Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1913, the McLean County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument!!! Brat, Branson and Klingenschmitt Krackabee Kracka!!! Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Cracka, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office!!! Hick Wiles: President Tronald Dump Would Prevent War With Dim Bakker!!! GOP Rep. David Brat Appears On ‘Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Radio Show!!! Outraged Yike Krackabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Cracka Rallies!!!

Kirk Cameron Creationism Ham

Chicago 11

GOP Robertson Phil Duck

gordon_klingenschmitt_4_aGordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Gay, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office BY Kyle Mantyla – Back in 2014, Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives despite this long history of saying truly outrageous things. Unsurprisingly, Klingenschmitt’s brief term in office was repeatedly marked by controversy. At one point, he was even stripped of a committee assignment after saying that a brutal attack on a pregnant woman in Colorado was the result of “the curse of God upon America” for allowing legal abortion.




Bryan FischerKlingenschmitt, though, never quite seemed to learn his lesson and announced last year that he would be running for a seat in the state Senate in 2016 while continuing to voice his radical views on his daily “Pray In Jesus Name” program. – Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Cracka, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office!!!

Chicago 12

John Quincy Adams Bible

rick wiles jim bakkerRick Wiles: President Trump Would Prevent War With Russia BY Nabi Dressler – On The Jim Bakker Showon Tuesday, radio host Rick Wiles accused NATO of trying to provoke Russia into war, warning that another world war is imminent unless President Donald Trump unites the U.S. with Russia to “clobber the Muslims.”




swaggart250“There’s a lot of military exercises taking place around the world,” Bakker said. “What do you think this means? Are we gearing up for a major war? Just say yes or no.”

Puton Cracka

Jim Bakker1“Yes,” Wiles responded. “Yes. Called NATO versus Russia. NATO has now put a military, a naval fleet in the Black Sea. You gotta look at a map, look at a geographical map of the Black Sea. When you see it, you understand the significance of it because it would be like Russia putting a naval fleet in the Great Lakes.” – Hick Wiles: President Tronald Dump Would Prevent War With Dim Bakker!!!

Gladstone Fear ConservativeHappy Denmark

davebratonalexjonesGOP Rep Dave Brat Appears On Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Radio Show BY Brian Tashman – Donald Trump and Rand Paul aren’t the only Republican politicians enthralled by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as Rep. David Brat, R-Va., appeared on Jones’ InfoWars network show yesterday to claim that liberals are allied with radical Islamists.


mercantus center and Koch IndustriesAfter Jones falsely claimed that the city of London’s new mayor is imposing Sharia law and that President Obama and liberals have “allied with Islam,” Brat wholeheartedly agreed — “You nailed it” — and said the Founding Fathers never thought that an “intolerant” religion like Islam would be able to integrate into American culture. – GOP Rep. David Brat Appears On Alex Jones‘ Conspiracy Radio Show!!! 

Tax the Rich

Truman Huckabee Santorum

vid_huckabee_03426-1068x561Outraged Huckabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Hate Rallies – Failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should have thought twice about using the song “Eye of the Tiger” during one of his hate-filled rallies with Kim Davis. The Huckster now has to pony up $25k for illegally using the song to spread his hateful message. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.




HuckabeeGov. Huckabee Claims HRC Wants To Fight Terror By Taking Your Guns Away By LeftOfCenter  Mike Huckabee Now Regrets Supporting Kim Davis, Just Received The Worst News…. – Outraged Yike Krackabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Cracka Rallies!!!

Chicago 7


Chicago 2



Miller3BLOOMINGTON — Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1913, the McLean County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument has been a landmark in the northeast corner of Miller Park for the past century.







Trump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK!!! Rat Staver’s Cracka Excretions!!! Liberty Counsel: Send Money To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny!!! D. James Kennedy; Ministries; Kim Davis: Crackas Were Trying To Shove Ken Ham ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’!!! Liberty Cracka; Rat Staver: Kim Davis ‘ Attorneys Take Credit For Paul Blair’s Felony Abortion Ban!!! Rumors, hauntings, and headlines: 15 urban legends of McLean County Fact and fiction!!!

Trump WordsLiberty CounselTrump Monkeyroy_moore_aLiberty Counsel: Send Money
To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny
BY Peter Montgomery  Liberty Counsel, a Religious Right legal group that is actively promoting efforts by right-wing judges, lawmakers and activists to nullify U.S. Supreme Court rulings on abortion and marriage equality, is raising money for its ongoing support of suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. As Miranda reported yesterday, Moore’s backers are holding a rally on Saturday to support his defiance of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. 



Roy Moore Ron PaulIn a direct mail letter, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver warns that Moore and other Christian leaders “are facing intense backlash for upholding God’s unwavering TRUTH.”– Liberty Counsel: Send Money To Help Roy Moore Resist Supreme Court Marriage Tyranny!!! 


Davis Trump

Kim Davis BathroomKim Davis: Gays Were Trying To Shove The Supreme Court Ruling ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’ BY Kyle Mantyla – On the latest episode of “Truths That Transform” from D. James Kennedy Ministries, the organization’s president, Frank Wright, interviewed Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis about her fight against the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, during which she refused to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because doing so conflicted with her religious beliefs. 

D. James Kennedy Ministries kim_davis_grab_0Davis, who imposed her personal religious view on the entire county, told Wright that she was simply following the law because the Supreme Court had no authority to strike down Kentucky’s law banning gay marriage or to make her violate the Bible and that those who were demanding that she do her job were trying to shove the ruling down her throat. – D. James Kennedy; MinistriesKim Davis: Crackas Were Trying To Shove Ken Ham ‘Down My Throat And Make Me Eat It For My Dinner’!!! 

Ken Ham Lying


Dahm_bioKim Davis’ Attorneys Take Credit For Oklahoma’s Felony Abortion Ban BY Miranda Blue – In a press release today, the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel took credit for a bill that passed the Oklahoma legislature yesterday that would make it a felony to perform abortions in the state. The group also claims that Paul Blair, a far-right Oklahoma pastor and activist who was embraced by Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign, “initiated” the legislation.



Reclaiming America for Christ

swansoncruzd“SB 1552 was authored by Sen. Nathan Dahm,” the press release says. “Yet this legislation was initiated by a local pastor, Paul Blair, with the support and guidance of Liberty Counsel.” – Liberty CrackaRat StaverKim Davis ‘ Attorneys Take Credit For Paul Blair‘s Felony Abortion Ban!!! 


scarlet letter

trumps_7229dTrump’s grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK As they say, the apple doesn’t fall KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454far from the tree; Donald Trump‘s racism can easily be traced through his lineage.



560ede84bd09d.imageRumors, hauntings, and headlines: 15 urban legends of McLean County Fact and fiction: In collaboration with the McLean County Museum of History, we compiled this list of popular local folklore.




McLean County Labor History: Mother Jones & the Streetcar Strike; Cooperative Store!!! Judicial Crisis Network: Matt Whitaker Once Demanded Crackas Have A ‘Biblical View Of The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust’!!! Richard Mack building an ‘army’ of Crackas who are like Kentucky Kim Kracka — ‘but with guns’!!! ‘By God, We Get Back Up’: Talking With Wendy Davis About Public Service, Defeat, and Her Newest Project!!!

Cromwell1Sarah Palincromwell-at-drogheda

merrick_garland_aLeader Of Anti-Garland Group Once Demanded Judges Have A ‘Biblical View Of Justice’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – As we and others have noted, the Judicial Crisis Network, the primary outside group backing the Senate GOP’s blockade of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, is funded almost entirely by a dark-money group connected to a single family of conservative donors.



scarlet letterOn Friday, Open Secrets uncovered that the
same dark-money network funding JCN is behind another group that is working to oppose Merrick Garland’s nomination: the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT).
– Judicial Crisis NetworkMatt Whitaker Once Demanded Crackas Have A ‘Biblical View Of The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust‘!!! 



Kim-Davis-ABC-News-800x430Anti-government activist building an ‘army’ of sheriffs who are like Kim Davis — ‘but with guns’ By  A former law enforcement officer is trying to overthrow the U.S. government one county at a time by encouraging sheriffs to disobey federal laws they don’t like.


Richard MackSheriff_Richard_Mack, the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, has been involved in a number of anti-government actions — including the standoff at the Bundy ranch, where he encouraged the use of women and children as human shields. – Richard Mack building an ‘army’ of Crackas who are like Kentucky Kim Kracka — ‘but with guns’!!!

snl-christians-640x480Carter Homosexuality

Wendy Davis‘By God, We Get Back Up’: Talking With Wendy Davis About Public Service, Defeat, and Her Newest Project by Anna Merlan – In 2013, Texas State Senator Wendy Davisdelivered an electrifying 13-hour filibuster against SB 5, the disastrous Vagina Bullets Abortionomnibus  bill that was eventually enacted and is now better known as HB 2. The bill has, as Davis warned, become a public health disaster for Texas women, and, in reaching the Supreme Court, has the potential to shape the future of abortion access in the United States, or the lack thereof.

Planned Parenthood


Trump Abortion HatThe image of Davis—grave and dignified in a pair of pink sneakers, occasionally wiping away tears as she read hours of personal testimony from women Abortion Ratesacross the state—is engraved in the public memory. She became an instant hero. In the weeks that followed, the rest of America learned what Texas had long known: that Davis was a certified Planned Churchbadass, a young single mom who worked her way out of poverty and into Harvard Law, elected office, and history. – ‘By God, We Get Back Up’: Talking With Wendy Davis About Public Service, Defeat, and Her Newest Project!!!  

Therapy Pink Floyd

Cleopatra Records Queensrÿche – Silent Lucidity

Labor Streetcar strike196McLean County Labor History: Mother Jones & the Streetcar Strike; Cooperative Store – Although unsuccessful at the polls, Bloomington
labor could still point to 13006595_10209249526901762_4793582897695700054_nother
accomplishments. In 1917, after an almost 20 years of effort, streetcar workers successfully formed Local 752 of the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway 13051534_10209249523301672_8533953252014538280_nWorkers. The streetcar system, the
Bloomington & Normal Railway & Light Company, was owned by U.S. Congressman William B. McKinley, who controlled over 60 13041206_10209247784738209_744867341785505633_omidwestern trolley systems, including the Illinois Traction System interurban railroad. These companies would eventually become the Illinois Power Company.





Rick Santorum: Mat Staver Compares Kim Davis To Martin Luther King Jr.!!!

Davis Trump

kimdavisisfreeKim Davis’ Lawyer Compares Her To Martin Luther King Jr. BY Brian Tashman
– See more at: – Mathew Staver, the anti-gay activist who represented Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her failed attempt to prevent her office from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, marked Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by emailing supporters of his organization, Liberty Counsel, a fundraising email that included an excerpt from King’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”

Liberty Counsel

kim_davis_grab_0Naturally, Staver, who has previously likened Davis to King and to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, ended his letter by directly comparing Davis to the civil rights leader: – Rick SantorumMat Staver Compares Kim Davis  To Martin Luther King Jr.!!!

Martin Luther King