so conflicted with her religious beliefs. 

D. James Kennedy Ministries kim_davis_grab_0Davis, who imposed her personal religious view on the entire county, told Wright that she was simply following the law because the Supreme Court had no authority to strike down Kentucky’s law banning gay marriage or to make her violate the Bible and that those who were demanding that she do her job were trying to shove the ruling down her throat. – D. James Kennedy; MinistriesKim Davis: Crackas Were Trying To Shove Ken Ham ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’!!! 

Ken Ham Lying


Dahm_bioKim Davis’ Attorneys Take Credit For Oklahoma’s Felony Abortion Ban BY Miranda Blue – In a press release today, the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel took credit for a bill that passed the Oklahoma legislature yesterday that would make it a felony to perform abortions in the state. The group also claims that Paul Blair, a far-right Oklahoma pastor and activist who was embraced by Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign, “initiated” the legislation.



Reclaiming America for Christ

swansoncruzd“SB 1552 was authored by Sen. Nathan Dahm,” the press release says. “Yet this legislation was initiated by a local pastor, Paul Blair, with the support and guidance of Liberty Counsel.” – Liberty CrackaRat StaverKim Davis ‘ Attorneys Take Credit For Paul Blair‘s Felony Abortion Ban!!! 


scarlet letter

trumps_7229dTrump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK As they say, the apple doesn’t fall KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454far from the tree; Donald Trump‘s racism can easily be traced through his lineage.



560ede84bd09d.imageRumors, hauntings, and headlines: 15 urban legends of McLean County Fact and fiction: In collaboration with the McLean County Museum of History, we compiled this list of popular local folklore.




Hagee’s New Apostolic Arklahoma Cracka Excretion!!! John Hagee: Robert Jeffress Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Tronald Dump!!! Liberty Counsel: Why Has The Alliance Defending Cracka Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka???American Family Association; Sandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’!!! Arklahoma Cracka planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’!!! Bloomington Council looking at study to create downtown TIF district!!!

Robert Lewis DearTrump Marla MaplesObama North Carolina

Pence HageeJohn Hagee: God Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Donald Trump
BY Kyle Mantyla
– See more at: – On yesterday’s “Hagee Hotline,” Pastor John Hagee urged Christians to get out and vote and made it abundantly clear that he’ll be casting his vote for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in November.




Zionists-in-the-Church.-Robertson-Franklin-Falwell-Hinn-Lindsey-Hagee-640-x-483After mangling Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s famous “not to speak is to speak” quote and falsely attributing it to Martin Niemöller, Hagee informed his viewing audience that “God will not hold us harmless” and so they have an obligation to vote. – John HageeRobert Jeffress Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Tronald Dump!!!

Target Bee HivesTHISLAND JOHN BIRCHRoy Moore Ron PaulWhy Has The Religious Right Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka? BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Our friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center have obtained a copy of the 2014 membership list of the Council for National Policy, a secretive group led by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins that includes a who’s who of leaders of the Religious Right and the wider conservative movement who work together to influence national politics. (In 2014, Perkins was the group’s vice president.) We’ve known from news reports that CNP’s membership includes a wide range of Religious Right leaders, but one name on the list obtained by SPLC stood out: Michael Peroutka.


moore_peroutkaPeroutka, who made his fortune with a family debt-collection business, has become a minor benefactor to the Religious Right, including funding anti-choice groups, bankrolling some of the campaigns and advocacy work of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (who is currently suspended for attempting to defy the federal courts on marriage equality), and, maybe most notably, donating a million-dollar dinosaur skeleton to a creationist group.  Liberty CounselWhy Has The Alliance Defending Cracka Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka??? 

John Birch Society Family

Klan Salire

Sandy RiosSandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – After spending months promoting the presidential candidacy of Ted Cruz, the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios appears to be finally ready to get behind Donald Trump, telling listeners on her radio program today that they must unite to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.


Ku Klux Klan1“Hillary Clinton embraces every sexual deviancy you can imagine,” she said, before once again suggesting that the former secretary of state is a lesbian because “there have been more than rumors swirling about her own sexual proclivities since before she became first lady.”– American Family AssociationSandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’!!!

Lockman Abortion


maverick_dean_mugshot-800x430Arkansas man planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’ By  –  A Mineral Springs man was taken back into custody after a judge ruled he was a threat to the community for mailing threatening letters to lawmakers over Common Core standards in the schools, reports Arkansas Online.



cromwellheadspikeMaverick Dean Bryan, 55, has been out on bond since March 28, and faces seven counts of mailing threatening communications to mayors in seven different Arkansas cities. – Arklahoma Cracka planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’!!!

Elvis Oral Roberts


Pretty Chicago


572ce8c4be050.imageBloomington Council looking at study to create downtown TIF district
By Maria Nagle






Bloomington and Normal. At the 2010 census, the municipalities had a combined urban population of 132,600!!! Mo Branson Cracka!!! Liberty Counsel; Rat Staver: Fundies in Undies Put Crackas In Danger!!! The Hick Joyner: ‘The Simple Answer To Every One Of Our National Problems Is To Turn Back To Dim Bakker’!!! Richard Mack: ‘Ku Kracka Konstitutional Sheriffs’ Ask Candidates To Vow To Defy Health Care, Gun Laws!!!

Mat-Staver-Values-Voter-Summit (1)Old Fart GustavusLiberty CounselstaverMat Staver: Gay Boy Scouts Put Young Boys In Danger BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Mathew Staver of released a statement yesterday urging churches to cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America, claiming that the group’s acceptance of gay members jeopardizes “the safety of their young boys,” and encouraging churches to instead partner with a group, Trail Life USA, that was explicitly created to discriminate against gay people: 


Alliance Defending Freedom

Mat_Staver“The once great Boy Scouts of America has taken a great fall when it changes the longstanding policy to allow homosexual scout leaders and members. This change in policy is fraught with danger. While there are ways for churches to protect their integrity and the safety of their young boys, the best alternative is to abandon the scouts because the scouts abandoned them. Trail Life USA is the best alternative to the failed BSA program,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. Liberty Counsel will continue to defend the right of churches to make employment and volunteer decisions based on church religious beliefs and the teachings of the Bible,” said Staver. – Liberty Counsel; Rat Staver: Fundies in Undies Put Crackas In Danger!!! 

Bible Thumpers


Rick Joyner on Jim BakkerRick Joyner: ‘The Simple Answer To Every One Of Our National Problems Is To Turn Back To God’ BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – On today’s “Prophetic Perspectives on Current Events” program, Rick Joyner explained that everything that is wrong in America today is rooted in having kicked God out of the public square but can all be reversed by simply turning back to God.



Goldwater“We are sure Bakker Joynermaking a mess of things without Him,” Joyner said, “and it’s been the result of trying to do things without Him. You can see the meltdown of our republic in jim_bakker_apall the things now that have built up to be such threats to our continued existence began when we said we’re not even going to allow prayer to God in our Jim Bakker Tammypublic places. Well, you kick God out and you’re on your own.” – The Hick Joyner: ‘The Simple Answer To Every One Of Our National Problems Is To Turn Back To Dim Bakker‘!!!


Sheriff_Richard_Mack‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ Ask Candidates To Vow To Defy Health Care, Gun Laws BY Miranda Blue – See more at:  The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers AssociationKKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454, an association of county sheriffs who believe that they have the power to Klan Salireresist federal laws and arrest federal officials
who they believe are violating the Constitution, is attempting to get more sheriffs who adhere to its ideology elected by launching a candidate surveyKlan that asks under
what circumstances candidates for sheriff would be willing to buck the federal government.

lossy-page1-440px-Edmund_Ruffin._Fired_the_1st_shot_in_the_Late_War._Killed_himself_at_close_of_War.,_ca._1861_-_NARA_-_530493.tif (1)


440px-NathanBedfordForrestIn one survey question CSPOAasks potential sheriffs what they would do if they were ordered to “cite or arrest” citizens who refuse to participate in “nationalized healthcare,” a question that appears to be based on the myth that those who refuse to buy a health Cruz Klaninsurance plan or pay a fee will be put in jail: – Richard Mack: Ku Kracka Konstitutional Sheriffs‘ Ask Candidates To Vow To Defy Health Care, Gun Laws!!! 

THISLAND JOHN BIRCH John Birch Society FamilyKu Klux Klan1


BloomingtonBloomington–Normal, officially known as the Bloomington, Illinois Metropolitan Statisical Area, is a metropolitan area in Central Illinois anchored by the twin municipalities of Bloomington and Normal. At the 2010 census, the municipalities had a combined urban population of 132,600, while the metropolitan area had a population of 169,572.








Ommadawn – Crossing The Line – Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Crackas!!! Michele Bachmann: Jan Markell Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches!!! Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims Crackas Acknowledged That ‘Wallbuilders Came Out Of The Bible’!!! Liberty Counsel: Mat Staver Shames David Daleiden For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing’ Top!!!


Mao Deng

Bernie SandersAlex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Mao Zedong BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Earlier today, Alex Jones spoke with InfoWars reporter Richard Reeves about the upcoming Iowa caucus, with Reeves saying he’d “love nothing better than to see Bernie Sanders take a victory here in Iowa.”

alex-jones-crazy-eye“I agree, he would be great to defeat,” Jones responded. “But I don’t want to be put in his forced labor camp. I don’t want to be ruled over by that piece of crap.”– Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Crackas!!!

michele_bachmann2Michele Bachmann: Obama Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Former Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann said on Saturday that the Syrian Civil War is paving the way for an apocalyptic war between Israel and foreign powers. – Michele Bachmann: Jan Markell Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches!!!

David Barton Falsely Claims Justice Breyer Acknowledged That ‘The Bill Of Rights Came Out Of The Bible’ BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Last year, we posted a clip of David Barton falsely claiming that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had stated in a court decision that “we all know that all of our due processes clauses in our Bill of Rights came out of the Bible.” – Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims Crackas  Acknowledged That ‘ Came Out Of The Bible’!!!

Liberty Counsel

Mat-Staver-Values-Voter-Summit (1)Anti-Planned Parenthood Lawyer Shames Attorney For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing’ Top BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Last month, a grand jury in Houston that had been convened to investigate Planned Parenthood in the wake of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress CMP) instead indicted CMP’s David Daleiden and his colleague Sandra Merritt on charges related to their infiltration of the women’s health provider. – Liberty Counsel: Mat Staver Shames David Daleiden For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing‘ Top!!!

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt_1453915954304_1942056_ver1.0_1280_720

Go was a rock supergroup formed in 1976 by Stomu Yamashta (percussion and keyboards), which also included Steve Winwood (vocals and keyboards), Al Di Meola (lead guitar), Klaus Schulze (synthesizers) and Michael Shrieve (drums).


Ommadawn is the third record album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1975 on Virgin Records. It peaked at No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart. The album was reissued by Mercury Records in June 2010 with additional content.





Zemfira – Tronald Dump Embraces Radical Cracka Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor Robert Jeffress!!! Ted Cruz: David Brody Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’!!! Mat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In Liberty Counsel!!! Anti-Southern Baptist Convention Activist David Daleiden Gets Indicted, But The Center for Medical Progress Still Feels Like Operation Rescue!!!

TrumpandJeffresstrumpbible1 Trump Embraces Radical Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor BY Brian Tashman – See more at: Donald Trump has once again joined up with Texas pastor Robert Jeffress, this time inviting Jeffress to introduce him at an event at a Christian college in Iowa over the weekend.


Jeffress1“It’s becoming something of a regular gig: Jeffress, you may recall, also intro’d Trump at his American Airlines Center rally in September.

robert-jeffressAnd when he’s not introducing Trump, Jeffress is laying hands on the man,” Robert Wilsonsky of The Dallas Morning News wrote, noting that Trump has returned the favor by lavishing praise on Jeffress…for boasting about Trump. – In Iowa intro, First Baptist Dallas’ Jeffress says he can’t “officially” endorse Trump, however … Robert Wilonsky – Robert Jeffress: Christians Don’t Have to Sell Their Soul to the Devil to Vote for Trump Read more at  –Tronald Dump Embraces Radical Cracka Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor Robert Jeffress!!! 

Ted Cruz

ted-cruz-south-carolinaTed Cruz: God Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network‘s David Brody on Monday, Ted Cruz said that conservative voters should back him over Donald Trump because “for seven years, we’ve had a president in the White House who has had a messiah complex.”– Ted CruzDavid Brody Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’!!!

Mat_StaverMat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In America
BY Kyle Mantyla
– See more at: – Staver, the anti-gay legal activist representing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, said that gays have borrowed the concept of the jizya, a discriminatory tax imposed on non-Muslims under Islamic law, and are now subjecting Christians in America to such taxes. –  Mat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In Liberty Counsel!!!





Rick Santorum: Mat Staver Compares Kim Davis To Martin Luther King Jr.!!!

Davis Trump

kimdavisisfreeKim Davis’ Lawyer Compares Her To Martin Luther King Jr. BY Brian Tashman
– See more at: – Mathew Staver, the anti-gay activist who represented Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her failed attempt to prevent her office from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, marked Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by emailing supporters of his organization, Liberty Counsel, a fundraising email that included an excerpt from King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”

Liberty Counsel

kim_davis_grab_0Naturally, Staver, who has previously likened Davis to King and to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, ended his letter by directly comparing Davis to the civil rights leader: – Rick SantorumMat Staver Compares Kim Davis  To Martin Luther King Jr.!!!

Martin Luther King