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I used to Be a Yes Freak, a Floyd  Nut, a HiFi Freak and Music Snob,  Big time,  All Album Rock all the time. And I though Top 40 was a joke and that good Music was over, all good came from the old days!!!

wolfman-jackI remember in the laundry room of my Childhood home on the work bench where I would put Models together, there was an old Tube Radio that my Dad had painted white with enamel paint. It would kinda smell funny and the Tubes would glow orange and I would tune into WLS (AM)and listen to Top Ten hits in the mid Sixties. Larry Lujack, remember him?

bowie-iggy-louFast forward, it’s now the 70’s and I’m listening to Zeppelin, Bowie and Black Sabbath. I avoid top 40 and Album Rock was just evolving. I listen to FM on the Pioneer Receiver and Vinyl on the Thorens.


mtv-casting-callNow it’s the Eighties and I developed a healthy respect for my Sony ICF-9740W table radio, which I set under my 13 Inch RCA Color TV and wired to pick up MTV off the FM Band. It sounded surprisingly good and it was fun, certainly better than the TV Speaker would have been and the whole 80’s music scene was so excellent anyway.


Trump Mad MagazineLike MTV and Reagan in the Eighties, Modern Top 40 is a counterpoint to the Dumb Fundie Cracka Politics in America with Tronald Dump in the WH! I think Top 40 is very excellent right now, it’s been building up for years. JustinsBieber and Timberlake are adults now and actually produce decent music. Top 40 is quite well produced and talented and Remixes can be just as revolutionary and exciting as any music from any post 50’s setting. I tend to look for good Remixes on the Computer.

ts_140818_book_dsm_5_800x600So anyway, I listen to 101.5 WBNQ-FM on a Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Top Radio 40th Anniversary Edition, on the headboard shelf, in the bedroom when the sun goes down to relax. Maybe if the timing is wrong I’ll have to listen to some ads, but then I generally get 5-6 songs straight and I do this once or twice a day, often in the Dark to just Chill. I think this would work with other types of Music on other Channels but I really like Top 40 these days. It’s new, it’s well done and I can’t really think of any song I just hate (Knock on wood). It’s like I’m laying there, in the Dark, the Music washes over me in waves. I can hear all the parts clearly because it really is a decent little radio. So I hear Rihanna,  Love on the Brain for the first time and I’m like OMG, it doesn’t get any better than this! It sounds right because the whole cabinet is a tuned port like a good Boom Box and WBNQ comes in good and clear with good sound. It’s a little radio so I can’t annoy the neighbors but I hear everything clearly and it’s therapeutic, relaxing.

gaga2I’m thinking of bringing some of this action into the living room with a  Sangean WR-12 AM/FM Analog Wooden Cabinet Receiver (Stereo) and using this unit to produce sound for a Digital FlatScreen once the 27 inch tube unit blows up sooner or later.


wbnq170All the Hits | 101.5 WBNQ-FM

Trance Music'



Cthulhu Cracka!!! Angry Ku Kristian Kracka (Christine Weick) Freaks Out Over Easter Bunny and People at an Easter Egg Hunt!!! Penn Jillette Discusses Religious Freedom Bills on CNN Panel, Much to the Chagrin of a Ku Kristian Kracka Guest!!! Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints members believe the apocalypse is coming with release of leader Warren Jeffs!!! Ku Krusade against Kthulhu!!!


Klan Salire

Christine Weick1

AChristine Weickngry Christian Protester Freaks Out Over Easter Bunny and People at an Easter Egg Hunt by Hemant Mehta – Christine Weick, the perpetually screaming Christian last seen accosting Katy Perry’s preacher dad for raising a “wicked” daughter and complaining about Monster energy drinks, has a new enemy.





WeickEasterShe’s now going after the Easter Bunny — and anyone who celebrates the holiday with an Easter egg hunt. – ‘She’s having sex with Christine Weick2demons’: Shocking moment Christian extremist cornered Katy Perry’s pastor father to rant about how the ‘satanic’ pop star is leading her son to hell Read Christine Weick3more: – The Indiana Klan was a branch of the Ku Klux Klan, a secret society in the United States that organized in 1915 to affect public Christine Weick4affairs on issues of Prohibition, education, political corruption, and morality. It was most strongly anti-Catholic, but also opposed Jews and blacks. It opposed KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454immigration from southern and eastern Europe, which was sharply reduced by a new law in 1923. In Indiana, the Klan generally Republican Klandid not practice overt violence but used intimidation in certain cases. Nationally it practiced racism and terrorism against minority ethnic and religious groups. – Angry Ku Kristian Kracka (Christine Weick) Freaks Out Over Easter Bunny and People at an Easter Egg Hunt!!!

cromwell-at-droghedaKu Klux Klan1

Penn JillettePenn Jillette Discusses Religious Freedom Bills on CNN Panel, Much to the Chagrin of a Christian Guest by Rachel Ford – On Wednesday, CNN Host Don Lemon, hosted a panel to discuss the Indiana and Arkansas “religious freedom” laws that have sparked so much national outrage. His guests were the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kristen Waggoner, the ACLU’s Rita Sklar and magician (slash-atheist) Penn Jillette.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Penn_JilleteThe entire discussion was interesting, but some of the most insightful commentary came from Jillette. – Penn Jillette Discusses Religious Freedom Bills on CNN Panel, Much to the Chagrin of a Ku  Kristian Kracka Guest!!!


Cruz IndianaFundamentalist-Church-of-Jesus-Christ-of-Latter-Day-Saints-founder-Warren-Jeffs-800x430Polygamous Mormon cult members believe the apocalypse is coming with release of leader Warren Jeffs by  – The new federal courthouse in downtown Salt Lake City is a massive, futuristic cube of metal and glass that looks imposing, austere and, above all, impregnable. Armed guards patrol the exterior 24 hours a day.

Crusade against Cthulhu4

Crusade against Cthulhu2But if a certain group of polygamous religious extremists in a lonely corner of southern Utah are to be believed, this Wednesday the walls will split open and fall when one of their leaders, Crusade against Cthulhu3Lyle Jeffs, appears before the judge in a major fraud case, according to former followers of his sect. – Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints members believe the apocalypse is coming with release of leader Warren Jeffs!!!

Crusade against Cthulhu

George Takei

Obama Trump Cruz

George Takei1