Magill House project (Clinton Il.) lands 1st tenant!!! More Gohmert Texas Pat Cracka!!! The Crackas Robertson!!! Donald Trump, Louie Gohmert, Mat Staver, Mike Pence, Roy Moore, Ted Cruz, Tony Perkins; The Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate!!! Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs!!! The Preachers On Tronald Dump’s Inaugural Podium!!! How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016!!!



King Gohmert BachmannThe Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate By Brian Tashman – It’s now been more than one year since the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling struck down state-level marriage equality bans, and the Religious Right’s many dire predictions about the ruling’s impact still haven’t come true.

Catherine Engelbrecht


Gohmert KingBut neither have predictions that Obergefell spelled the end of the anti-LGBT movement. Instead, this year, as the anti-LGBT Right’s brand of deceptive True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht.and bigoted politics became increasingly unpopular among Americans and continued to be defeated in the courts, many activists further concentrated their efforts on Klan Salireresisting LGBT equality abroad, while others pinned their hopes on November’s general election. –True the Vote‘s tag line is “If you see something at the polls that just doesn’t seem right, record it.” True the Vote’s current president is Ku Klux Klan1Catherine Engelbrecht.  Donald Trump, Louie Gohmert, Mat StaverMike Pence, Roy Moore, Ted Cruz, Tony Perkins; The Religious Right’s Year In Anti-LGBT Hate!!!



donaldtrumppatrobertsonPat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs By Stephen D. Foster Jr. – In another example demonstrating that Pat Robertson believes in persecuting non-Christians and indoctrinating children, the televangelist openly suggested that parents should beat their kids until they respect Christian beliefs.


CrackaDuring yet another shameful episode of the 700 Club, which runs on Disney-owned channel ABC Family, Robertson received an email from a woman who claimed that her Pence Abortiongrandson disrespects their Christian faith when they visit their daughter on Christmas and chose not to visit this past year. – Man accused of tax evasion says Indiana’s religious freedom law exempts him Mike Pencefrom paying  By Kristine Guerra  Pat Robertson: Non-Religious Children Should Be Beaten Until They Respect Christian Beliefs!!!



paula-white-800x458The Preachers On Trump’s Inaugural Podium By Peter Montgomery – Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has announced that six faith franklin-graham-religous-freedomleaders will take part in his swearing-in ceremony by offering prayers or delivering readings.  Among them are Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Bishop Wayne TrumpandJeffressJackson, who draped a prayer shawl from Israel over Trump’s shoulders when Trump made a campaign stop at his Great Faith Ministries International church in Detroit for a scripted interview.

Seven Mountains

graham crackerHere’s more on the other announced speakers: Franklin Graham, Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez and Tim Dolan– Arkansas Attorney General, Who Got a 77% Raise, Brags Federal Judge Just Blocked Overtime Rule for 4.2 Million Workers by  – The Preachers On Tronald Dump’s Inaugural Podium!!! 



Cromwell1How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016 By Peter Montgomery – U.S.-based Religious Right groups have a long track record of collaborating with their counterparts in other countries to Abortionrestrict women’s health choices and make life harder and more dangerous for LGBT people around the world. This year was an especially active one in this global human rights struggle. U.S. Religious Right leaders have clearly taken sides, teaming up with many of the most repressive regimes in the world to resist equality for LGBTQ people.


cromwell-at-droghedaThese efforts spanned the year: In January, the Alliance Defending Freedom, brought former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to New York for a secretive meeting about opposition to marriage equality. Efforts to derail a newly created human rights position at the United Nations Alliance Defending Freedomcontinued almost until Christmas. – It’s All Right To Teach Evolution In Kansas by Rob Boston in Wall of Separation – How The Religious Right Made Life More Difficult & Dangerous For World’s LGBT People In 2016!!! 







5813686e6eebf-imageMagill House project lands 1st tenant By Edith Brady-Lunny – 
“It’s been a long time in the making,”
said Tim Jamieson, a member of the DeWitt County Restoration Association (DCRA), a group working to restore the former Taylor-Magill Hotel on Clinton’s downtown square.







Sister Graham Cracka!!! FRANKLIN GRAHAM’S CRACKA SISTER: GOD SENDING ‘WAKE-UP CALLS’!!! Amanda Marcotte: Ku Kruz Kracka’s Endorsement of Spanking Exposes Conservatives’ ‘Enthusiasm For Beating Children’!!! Olbermann On The Exact Moment He Realized He Had To Come Out of Retirement!!! Rauner: Keep nuclear plants in state’s ‘energy mix’!!!

 Sad Trump Loses


BILLY GRAHAM’S DAUGHTER: GOD SENDING ‘WAKE-UP CALLS’  Anne_Graham_LotzWe’re near point of no return, and judgment will fall’ – (CNS News) Commenting on the turmoil in the United States and other nations evidenced by radical Islamic terrorism, Sarah+Palin+Visits+Haiti+Franklin+Graham+Samaritan+JkrjmR0wPTXxeconomic uncertainty, political turbulence, and chaotic weather, among other things, Christian evangelist Anne Graham Lotz said these phenomena were “God’s wake-up calls” for people to pray, because we’re near the point of no return “and judgment will fall.”

janet mefferd

graham crackerIn a radio interview on the nationally syndicated Janet Mefferd Today show, Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of pastor Billy Graham, said, “I have to pray, and pray with seriousness and earnestness for our nation, Franklin Graham Jesusand not only for America.” – Graham daughter: Prayer, not politics By  –  FRANKLIN GRAHAM‘S CRACKA SISTER: GOD SENDING ‘WAKE-UP CALLS’!!!


Ted Cruz ImmoralAmanda Marcotte: Cruz’s Endorsement of Spanking Exposes Conservatives’ ‘Enthusiasm For Beating Children’ By Tom Johnson – Not long before Ted Cruz left the presidential race, he inadvertently performed what Salon’s Amanda Marcotte suggests was a public service by clarifying that right-wingers are entitled authoritarians who readily inflict pain on kids.


Last weekend at an Indiana campaign rally, a boy in the audience yelled “You suck!” at Cruz, to which Cruz replied, “In my household, when a child behaves that way they get a spanking.” Marcotte asserted in a Tuesday piece that the incident “was one of those moments when the cowardice of the conservative movement was
laid bare,”
and that “enthusiasm trump-reaganfor beating children” may be the best indication of “the toxicity of conservative ideology.” – 
Amanda Marcotte: Ku Kruz Kracka’s Endorsement of Spanking Exposes Conservatives’ ‘Enthusiasm For Beating Children’!!!

Muslin Bigot

Christian Allah

Not a Muslim

rs-olbermann-23-1068x561Olbermann On The Exact Moment He Realized He Had To Come Out of Retirement – Keith Olbermann, liberal political commentator, recently revealed that he was coming out of retirement because the outrage of a Donald Trump presidency was just too much to bear.

Olbermann Writes Op Ed

Olbermann, who has lived in a Trump-owned building for several years, publicly announced that he could no longer walk past the glowing Trump sign every day because he had finally “run out of spit,” and as a result, would be moving out ASAP. – Olbermann Writes Op-Ed to Declare He’s Moving Out of Trump Building – Olbermann On The Exact Moment He Realized He Had To Come Out of Retirement!!!



572d3400b3306.imageRauner: Keep nuclear plants in state’s ‘energy mix’ By 





Mo Graham Cracka!!! Ex-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of Fetal ‘Crackahood’!!! Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That American Family Association Allowed Fundies in Undies Into A ‘Cracka Dressing Room’ Area!!! Why Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity!!! ACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’CRACKA LAW’ COURT!!! GRAHAM CRACKA URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION!!! Connect Transit nearing Uber pact to cover outlying areas!!!

NC Bathroom Trangender

Confederate Money

In Allah God We Trust

Abortion HomacideEx-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of Fetal ‘Personhood’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – As we explored in a report on the fetal “personhood” movement a few years ago, the effort to outlaw all abortion (and possibly some forms of birth control) by giving full constitutional rights to zygotes could result in any number of unintended consequences.

Trump Abortion Hat

AbortionIn a column yesterday in the Montgomery Advertiser, Vanzetta Penn McPherson, a retired federal magistrate judge, poked holes in a recent Alabama personhood proposal that died in the state House last week. – Ex-Judge Points Out Legal Flaws Of ‘ Fetal Crackahood’!!!

Vagina Bullets Abortion

Abortion Rates

Bryan FischerBryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A ‘Family Dressing Room’ Area BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – The American Family Association has been leading the fight against Target’s policy of allowing transgender customers and employees to use the bathroom or fitting room that matches their gender identity, and Bryan Fischer has been doing his part on his daily radio program to whip up opposition to the policy in increasingly absurd ways.


afa_general_facebookOn his radio program yesterday, Fischer read an email sent to the AFA-affiliated organization One Million Moms from a woman who was outraged to discover a man in the dressing room area with her daughter on a recent trip to Target. Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That American Family Association Allowed Fundies in Undies Into A ‘Cracka Dressing Room’ Area!!!


Oklahome Mary Fallin

Klan SalireWhy Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity.  By Ali Asadullah – On January 9, 2015, just two days after the horrific Charlie Hebdo attacks in
Paris, NBA hall-of-famer
and klan_baby_by_chelsearocks88noted
American Muslim writer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, wrote a piece for Time in which he attempted to distance the masses of peaceful practitioners of various faiths from violence perpetrated in the name of religion.


Ku Klux Klan1More recently, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, sat for an interview with Der Spiegel, which was published on February 9, 2016, a little more KKK-Church-e1393466113529-972x454than a month prior to the terror attacks in Brussels. Like Jabbar, Al-Jubeir also drew attention to the criminality of such attacks and again the-kkk-attended-the-nevada-caucus-just-to-support-good-ol-donald-trump-1-108518-850x567tried to isolate these acts of extremism from religion. – Why Violence in the Name of Islam Draws Comparisons to the KKK and Christianity!!!

McConnel Grimes

Progressive Vote

042516shariacourtACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’SHARIA LAW’ COURT Muslim migrants create their own state
within a state  By  – cromwellheadspikeA shocking video shows activists exposing a Sharia Law court operating inside London – and outside British law.


cromwell-at-droghedaThe court, publicly known as the “Islamic Sharia Council,” is one of an estimated 100 Sharia law courts carrying out legal matters in the UK in accordance to Islamic law. – ACTIVISTS EXPOSE ILLEGAL ’CRACKA LAW’ COURT!!!

scarlet letter

FranklinGraham1WND RADIO FRANKLIN GRAHAM URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION ‘Put God back into the political process here in the United States’ By GREG COROMBOS – While the remaining presidential candidates plot strategy, Rev. Franklin Graham is going from state to state to urge Americans to pray for their state and their nation and for Christians to seek public office or at least get actively engaged in steering the U.S. in a more godly direction.


graham crackerGraham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, is leading the Decision America Tour, which is in the process of visiting the state capitals of all 50 states and meets on the steps of the State Capitol building in each of those cities. –  GRAHAM CRACKA URGES AMERICA: VOTE FOR CHRISTIANS THIS ELECTION!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker  

Charli XCX Watch Charli XCX Dance With a Lambo in Her High-Gloss ‘Vroom Vroom’ Video By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd




56f5c3edb2182.imageConnect Transit nearing Uber pact to cover outlying areas by Derek Beigh





Oral history of ISU’s beer riot, 30 years later!!! Cheesehead Graham Cracka!!! Franklin Graham tells terrorists: Every knee will bow to Graham Cracka, not Islam!!! Glenn Grothman Joins John Kasich In Admitting Voter ID Laws Are About Suppressing Phyllis Schlafly!!! Eric Metaxas: MSNBC’s Shift Right Brings Back Ku Koulter Kracka Regularly!!!

Congressman Marsha Blackburnobama_cheeseheadPalin_Billy_Graham_t810Rev. Franklin Graham (BGEA)Franklin Graham tells terrorists: Every knee will bow to Jesus, not Islam by Angie Chui – As the world comes to terms with the deadly attacks in Brussels by the Islamic State (ISIS), there was only more disbelief after a fresh attack on Easter Sunday in Pakistan by the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar terror group claimed the lives of 70 people, many of them Christians. The Rev. Franklin Graham some strong words for the terrorists on his Facebook page.

1 Franklin Graham

franklin-graham“The Muslim terrorist group spokesman said after this wicked attack, “It’s our message to the government that we will carry out such attacks again until sharia [Islamic law] is imposed in the country.” Muslims want CrackerSharia Law. They want the whole world to bow to Islam—that won’t happen. The Word of God tells us that one day “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in Crackaheaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:10-11). I serve a risen graham crackerSavior!,” he posted. – Christians and the Myth of Persecution (Video) by  – Rev. Graham: If America Doesn’t ‘Turn Back to God, I Fear That Our End Will Be Near’ By Michael W. Chapman – Franklin Graham tells terrorists: Every knee will bow to Graham Cracka, not Islam!!!

Abortion Rates

Glenn GrothmanGlenn Grothman Joins Other Republicans In Admitting Voter ID Laws Are About Suppressing Democratic Voters BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman
has always stood out, even within the GOP, for his extreme views and statements, so it only makes sense that Sen. Ted Cruz THISLAND JOHN BIRCHtouted the congressman’s endorsement prior to last night’s Wisconsin presidential primary.

True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht.

Catherine Engelbrecht

WisconsinAt Cruz’s victory party,
a Milwaukee television reporter asked Grothman why he thinks the GOP has a chance to win Wisconsin in the general election, since Glenn_Grothmanno Republican has won the state since 1984. Grothman replied by arguing that “Hillary Clinton is about the weakest candidate the Democrats have ever put up and now we John Birch Society Familyhave voter ID and I think voter ID is going to make a little bit of a difference as well.” 
– GOP Rep.: Wisconsin Voter ID Law Will Help Republicans In General Election – Wisconsin Republican lets the
truth slip: Voter ID will help GOP in general election
By Joan McCarter – Wisconsin Congressman Admits Voter ID Law Will Help GOP Nominee Win In November Well, at least he’s owning it. –  Glenn Grothman Joins John Kasich  In Admitting Voter ID Laws Are About Suppressing Phyllis Schlafly!!!

North anncoulter061715_gettyMSNBC’s Shift Right Brings Back Ann Coulter Regularly – One would think that a formerly left-wing news source like MSNBC would keep a fair bit of distance between themselves and resident crazy person, Ann Coulter. But since the network’s ever rightward shift, Coulter has become a welcome guest.

Coulter Transgender

Kaufman CoulterOn Tuesday, Coulter made an appearance on “Hardball” where she spoke with Chris Matthews about the implications of the primary race in Wisconsin. As she often does, Coulter surprised even the most jaded politico when she gleefully celebrated the fact that Wisconsin is the home state of Red Scare-inducing, Joseph McCarthy. Ann Coulter Became A Republican In Kindergarten While Defending The Vietnam War BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Eric MetaxasMSNBC’s Shift Right Brings Back Ku Koulter Kracka Regularly!!!



Oral history of ISU’s beer riot, 30 years later



beer riotIt’s against the law to urinate on a street sign in Normal. – The Normal law was enacted after the famous “beer riot” in the early 1980s.In Champaign, one may not pee in his neighbor’s mouth.



Steaming Hot, Graham Cracka Excretion!!! Franklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Crackas!!! More than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ku Kruz Kracka!!! Ku Kruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘John Zmirak’ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS!!! Kevin Swanson: Bryan Fischer Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Cracka’ Around The World!!!



Kiwi Turd

Franklin GrahamFranklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Heathens BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network  this week, right-wing evangelist Franklin Graham declared that Christians have a duty to vote even if their options do not include a candidate with a strong biblical worldview:



Sarah+Palin+Visits+Haiti+Franklin+Graham+Samaritan+JkrjmR0wPTXx“And I’m not going to tell people who to vote for, I’m not going to do that — let God tell you who to vote for,” he said. “You may have to hold your nose, you may have to decide which is the least heathen of the two heathen.”– Franklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Crackas!!!


Trump Dream

american_taliban_meme_74f816535d36e03fd3d153d9ac8fc68716632cceMore than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ted Cruz BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – The latest announcement in the Ted Cruz presidential campaign’s ongoing rollout of endorsements from right-wing leaders is a group of more cromwellheadspikethan 50 “Catholic influencers” led by Robert Georgethe intellectual muscle for the Religious Right, and Ken Cuccinelliformer attorney general of Virginia and failed gubernatorial cromwell-at-droghedacandidate. The campaign announced the endorsement of Robert George yesterday; some others on the list (Heritage Foundation, National Organization for Marriage, Eagle Forum, American Principles ProjectBobby Schindler, Brent Bozell, CromwellPhyllis Schlafly, Richard ViguerieSteve King, Brian Brown, John Eastman, Tim Huelskampscarlet letter, Anne Cori, Paul Gosar, Ginni
, Ryan Anderson, John ZmirakJack Fowler, Terry Schilling
) have also been announced previously. – More than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ku Kruz Kracka!!!


Ku Klux Klan1

Ted CruzCruz Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘Gay Sharia’ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – As we have noted again and again, it seems that there is no right-wing activist too extreme for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign to embrace. We got yet another piece of evidence of this today when the Cruz campaign released a list of endorsements from 50 conservative Catholics, among them John Zmirak.


height.182.no_border.width.320Zmirak, an editor of James Robison’s website The Stream, has warned of such things as “gay Sharia” in America and suggested that the Senate block all Democratic Supreme Court nominees until a Republican is elected president. (Both of these things might actually endear him to Cruz, who is a notorious obstructionist and once warned of the gay “jihad.”)


King CruzSome of Zmirak’s greatest hits: He warned of the imminent genocide of American Christians, saying that Christians are “going to see ourselves reduced to the status of second-class citizens the way Christians are in countries like Egypt and Syria.” – Ku Kruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘John Zmirak‘ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS!!!


Cruz Huckabee

swanson1Kevin Swanson: Obama Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Gay’ Around The World BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Angry about President Obama’s appointment of gay ambassadors, Kevin Swanson said on his Generations Radio program today that these ambassadors want to promote “the gospel of gay” abroad.


Bryan FischerSwanson praised efforts by religious leaders in the Dominican Republic to recall the openly gay U.S. ambassador and a ruling by a Puerto Rican judge reaffirming the commonwealth’s same-sex marriage ban, while noting that Tennessee lawmakers only managed to pass a “toothless resolution” decrying the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. – Kevin Swanson: Bryan Fischer Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Cracka‘ Around The World!!!

Bernie Vote

Bernie 2 U





Duck Crackas!!! – VCY America: Creationist Ken Ham: Is Answers in Genesis A ‘Fairy Tale,’??? Rick Wiles: Zik Virus God’s Punishment For ‘Trunews’!!! Franklin Graham: Crackas Must Take Over Every Mayorship In The Country To Stop ‘Evil’ Fundies In Undies!!! Franklin Graham: ‘Only One Election Left’ To Save Crackas From Bozoid Bagger Buttsweats!!!

Trump Chuckysteve deace3Trump Scary

ken-ham-dinosaurCreationist Ken Ham: Evolution Is A ‘Fairy Tale,’ Creationism Based On ‘Observational Science’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Ken Ham, the founder and president of the Young Earth Creationist group Answers In Genesis, slammed churches that are participating in a series of discussions about faith and evolution this weekend, claiming that it is in fact the belief in evolution that is turning America into a theocracy.


Sarah Palin



PalinHam joined VCY America’s Jim Schneider on is Crosstalk program on Wednesday to discuss today’s International Darwin Day and the corresponding Evolution Weekend, in which houses of worship participate in discussions about the relationship between faith and science. – VCY America:  Creationist Ken Ham: Is Answers in Genesis A ‘Fairy Tale,’???

Reagan Christian

rick-wiles-evening-serviceRick Wiles: Zik Virus God’s Punishment For ‘Worshiping Death’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – On Wednesday’s edition of “Trunews,” Rick Wiles and his co-hosts discussed Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Mexico. Instead of visiting the U.S.-Mexico border, they said, Francis should spend time condemning Santa Muerte, “the Mexican folk saint of death.”

Trunews Wiles

440px-Santa-muerte-nlaredo2Wiles said that there is probably a link to Santa Muerte’s popularity and the emergence of the Zika virus in Latin America. – Rick Wiles: Zik Virus God’s Punishment For ‘Trunews‘!!!

Christian Republican

Palin_Billy_Graham_t810Franklin Graham: Christians Must Take Over Every Mayorship In The Country To Stop ‘Evil’ LGBT Rights BY Miranda Blue – See more at: –Franklin Graham is visiting every state in the country this year as part of his “Decision America” tour, in which he is offering technically nonpartisan encouragement to his followers to live out their faith in the upcoming elections.


At a stop in Atlanta this week, Graham spoke about the need for conservative Christians to not only vote, but to run for office, saying that if every city in America had a Christian mayor, we wouldn’t have “evil” and “wicked” policies like LGBT nondiscrimination measures. Better Georgia first brought the remarks to our attention. – Franklin Graham: Crackas Must Take Over Every Mayorship In The Country To Stop ‘Evil’ Fundies In Undies!!!


Sarah+Palin+Visits+Haiti+Franklin+Graham+Samaritan+JkrjmR0wPTXxFranklin Graham: ‘Only One Election Left’ To Save America From Godless Secularists BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – At the Tallahassee, Florida, stop of his 50-state “Decision America” tour last month, evangelist Franklin Graham declared that such prayer gatherings may soon become illegal if conservative Christians don’t defeat “secularism” in the next election.



jim_bakker_apDeclaring that “America is being stripped of its biblical heritage and God-inspired foundations,” Graham said that although Americans were relieved by the fall of communism, “then secularism came and it infiltrated and it infected our government.”  Franklin Graham: ‘Only One Election Left’ To Save Crackas From Bozoid Bagger Buttsweats!!!

Reagan Court

Duck Crackas!!!


pHIL rOBERTSONPhil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series Duck Dynasty. He is also featured on the television show Buck Commander, a hunting program on the Outdoor Channel.

McConnel Court

Family Talk: Franklin Graham Warns Christians To Keep Away From Their Kids And Churches!!! Rick Scarborough : Religious Right Must Prepare For War Against Satan, Tony Perkins and Comedians!!!


franklin-graham_800x500Franklin Graham Warns Christians To Keep Gays Away From Their Kids And Churches BY Kyle Mantyla – Last year, Franklin Graham joined James Dobson at an event in Colorado where the two warned against allowing gay people into churches because, according to Graham, they are representatives of “the Enemy” who wants to “devour our homes” and “devour this nation.”

James DobsonOn his radio program today, Dobson played excerpts from his discussion with Graham at the event, in which called for Christians to keep their kids away from gay people and to take over school boards across the nation in order to remove gay-friendly programs.  – Family TalkFranklin Graham Warns Christians To Keep Away From Their Kids And Churches!!!

John Birch Society Family

Rick Scarborough Rick Scarborough: Religious Right Must Prepare For War Against Satan, Comedians BY Brian Tashman See more at: – On Saturday, anti-gay extremists Tony Perkins and Rick Scarborough hosted a “Free to Believe Broadcast” that included appearances from Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum.

tony-perkins-1024Scarborough joined Perkins the night before the event on Perkins’ radio show, where he declared that conservative Christians must form an “army of faith that will stand up to tyranny” and take back ground from Satan.– Rick Scarborough : Religious Right Must Prepare For War Against Satan, Tony Perkins and  Comedians!!!