Citing Evangelical (Cracka) Faith, Robert Jeffress cites Ted Cruz’s ‘dark and Satanic Tritones’!!! Generations Radio; Ted Cruz -Aligned Pastor Kevin Swanson: Execute Girl Scout Leaders For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’!!! Todd Starnes Blames Obama For The Violence At Tronald Dump Rallies!!! Jerry Falwell Jr.: Tronald Dump Is America’s King David!!! Ted Cruz Is ‘Thrilled To Announce’ The Endorsement Of Linda Harvey!!!

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Brooks cites Cruz’s ‘dark and satanic tones’By  – Ted Cruz may have made great inroads with Christian evangelicals, but conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks isn’t buying the candidate’s “dark and satanic tones.”



swansoncruzdIn an interview this eekend with PBS, Brooks tells host Judy Woodruff that Cruz’s world is “combative,” “angry,” and “apocalyptic.” And while he continues to rise in state and national polls, Brooks said other candidates, like Marco Rubio, are starting to use similar rhetoric. – Citing Evangelical Faith, Ted Cruz Calls To Ban “Satanic”  Tritone –  Citing Evangelical (Cracka) Faith, Robert Jeffress cites Ted Cruz‘s ‘dark and Satanic Tritones’!!!

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swanson1Cruz-Aligned Pastor: Execute Girl Scout Leaders For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Kevin Swanson, the pastor courted by Ted Cruz who has repeatedly called for the execution of gay people, including just minutes before speaking with Cruz at an event last November in Iowa, dedicated a radio program last week to attacking the Girl Scouts for supporting women’s and LGBT rights, saying that the group’s leaders are worthy of death.

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2015-11-06-kevin-swanson-cow-manure-right-wing-watch-screen-grab-640-668x501Swanson, who has spent years calling for a boycott of Girl Scouts cookies and accusing the organization of promoting communism and turning girls into lesbians, said that Girl Scouts leaders have violated Jesus’ teaching that it would be better for someone to have a millstone hung around their neck and thrown into the sea rather than cause a child to sin.

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David_Lane2This instruction, Swanson said, should be applied literally. After criticizing the Girl Scouts because it “promotes lesbianism” and movies like “Harry Potter” and “How To Train Your Dragon” for featuring “homosexual mentors provided to little boys” — a criticism he detailed at the rally with Cruz — Swanson said that people must put into effect Jesus’ teaching against debasing children with such “movies that promote homosexuality or organizations that promote homosexuality.”


cromwell-at-drogheda“You’ve got to take what He says and you have to apply it,” Swanson said. – Generations RadioTed Cruz -Aligned Pastor Kevin Swanson: Execute Girl Scout Leaders For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’!!! 


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20140415post-starnestopimageTodd Starnes Blames Obama For The Violence At Donald Trump Rallies BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Yesterday, Fox News pundit Todd Starnes posted a video commentary of his most recent column in which he blamed President Obama for the violence and protests that have been breaking out at Donald Trump rallies.

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Obama Christie Trumpi“The person responsible for fomenting political unrest is not Donald Trump,” Starnes said, “It’s President Obama. For the past seven and a half years, this man has been stoking division and discord. You want to talk about creating controversy? Fine. Let’s talk about Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, and Trayvon Martin. President Obama is the one who told his followers if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. That’s what he said.” – Todd Starnes Blames Obama For The Violence At Tronald Dump Rallies!!!

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trump1314504745709545617Jerry Falwell Jr.: Donald Trump Is America’s King David BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – In an interview with Liberty University’s student newspaper last week, the school’s president Jerry Falwell, Jr., defended his endorsement of Donald Trump.


FalwellFalwell, who has compared Trump to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr., said that conservative Christians who oppose the candidate should remember that “God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer.” – Jerry Falwell Jr.: Tronald Dump Is America’s King David!!!



lindaharveydTed Cruz Is ‘Thrilled To Announce’ The Endorsement Of Linda Harvey BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Earlier this year, we reported that a handful of right-wing activists in Ohio, including anti-gay activist Linda Harvey of Mission America, had issued a press release announcing their support for Ted Cruz but that these endorsements had not been officially promoted or announced by the Cruz campaign. – Ted Cruz  Is ‘Thrilled To Announce’ The Endorsement Of Linda Harvey!!! 

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What If? Oh Sweet Nuthin ” My Sex” – Jerry Falwell Jr.: Tronald Dump Like Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr. And Jerry Falwell!!! Sandy Rios: ‘White People Everywhere’ Terrified Of Criticizing People Of Color!!!


Falwell Jr.: Donald Trump Like Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr. And Jerry Falwell BY Brian Tashman – See more at:  Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, asked Donald Trump to speak at the school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day yesterday “so that Mr. Trump would have the opportunity to recognize and honor Dr. King on MLK day.”

S-VA TRUMP 2 CORINTHIANS_1453149735928_732519_ver1.0

Liberty_University_sealThis didn’t seem to register with Trump, who didn’t spend any time discussing the late civil rights leader, outside of saying he would “dedicate” the large crowd to King.  Jerry Falwell Jr.Tronald Dump Like Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr. And Jerry Falwell!!!



Sandy Rios2Sandy Rios: ‘White People Everywhere’ Terrified Of Criticizing People Of Color BY Brian Tashman – Earlier today, Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation spoke with Sandy Rios, a radio host and governmental affairs director with the American Family Association, about the nomination of Wilhelmina Wright to a federal district court seat in Minnesota.

200px-Hans_von_Spakovsky_publicity_shotVon Spakovsky alleged that Senate Republicans have refused to put up a fight against Wright, who is scheduled for a confirmation vote later today, even though, according to von Spakovsky, she is an extremist who hates the U.S. Constitution and thinks America is a racist country.– Sandy Rios: ‘White People Everywhere’ Terrified Of Criticizing People Of Color!!!





Tronald Dump ‘MISQUOTES’ BIBLE, MEDIA CRITICS POUNCE ‘Two Corinthians, 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame’!!!


Ernst_Douglas-350_s220x308TRUMP ‘MISQUOTES’ BIBLE, MEDIA CRITICS POUNCE ‘Two Corinthians, Franklin Graham3:17, that’s the whole ballgame’  DOUGLAS ERNST Read more at   Donald Trump’s critics pounced after the Republican presidential front-runner quoted the New Testament before a Christian audience on Monday.

Marla Maples1A reference to “Two Corinthians 3:17” was all it took for the Republican presidential front-runner’s Liberty University speech in Lynchburg, new-york-postVirginia, to catch fire on social media.
– Tronald Dump ‘MISQUOTES’ BIBLE, MEDIA CRITICS POUNCE ‘Two Corinthians, 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame’!!!

 18firstdraft-trump-tmagArticleDonald Trump Knows
The Bible So Well He Misquotes It At Christian University
 Two Corinthians, right?” Katherine Miller 
 A Good Christian Could Never Vote for Donald Trump, Who Just Pronounced It ‘Two Corinthians’ Jia Tolentino  Donald
Trump Quotes Scripture, S-VA TRUMP 2 CORINTHIANS_1453149735928_732519_ver1.0Sort of, at Liberty University Speech
 Donald Trump flubs Bible verse during speech at Christian university 


CRACKA IN CHIEF? He has a dream: Liberty University defends choice of Trump as MLK Day speaker!!!

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TRUMP He has a dream: Liberty University defends choice of Trump as MLK Day speaker Michael Walsh – Donald Trump speaks at a convocation at Liberty University, as Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr., left, and Rep. Michele Bachmann, right, in , on Sept. 24, 2012. (Photo: The News & Advance, Parker Michels-Boyce/AP)

trump-alabama-575x570In the face of opposition from students, Liberty University officials are defending the school’s invitation to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak on campus Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

trump-protest-2A peaceful protest is planned by demonstrators who will hold signs and sing when Trump speaks at one of Liberty University’s “convocations,” a thrice-weekly student gathering at the evangelical Christian school in Lynchburg, Va. – CRACKA IN CHIEF? He has a dream: Liberty University defends choice of Trump as MLK Day speaker!!!

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