Marvin the Martian, Rat Holliday, Galantis and Ella Vos!!! Ku Kolorado Kevin Spews Klanboy Kristian Kracka (Again)!!! Kevin Swanson: Gun Control Activism By Young People Is A Sign Of God’s Judgment On America!!! Hick Wiles: ‘America Smells Like Putrid Vomit In The Nostrils Of The Lord’!!! Rat Holliday: Hillary Clinton ‘Is The Head Of Witchcraft In The World’!!!


Kevin Swanson: Gun Control Activism By Young People Is A Sign Of God’s Judgment On America By Kyle Mantyla – Radical right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson was not impressed with yesterday’s nationwide walkout in which thousands of students left school to protest gun violence in the wake of the mass shooting last month at a Florida high school, saying that the fact that the movement is being led by young people is a sign that America is under the judgment of God.

On his “Generations” radio program today, Swanson read a passage from Isaiah in which God threatened to punish Judah by warning that “I will give children to be their princes and babes shall rule over them.” – Kevin Swanson: Gun Control Activism By Young People Is A Sign Of God’s Judgment On America!!!

Rick Wiles: ‘America Smells Like Putrid Vomit In The Nostrils Of The Lord’ By Kyle Mantyla – End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles declared on his TruNewsprogram yesterday that “America smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord” and warned that we will lose any war that we start with Russia because Russia “is acting more Christian than us.”

Wiles, who has been a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin and Russia for years because “the people in control of America today are Satanists” while “Almighty God is on the side of Putin and the Russians,” insisted that the mysterious poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K. was really a false flag operation designed to pin the blame for the assassination attempt on Russia and justify starting a nuclear war. – Hick Wiles: ‘America Smells Like Putrid Vomit In The Nostrils Of The Lord’!!!

Pat Holliday: Hillary Clinton ‘Is The Head Of Witchcraft In The World’ By Kyle Mantyla – Religious Right conspiracy theorist Pat Holliday of Miracle Internet Church, who once claimed that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, 90 percent of the global population would already be dead, recently declared that Clinton is “the top witch of the whole world” and sought to “bind” Clinton’s witchcraft powers so that she can finally be held accountable “for the crimes that she has committed.” 

During an appearance on Omega Man Radio, Holliday said that Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election because she “was so dumb and stupid and so spiritually blinded by her witchcraft powers.” – Rat Holliday: Hillary Clinton ‘Is The Head Of Witchcraft In The World’!!!

 The Weeknd Can’t Feel My Face (Official Video) – Galantis Hunter – Journey Open Arms (from Live in Houston 1981: The Escape Tour) – Zara Larsson Lush Life (Alternate Version)  Lauv I Like Me Better


Cheap Trick Dream Police (Official Video) – Galantis Peanut Butter Jelly (Official Video) – Gallant ft. Dua Lipa In The Room: Tears Dry On Their Own (feat. Dua Lipa) Lorde – Green Light (Official Video)

Journey Wheel in the Sky (2 Channel Mix) (Official Video) – Galantis Runaway (U & I) (Official Video) – Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do (Official Video) – Gryffin & Illenium ft. Daya  Feel Good

Alice Cooper Ballad of Dwight   Fry (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World) – Taylor Swift & BloodPop® ..Ready For It? – Gryffin ft. Sinead Harnett Love In Ruins

Stormy Daniels and Wifey!!! Toni Basil – Mickey!!! Grunge Puppies Smack Dumb Fundie Cracka Ass!!! How a growing Christian movement is seeking to take control of the top sectors of American society!!! Dave Kubal: Christians Must Align With Elected Officials To Advance The Kingdom Of God Through Government!!! Trump-Loving Cracka, Robert Jeffress Was Once Unwilling To ‘Trade People’s Eternal Destiny For Some Temporary Change In The Law’!!! Rick Saccone, State Rep. With Christian Nationalist Ties, Vying For A Seat In Congress On Tuesday!!!




Fresh, Rank, Steaming Hot Branson Cracka Excretion!!! Dim Bakker: Zach Drew Will Send Earthquakes To Punish Counties That Voted For Tronald Dump!!! With Betsy DeVos Pick, Tronald Dump Declares War on Public Education!!! Video: Likely Tronald Dump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls Islam A ‘Cancer’ & ‘Political Ideology’ That ‘Hides Behind’ Religion!!! C L Hills was a long time resident of Bloomington before he purchased and ran the Hills Hotel!!!




jim_bakker_apJim Bakker: God Will Send Earthquakes To Punish Counties That Voted For Hillary Clinton By Robert Mainville – Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker reacted to the presidential election results by prophesying that God will punish people who live in counties that voted for  Hillary Clinton.


Jim Bakker TammyBakker pointed to a map that showed the results of the election by county and said that “if you live in the blue—any spot that’s blue—I would say, ‘Oh God, help me. Oh God forgive me.’ Because those are the ones who came against the will of God in this election.” – Dim BakkerZach Drew  Will Send Earthquakes To Punish Counties That Voted For Tronald Dump!!! 



Davis TrumpWith DeVos Pick, Trump Declares War on Public Education By Peter Montgomery – Donald Trump announced that Betsy DeVos, a Michigan Republican operative who has been called “the four-star general of the voucher movement,” is his choice to be secretary of 1378919186_reaganfallwell.banner.AP.jpgeducation, a fox guarding the chicken coop appointment if ever there were one. DeVos has been a major proponent of school vouchers and other tax schemes that Crackadivert dollars away from public education and into religious schools, private schools, and profitable but ineffective online charter schools. In addition, organizations Ku Klux Klan1that she has helped run have been major players in state politics, pouring money into both state legislative campaigns and state lobbying.  Acton Klan SalireInstituteAll Children Matter; Alliance for School Choice; American Enterprise Institute; American Federation for Children; Council for National Policy; Heritage Foundation; Mackinac Center for Public Policy: With Betsy DeVos Pick, Tronald Dump Declares War on Public Education!!!



KlanVideo: Likely Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls Islam A ‘Cancer’ & ‘Political Ideology’ That ‘Hides Behind’ Religion By Miranda Blue –  News outlets are reporting that President-elect Donald Trump has offered the position of national security adviser to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and that Flynn has accepted. Flynn gravitated toward Trump after being forced out of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012, reportedly for being “a bad manager who left chaos in his wake.” On the campaign trail, Flynn has made a series of inflammatory comments, especially about Islam.


know_nothing_partyIn August, the Dallas Morning News reported that Flynn had delivered a speech to a Dallas gathering of the anti-Muslim group ACT! for America, in which he had called Islam “a political ideology” that hides behind “being a religion,” and “a cancer.” – Video: Likely Tronald Dump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls Islam A ‘Cancer’ & ‘Political Ideology’ That ‘Hides Behind’ Religion!!!   

ryan-faith-based-healthcare  phoenix-arizona






15220123_1613908678911166_1415830632066095617_nC L Hills was a long time resident of Bloomington before he purchased and ran the Hills Hotel. He came to Saybrook from Ohio as a child in 1871 with his parents.






Branson, New Apostolic Snake Handling Cracka Explosion!!! Trucracka; Hick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!! Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!! Christian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by Michael Stone!!! Mules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History!!!


Snake-Handling Pentecosta

Elvis Oral Roberts

rick wiles jim bakkerRick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Hillary Clinton Down And Confuse Her Mind By Brian Tashman – Yesterday on Trunews, Rick Wiles said that he has been praying for Donald Trump before each debate to ask God to protect him and guard him against demonic attacks from witches. Before the third debate, Wiles decided that he will also be “praying that confusion would cloud Hillary Clinton’s mind and that fear would come upon her.”

HillaryHillary Clinton“I’m praying that Hillary Clinton will fall in this debate in whatever manner God chooses to bring her down,” he said. “If the witches can pray against Donald Trump, the Christians can pray that Hillary Clinton will fall.” – TrucrackaHick Wiles: I’m Praying For God To Bring Dim Bakker Down And Confuse His Mind!!!  



Jim Bakker: Obama Sounds Like ‘The Representative For Antichrist’ By Brian Tashman – Televangelist Jim Bakker said on his program today that President Obama “sounded like the representative for Antichrist” in his recent speech at the United Nations.

Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison


New Apostolic Reformation

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce

jim-garlowBakker’s guest, conservative pastor Jim Garlow, responded by suggesting that Donald Trump has come under attack because of his opposition Jim Bakker Tammyto globalism. – Garlow: Hand Social Safety Net To Churches To Eliminate ‘Freeloaders’ By Nabi Dressler  Jim Garlow: We Must Educate Donald Trump On CrackerThe Threat Of ‘The LGBTQ Radical Agenda’ By Brian Tashman –  ‘Welcome To The War’ – Jim Garlow’s New Book On ‘Biblical Applicationalism’ By Peter CindyMontgomery   Dim Bakker: Jim Garlow Sounds Like ‘The Representative For The End Times’!!! 


Seven Mountains1

BartonDavid Barton: Christians Who Vote For Donald Trump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office By Kyle Mantyla – On today’s Wallbuilders Liveradio program, Republican operative and Religious Right activist David Barton and his co-host Rick Green interviewed Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, about the importance of conservative Christians supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

Klan Salire

afa-kkkBarton, who has been making this case for months, rolled out a new and rather interesting argument aimed at convincing reluctant Ku Klux Klan1Christians to support Trump, insisting that those who do so are in no way endorsing the GOP nominee’s deplorable views or behavior and will not be responsible for Huckabeeanything he does while in office because they are simply voting for “policies” and not for the candidate himself. – David Barton Narrows Down The Five Commandments For Conservative Christian Voters 
cromwellheadspikeBy Peter Montgomery – Ballbuilders; Fart’n Barton: Crackas Who Vote For Tronald Dump Bear No Responsibility For What He Does In Office!!!

scarlet letter



cromwell-at-droghedaChristian Terrorists Arrested In Plot To Bomb Muslims by  – Crusaders: Domestic terrorists in Kansas charged with plotting attack on Muslims. Federal investigators have stopped a domestic terrorism plot to bomb a Kansas apartment complex that is home to mostly Somali Muslims and is also used as a mosque. The plot to kill Muslims was planned by a small group of Christian extremists known as “The Crusaders.”




14718705_10153661179361362_345371903891246554_n14729138_10153661179366362_6973318323327228960_n9c567f62-fd8e-11de-ad74-001cc4c03286-imageMules moved railroad’s 1,500-ton stone freight house in 1926 By Bill Kemp | McLean County Museum of History archivist historian!!!








Here are the 15 best places to get a burger in Bloomington-Normal!!! Introducing, Masters of the Crackaverse!!! Phil Robertson: Hillary Clinton Lies Because Breathfart Controls The Cracka Party!!! Sandy Rios: Conservatives Will Be Put In ‘Reeducation Camps’ If Tim Wildmon Wins!!! Tony Perkins: Better To Disband The Family Research Council Than Include Transgender Service Members!!!




phil-robertson-defends-trump-47ebce26-aa38-45f3-b29b-de1be728d6baPhil Robertsn: Hillary Clinton Lies Because Satan Controls The Democratic Party By Miranda Blue  Phil Robertsonjoined Breitbart News Daily this morning to promote his new movie, Torchbearer,which was directed by Breitbart chairman turned Donald Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon and produced by Trump aide and Breitbart contributor David Bossie.

Crackabreitbart-warRobertson said that America is in need of a “spiritual fix,” and that Democrats have driven out God. The “living proof” of this, he said, is Hillary Clinton, who “has a hard time telling the truth because the Evil One is the Father of Lies.” – Phil Robertson: Hillary Clinton Lies Because Breathfart Controls The Cracka Party!!! 



Sandy Rios2Sandy Rios: Conservatives Will Be Put In ‘Reeducation Camps’ If Clinton Wins By Brian Tashman – Today, American Family Association officials Sandy Rios and Tim Wildmon urged conservatives wary of supporting Donald Trump to come aboard the Trump train, warning of dire consequences if Hillary Clinton is elected president.


Hillary“Illegal immigrants are pouring over the southern border even as we speak,” Rios, the group’s director of governmental affairs, warned during a conversation with Wildmon on her morning radio show. – Sandy Rios: Conservatives Will Be Put In ‘Reeducation Camps’ If Tim Wildmon Wins!!!



tony-perkins-1024Tony Perkins: Better To Disband The Military Than Include Transgender Service Members By Brian Tashman  Yesterday, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reacted to the news that “the Pentagon has published a handbook for transgender service” by claiming that it would be better if the military disbanded altogether than accommodate transgender service members.

Family Duggar

Family_Research_Council_LogoPerkins spoke about the new handbook on his Washington Watch program with Jerry Boykin, the FRC’s executive vice president. – Tony Perkins: Better To Disband The  Family Research Council Than Include Transgender Service Members!!!






57dac216ce120-image15 best places in BloNo to get a burger To celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on September 18, here are the 15 best places to get a burger in Bloomington-Normal as selected by you in our 2016 Reader’s Choice!






Demolition of ISU residence halls moving forward!!! Branson Trucracka!!! Trucracka; North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest: Cracka Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On Hick Wiles!!! Alex Jones; James David Manning: Jim Bakker Will Stay In Branson By Stoking Race War!!! Josh Bernstein: Jan Crouch Will Be ‘The First Dead Cracka Preacher’ Just As Gordon Klingenschmitt Is ‘The First Cracka Preacher’!!! Terrifying (and True) Facts About Violence Against Abortion Providers!!! An Orangutan Sees A Magic Trick And Loses His Mind!!!

Ali the Greatest

Chicago Beach

Trump Nuts Guts

danforestNorth Carolina Lt. Governor: LGBT Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On God
BY Brian Tashman – North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is apparently not above appearing on “Trunews,” the radical anti-LGBT radio program hosted by far-right conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, where he insisted Wednesday that his state’s new anti-LGBT law is in no way discriminatory.


rick wiles jim bakker

Trunews WilesIn fact, the GOP official said, “women and children” were the ones “being discriminated against” under LGBT rights ordinances like the one passed by the city of Charlotte, which was voided by the new state law. TrucrackaNorth Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest: Cracka Rights Proof We’ve Turned Our Back On Hick Wiles!!!

America distracted

Three Stooges Drinking

Alex-Jones-Nazis-Coming-300x251Manning: Obama Will Stay In Power By Stoking Race War BY Nabi Dressler – Notorious Harlem hate pastor James David Manning,  joined conservative radio host Alex Jones on Wednesday to discuss his theory that President Obama will try to stay in power beyond the end of his second term in office by releasing anti-American, Muslim inmates from prison, who will then serve as his personal Brownshirts.


bakkeralex-jones-crazy-eye“Black men that go to prison learn about Islam,” Manning said. “It’s very pervasive in the prisons.” Alex JonesJames David Manning: Jim Bakker Will Stay In Branson By Stoking Race War!!! 


KlingenschmittJosh Bernstein: Hillary Clinton Will Be ‘The First Lesbian President’ Just As Obama Is ‘The First Gay President’ BY Kyle Mantyla – On his “Pray In Jesus Name” show recently, Gordon Klingenschmitt interviewed right-wing radio host and political commentator Josh Bernstein about the current state of the election. Bernstein, who also serves as the spokesman for the Association of Mature American Citizens, a Tea Party version of the AARP, is someone whom we have mentioned a few times, but never really paid much attention to … at least until he called us pinheads on Klingenschmitt’s show.



Bryan FischerThat prompted us to take a look at Bernstein’s “TV show,” which consists of little more than a YouTube channel, where we found insightful clips like this one where he explains that Hillary Clinton could become the first lesbian president, which is fitting since President Obama is the first gay president. –  Josh Bernstein: Jan Crouch Will Be ‘The First Dead Cracka Preacher’ Just As Gordon Klingenschmitt Is ‘The First Cracka Preacher’!!!

Jan Crouch


Klan Salire

Cecile RichardsCecile Richards Knows Health Care Is Your Right — & Becoming a Mom Is Your Choice By Barbara Kimberly Seigel – Cecile Richards has a responsibility as a mom of three (now-Abortion Tillleradult) children … but,as the president of Planned Parenthood, she also has an immense responsibility to millions of women across America — women who need and deserve access to Abortion Tiller2affordable and high-quality health care; women who want to raise children and plan families; and women who don’t want to become moms again or at all. She is Abortion Tiller3fighting for those fundamental rights and the choices that every woman should be able to make for herself, and she has famously taken that fight to the Planned Parenthood1United States House of Representatives. She was influenced by her own mother, a former governor of Texas — and she is passing on her spirit for social justice and public service (as well as the skills to bake a pie Planned Churchcrust from scratch!) to her children. She strives to be a role model for her kids — and she’s achieved that with us, as we name her one of CafeMom’s #MomsWhoInspire. – Cecile Richards: Abortion“There is No More Fundamental Injustice Than a Lack of Access” to Abortion by  MICAIAH BILGER – Terrifying (and True) Facts About Violence Against Abortion Providers By 

Ann Richards

HT_orangutan_zoo_1_sk_140722_4x3_992An Orangutan Sees A Magic Trick And Loses His Mind – Absolutely Priceless! This orangutan just saw a magic trick, and he CANNOT handle it! It’s nice to see the little fella getting some quality entertainment. His mind = BLOWN

13327526_230737980645909_4877604345069943374_n (1)


5682f7f066dc6.imageISU Demolition of ISU residence halls moving forward By Lenore Sobota Additional Photos By Violet!!!





It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant!!! Mo Dim Bakker Branson Cracka Excretions!!! National Organization for Marriage’s Brown Brain To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!! Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!! Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

Chicago ButlerTrump Duct tapeChicago Sailboat

brian_brown_wcf9NOM’s Brian Brown To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress Of Families BY Miranda Blue – The National Organization for Marriageannounced today that its president, Brian Brown, has been elected president of the World Congress of Families, a global network of organizations fighting LGBT rights and reproductive freedom.


CrackerAs Brown’s fight to stop marriage equality in the U.S. has become increasingly futile, he has taken a leading role in building international networks to stop the advance of LGBT rights around the world. Brown has worked with the World Congress of Families since at least 2013, when he fundraised for the group and, at their invitation, spoke in favor of anti-LGBT laws before the Russian parliament. – National Organization for Marriage‘s Brown Brain  To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!!

Jim Bakker TammyHillary

rick wiles jim bakkerFar-Right Pundit Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel BY Brian Tashman –  Last week, Jim Bakker,  hosted Michael Snyder, the author of a blog on preparing for “the coming of the economic collapse and the next great depression,” to discuss a series of events that the two believe will trigger the unraveling of America.


Jim Bakker1

One such apocalyptic event, according to Snyder, would be the election of Hillary Clinton, whom he compared to Jezebel, the biblical figure who killed prophets who refused to commit apostasy, and her daughter, the murderous, Baal-worshiping Athalia– Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!!

Obama Kid

Elisabeth Jennings Graham

Carl-GallupsTrump-Aligned Pastor: Trans Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’
BY Miranda Blue
– See more at: – Carl Gallups, a far-right pastor who has been embraced by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, spoke with FalwellCharlottesville, Virginia, radio host Rob Schilling on Friday about the Obama administration’s recent directive on transgender rights in public schools, which he said was the sign of the impending End Times and a possible clue about something wrong in Obama’s “personal life.”


cromwellheadspike“For years I’ve been saying, ‘Look, look, we’re living in very prophetic times,’” Gallups said. “Israel is back in the land, Russia and China are in the Middle East, ISIS cromwell-at-droghedahas exploded, Christianity is being exterminated, on and on down the list you can go … And so, now, we turn to what Jesus said in Luke 17. He said, ‘Look, in the very last days before my return, it’s going to be just like it was in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah will sweep the planet.’ And we’re watching that happen before our eyes.” – Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! 


gary north

jonesAlex Jones: President Trump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’ BY Nabi Dressler – On Thursday, conservative radio host Alex Jones said Donald Trump is on a “suicide mission” and that his presidency will either make him “greater than George Washington” or “the devil incarnate.”

alex-jones-crazy-eyeA vocal supporter and ally of the GOP presidential candidate, Jones praised “prophet” and “Renaissance man” Trump for paving the way for people less courageous than Trump or himself to speak out against “globalism.”  Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump  Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

Davis Trump

Chicago Shore




574e18e1e352f.imageMitsubishi – It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant By Maria Nagle






Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life” – Satire!!! Mo Ted Shoebatty Cracka!!! Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Should Be Put To Death For Witchcraft!!! American Renewal Project: Dominionist Prayer Rally Planned For Eve Of Republican Convention!!! Cliven Bundy spots first Cracka in North Dakota in 150 years — so he kills it!!! Response time: New McLean County sheriff’s deputy on patrol delivers baby!!!

HillaryHillary ClintonCrazy HillaryTheodore ShoebatTheodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Should Be Put To Death For Witchcraft BY Kyle Mantyla – Earlier this week, extremist anti-gay activist and ardent Donald Trump supporter Theodore Shoebat, posted a video praising the presumptive Republican nominee for releasing a list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

 Crackajanet porterShoebat, who was recently featured in Janet Porter‘s anti-gay documentary Light Wins along with several Republican presidential candidates, members of Congress and leading anti-gay activists, liked what he saw of Trump’s list and ran through a handful of court decisions that some of the potential nominees have handed down, which allowed him to share his reasonable thoughts on a variety of topics. – Theodore Shoebat: Hillary Clinton Should Be Put To Death For Witchcraft!!! 


Ctuluthu Children

doug_stringerDominionist Prayer Rally Planned For Eve Of Republican Convention  BY Peter Montgomery –  Christian nation advocate David Lane and dominionistDoug cromwellheadspikeStringer have organized a series of prayer rallies with Republican governors, starting with the 2011 event in Houston that served as an unofficial launching pad for Rick Perry’s failed 2012 presidential bid. Now they’re planning their next one in Cleveland, Ohio, just before the Republican convention.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

David_Lane2On Thursday, Stringer and other organizers held a conference call to discuss plans for the Cleveland rally — like others it is going by the name The Response — and to Cromwellask pastors to get their congregants to take part. “There is a battle for the soul of a generation,” Stringer said, “the soul of our nation.” –  American Renewal ProjectDominionist Prayer Rally Planned For Eve Of Republican Convention!!! 

Seven Mountains1

gary north

Wolverine-Shutterstock-800x430Rancher spots first wolverine in North Dakota in 150 years — so he kills it By  – A rancher shot and killed the first wolverine spotted for more than a century in North Dakota — where the animals had been eradicated.

fbi-investigates-cliven-bundy-supporters-who-allegedly-pointed-guns-at-federal-officersKing Gohmert BachmannResearchers had been tracking the omnivorous animal, known as M56, since 2008, when a transmitter was placed under its skin after its capture just
south of Yellowstone National Park, reported
 the Grand Forks Herald. – Cliven Bundy spots first Cracka in North Dakota in 150 years — so he kills it!!!

Thanks Planned Parenthood

Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life”~UABOO DE’CALL Satire – The pro-life movement in the United States Jim Bakker Tammyhas long advocated their stance that human life begins at conception and that the human fetus is a person and therefore has a right
to live. However, a new argument Bakker Joynerhas taken flight over the last month that is taking the abortion debate to the next level. The variety in opinion on the issue of abortion is reflected in the diverse views of religious 
groups, but now pro-lifers are declaring “ejaculation is murder” and they want strict laws against the practice. – Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life”!!!

McLean County sheriff's DeputyResponse time: New McLean County deputy on patrol delivers baby
By Maria Nagle






 Bobby Jindal,