Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1913, the McLean County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument!!! Brat, Branson and Klingenschmitt Krackabee Kracka!!! Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Cracka, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office!!! Hick Wiles: President Tronald Dump Would Prevent War With Dim Bakker!!! GOP Rep. David Brat Appears On ‘Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Radio Show!!! Outraged Yike Krackabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Cracka Rallies!!!

Kirk Cameron Creationism Ham

Chicago 11

GOP Robertson Phil Duck

gordon_klingenschmitt_4_aGordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Gay, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office BY Kyle Mantyla – Back in 2014, Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives despite this long history of saying truly outrageous things. Unsurprisingly, Klingenschmitt’s brief term in office was repeatedly marked by controversy. At one point, he was even stripped of a committee assignment after saying that a brutal attack on a pregnant woman in Colorado was the result of “the curse of God upon America” for allowing legal abortion.




Bryan FischerKlingenschmitt, though, never quite seemed to learn his lesson and announced last year that he would be running for a seat in the state Senate in 2016 while continuing to voice his radical views on his daily “Pray In Jesus Name” program. – Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s Most Famous Anti-Cracka, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office!!!

Chicago 12

John Quincy Adams Bible

rick wiles jim bakkerRick Wiles: President Trump Would Prevent War With Russia BY Nabi Dressler – On The Jim Bakker Showon Tuesday, radio host Rick Wiles accused NATO of trying to provoke Russia into war, warning that another world war is imminent unless President Donald Trump unites the U.S. with Russia to “clobber the Muslims.”




swaggart250“There’s a lot of military exercises taking place around the world,” Bakker said. “What do you think this means? Are we gearing up for a major war? Just say yes or no.”

Puton Cracka

Jim Bakker1“Yes,” Wiles responded. “Yes. Called NATO versus Russia. NATO has now put a military, a naval fleet in the Black Sea. You gotta look at a map, look at a geographical map of the Black Sea. When you see it, you understand the significance of it because it would be like Russia putting a naval fleet in the Great Lakes.” – Hick Wiles: President Tronald Dump Would Prevent War With Dim Bakker!!!

Gladstone Fear ConservativeHappy Denmark

davebratonalexjonesGOP Rep Dave Brat Appears On Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Radio Show BY Brian Tashman – Donald Trump and Rand Paul aren’t the only Republican politicians enthralled by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as Rep. David Brat, R-Va., appeared on Jones’ InfoWars network show yesterday to claim that liberals are allied with radical Islamists.


mercantus center and Koch IndustriesAfter Jones falsely claimed that the city of London’s new mayor is imposing Sharia law and that President Obama and liberals have “allied with Islam,” Brat wholeheartedly agreed — “You nailed it” — and said the Founding Fathers never thought that an “intolerant” religion like Islam would be able to integrate into American culture. – GOP Rep. David Brat Appears On Alex Jones‘ Conspiracy Radio Show!!! 

Tax the Rich

Truman Huckabee Santorum

vid_huckabee_03426-1068x561Outraged Huckabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Hate Rallies – Failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee should have thought twice about using the song “Eye of the Tiger” during one of his hate-filled rallies with Kim Davis. The Huckster now has to pony up $25k for illegally using the song to spread his hateful message. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.




HuckabeeGov. Huckabee Claims HRC Wants To Fight Terror By Taking Your Guns Away By LeftOfCenter  Mike Huckabee Now Regrets Supporting Kim Davis, Just Received The Worst News…. – Outraged Yike Krackabee Fined $25k For Using Unlicensed Music At His Cracka Rallies!!!

Chicago 7


Chicago 2



Miller3BLOOMINGTON — Dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1913, the McLean County Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument has been a landmark in the northeast corner of Miller Park for the past century.







It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant!!! Mo Dim Bakker Branson Cracka Excretions!!! National Organization for Marriage’s Brown Brain To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!! Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!! Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

Chicago ButlerTrump Duct tapeChicago Sailboat

brian_brown_wcf9NOM’s Brian Brown To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress Of Families BY Miranda Blue – The National Organization for Marriageannounced today that its president, Brian Brown, has been elected president of the World Congress of Families, a global network of organizations fighting LGBT rights and reproductive freedom.


CrackerAs Brown’s fight to stop marriage equality in the U.S. has become increasingly futile, he has taken a leading role in building international networks to stop the advance of LGBT rights around the world. Brown has worked with the World Congress of Families since at least 2013, when he fundraised for the group and, at their invitation, spoke in favor of anti-LGBT laws before the Russian parliament. – National Organization for Marriage‘s Brown Brain  To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!!

Jim Bakker TammyHillary

rick wiles jim bakkerFar-Right Pundit Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel BY Brian Tashman –  Last week, Jim Bakker,  hosted Michael Snyder, the author of a blog on preparing for “the coming of the economic collapse and the next great depression,” to discuss a series of events that the two believe will trigger the unraveling of America.


Jim Bakker1

One such apocalyptic event, according to Snyder, would be the election of Hillary Clinton, whom he compared to Jezebel, the biblical figure who killed prophets who refused to commit apostasy, and her daughter, the murderous, Baal-worshiping Athalia– Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!!

Obama Kid

Elisabeth Jennings Graham

Carl-GallupsTrump-Aligned Pastor: Trans Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’
BY Miranda Blue
– See more at: – Carl Gallups, a far-right pastor who has been embraced by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, spoke with FalwellCharlottesville, Virginia, radio host Rob Schilling on Friday about the Obama administration’s recent directive on transgender rights in public schools, which he said was the sign of the impending End Times and a possible clue about something wrong in Obama’s “personal life.”


cromwellheadspike“For years I’ve been saying, ‘Look, look, we’re living in very prophetic times,’” Gallups said. “Israel is back in the land, Russia and China are in the Middle East, ISIS cromwell-at-droghedahas exploded, Christianity is being exterminated, on and on down the list you can go … And so, now, we turn to what Jesus said in Luke 17. He said, ‘Look, in the very last days before my return, it’s going to be just like it was in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah will sweep the planet.’ And we’re watching that happen before our eyes.” – Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! 


gary north

jonesAlex Jones: President Trump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’ BY Nabi Dressler – On Thursday, conservative radio host Alex Jones said Donald Trump is on a “suicide mission” and that his presidency will either make him “greater than George Washington” or “the devil incarnate.”

alex-jones-crazy-eyeA vocal supporter and ally of the GOP presidential candidate, Jones praised “prophet” and “Renaissance man” Trump for paving the way for people less courageous than Trump or himself to speak out against “globalism.”  Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump  Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

Davis Trump

Chicago Shore




574e18e1e352f.imageMitsubishi – It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant By Maria Nagle






Chicago in Film!!! Mo Gohmert Texas Cracka!!! Gouie Lohmert Lets The Crackas Have It: ‘Ignoring The Constitution’!!! Gouie Lohmert: No Gay Space Colonies!!! ‘Duck Cracka’ Star Stands Up To ‘Mob Mentality’ On Transgender Bathroom Law “!!! Alex Jones Escalates Feud With Glenn Beck: ‘He’s A Very Evil Cracka’!!!


True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht.

louie_gohmert2Louie Gohmert Lets The IRS Have It: ‘Ignoring The Constitution’
“There really is no dispute about the facts …”
Randy DeSoto – Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert did not hold back in expressing his disdain toward the IRS for failing to cooperate with investigations into the agency’s targeting of conservative groups.

Gohmert King

louie_gohmert_a“The Internal Revenue Service is the only entity of which I’m aware in the federal government that can ignore the Constitution as part of its job — nobody else gets to ignore the Constitution,” the Republican congressman said Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing considering the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “But they can take people’s money without due process. They can take their property. They can move in and destroy a business that took a lifetime to build and they have done that.” – Gouie Lohmert Lets The Crackas Have It: ‘Ignoring The Constitution’!!!


Louie Gohmert: No Gay Space Colonies! -Earlier today, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, put a new spin on his “gay island” story, arguing on the House floor that the push for LGBT rights is wrong because we would never choose to send gay couples or gay animals into space to start a new colony like in the Matt Damon movie The Martian.

CrackerGohmert and HuelskampHe said that if lawmakers had to decide “whether humanity would go forward or not” in case of an imminent asteroid collision by putting people in a “space ship that can go, as Matt Damon did wnd_gohmert_churchstate_140401c-800x430in the movie, plant a colony somewhere, we can have humans survive this terrible disaster about to befall, if you could decide what 40 people you put Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) questions U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on "Oversight of the United States Department of Justice" on Capitol Hill in Washington May 15, 2013. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW)on the spacecraft that would save humanity, how many of those would be same-sex
? – 
Louie Gohmert Puts His Foot Down, Says No To Gay Space fox_hannity_gohmert_ducttape_130807c-615x345-645x325Colonies By Karoli Kuns  – Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert argues against gay space colonies in speech on the House floor – Gouie Lohmert: No Gay Space Colonies!!!

Obama Congress

John Lewis

pHIL rOBERTSON‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Stands Up To ‘Mob Mentality’ On Transgender Bathroom Law That used to be called …” Jack Davis – Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is fighting back against “the mob mentality of political correctness,” standing in support of North Carolina which faces a battles with the federal government over the state’s transgender bathroom law. – ‘Duck Cracka’ Star Stands Up To ‘Mob Mentality’ On Transgender Bathroom Law “!!!

Anne Frank Immigrartion

Trump Cracka

Alex Jones Escalates Feud With Glenn Beck: ‘He’s A Very Evil Person’by  – Alex Jones continued to heighten his feud with Glenn Beck, asserting in a recent broadcast that the conservative pundit was a “very evil person.”

Beck Crazy

alex-jones-crazy-eyeIn case you’re just joining us, Jones, the host of InfoWars, and Beck, the captain of TheBlaze, have been waging this very public little war for some time now. During the GOP primary, Alex-Jones-Nazis-Coming-300x251both men were fierce advocates for their respective candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both men asserted that God was on their candidate’s side, while they continued to lob increasingly irate accusations at each other. – Alex Jones Escalates Feud With Glenn Beck: ‘He’s A Very Evil Cracka’!!!

Dirty Politics

Chicago 2

Chicago 1 Chicago8

Chicago in FilmChicago 5 – I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago. But I never really had a reason, or a means, to get there. And as much as a solo travel enthusiast as I am, I was frightened once during a quick layover at O’Hare on my way to New York and vowed I better have a travel partner for my first trip to the Windy City.







KU KRACKA KONSPIRACY THEORIES Alex Jones: Prince’s death was possibly linked to chemtrails!!! WorldNetDaily: Chuck Norris Gets Behind The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory!!! BILLY CORGAN WARNS OF WEAPONIZED ZOMBIES!!! Mary Lou Bruner: Pre-K Programs Are Federal Plot to Make Crackas Gay!!! Uptown building to include American-themed bistro By Derek Beigh!!!



jonesCONSPIRACY THEORIES Alex Jones: Prince’s death was possibly linked to chemtrails By James Forsythe – Conservative radio show host and all-around conspiracy nut Alex Jones said artists Prince and Merle Haggard‘s sudden “mysterious illness” and subsequent deaths are the result of “super flus” delivered by “chemtrails.”



alexjonesprotest_0“A mysterious illness has been spreading across the U.S., coinciding with massive chemtrail spraying – and it’s possible the two are linked,” Jones said. – KU KRACKA KONSPIRACY THEORIES Alex Jones: Prince’s death was possibly linked to chemtrails!!!


Paul LePage

norris-3iwChuck Norris Gets Behind The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Chuck Norris, the actor and conservative activist, is very upset that no one is taking his warnings about chemtrails seriously.

Beck Crazy

WorldNetDaily1The chemtrail conspiracy theory is centered around the bogus claim that the vapor trails behind airplanes are actually chemical agents used by the government or other actors to control the weather and the population. – CHUCK NORRIS TAKES ON ‘CHEMTRAILS’ Martial arts legend accuses ‘sky criminals’ of waging secret war on public  – WorldNetDailyChuck Norris Gets Behind The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory!!!  

Tea Party

Harriet Tubman

ZOMBIESBILLY CORGAN WARNS OF WEAPONIZED ZOMBIES – FULL INTERVIEW  SJW’s are being used to suppress free speech and more The Alex Jones Show


burned-walker-walking-dead-season-5-zombies-are-totally-dangerous-and-disgusting-1-ever-notice-this-about-the-walking-dead-s-infected-jpeg-139616 Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan visited the Infowars studio Tuesday to discuss the state of music, society and the danger of anti-free speech social justice warriors. – BILLY CORGAN WARNS OF WEAPONIZED ZOMBIES!!!



mary_lou_bruner-620x412Bruner: Pre-K Programs Are Federal Plot to Make Children Gay  by Jose Medina – Via Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith comes Mary Lou Brunera new post from Bruner. In this one, she alleges that public pre-K programs are a federal government plot to make Cromwellchildren “confused about their sexuality” and to turn them against parents who don’t “accept Islam and gay marriage.”

Mary Lou Bruner

Read it for yourself here: – Mary Lou Bruner: Pre-K Programs Are Federal Plot to Make Crackas Gay!!!

Klan Salire

56f0b485096c0.imageUptown building to include American-themed bistro By Derek Beigh 






Bloomington-Normal Constitution Trail Pat Boone: Those Behind Glenn Beck’s Christian Movie Parody Are Going To Hell!! InfoWars: Syphyllis Schlafly Almost Picked Bichele Bachmann To Succeed Ku Kruz Kracka’But She Knew Nothing About Anne Cori Outside Of Her Own Domain’!!! Oaf Krackas Website Warns Branson Smith Victory Could Lead To ‘Outright Cracka War’!!!

Pat Boone MEtalCrackerPat Boone TWAPat BoonePat Boone: Those Behind SNL’s Christian Movie Parody Are Going To Hell
BY Kyle Mantyla
– See more at: – As Brian noted yesterday, conservative activist and musician Pat Boone was outraged by a recent Saturday Night Live skit calledGod is a Boob Man that poked fun at the Religious Right‘s persecution complex by parodying movies like “God’s Not Dead.”‘

CrackaglennbeckdAnd since Glenn Beck is always on the cutting edge of what is hip and cool, he brought Boone onto his radio program today so that Boone could warn all those Louie Gohmert Glenn Beck Iran that they have committed an unpardonable sin and are bound for hell. – Pat Boone: ‘SNL’ parody of ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ offensive to Christians, Jews and homosexuals By  – Pat Boone: Those Behind Glenn Beck‘s Christian Movie Parody Are Going To Hell!!! 


Elvis Oral Roberts

Phyllis Schlafly Phyllis Schlafly Almost Picked Michele Bachmann To Succeed Her ‘But She Knew Nothing About Politics Outside Of Her Own Domain’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly offered more details about the turmoil within her organization, Eagle Forumin an interview with far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones yesterday, claiming that the group of dissidents who she says are trying to oust her from her position in the group are also targeting her son and disclosing that she once considered former Rep. Michele Bachmann to be a potential successor before deciding against it.


bachmannshiningSchlafly’s handpicked successor, Ed Martin, was recently voted out by a group of Eagle Forum board members who suggested that he was mismanaging the organization and manipulating the 91-year-old Schlafly into making unwise decisions, such as her very public endorsement of Donald TrumpInfoWarsSyphyllis Schlafly Almost Picked Bichele Bachmann To Succeed Ku Kruz Kracka‘But She Knew Nothing About Anne Cori Outside Of Her Own Domain’!!!

John Birch Society Family

web1_2131010-oath-keeper-2Oath Keepers Website Warns Clinton Victory Could Lead To ‘Outright Civil War’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – In an article published on the website of the anti-government organization Oath Keepers last week, Brandon Smith, who often writes for the hillary_clinton_2_aorganization, reviews what he calls “The Weirdest Possible Outcomes For The Strangest Election In U.S. History,” including what e says is the strong possibility that a victory by Hillary Clinton would provoke “outright civil war.” – Oaf Krackas Website Warns Branson Smith Victory Could Lead To ‘Outright Cracka War’!!!

Trump Oath

King Trump


Sinéad O'Connor“Nothing Compares 2 U” is a song originally written and composed by Prince for one of his side projects, The Family. It was later made famous by Irish recording artist Sinéad O’Connor.

Rolling StoneWatch Prince’s Incredible ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ Solo Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others performed the song at the 2004 Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony By







Withers Library Bloomington Illinois!!! Eagle Forum; Syphyllis Schlafly: Tronald Dump Is ‘Blowing Up’ Cracka Bowel Movement!!! Syphyllis Schlafly Insists Dim Bakker Is Still In Charge Of Eagle Forum!!! Alex Jones Blasts ‘Psychotic’ ‘Ku Kracka Kult Leader’ Glenn Beck!!!

Phyllis SchlaflyCancer ChristiansTrump Palin

maddowschlafMaddow: Donald Trump Is ‘Blowing Up’ Conservative Movement BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Last night, Rachel Maddow reminded us of how Phyllis Schlafly helped transform the GOP into the far-right party that it is today, dating back to her efforts to help Barry Goldwater win the 1964 Republican nomination. – Eagle ForumSyphyllis Schlafly: Tronald Dump Is ‘Blowing Up’ Cracka Bowel Movement!!!


Obama John Birch Society

schlaflycpacPhyllis Schlafly Insists She Is Still In Charge Of Eagle Forum BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – In a radio interview yesterday, conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly insisted that she is still in charge of Eagle Forum, the group she founded and has led for decades, despite reports that several members, including her daughter, were working to remove her from the organization.


A group of Eagle Forum activists announced on Monday that they had voted to oust Ed Martin from his post as Eagle Forum’s president, a claim denied by Martin. Martin succeeded Schlafly as president last year, with Schlafly remaining to serve as chairman of the board and CEO. While the dissidents have insisted that they were not moving to jim_bakker_apoust her, Schlafly has repeatedly said that she is the real target of the coup– Syphyllis Schlafly Insists Dim Bakker Is Still In Charge Of Eagle Forum!!!

john birch society

John Birch Society Familyalex-jones-crazy-eyeAlex Jones Blasts ‘Psychotic’ ‘Cult Leader’ Glenn Beck BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – The feud between Glenn Beck and Alex Jones is extremely amusing for us here at Right Wing Watch, considering that they are two of the most prominent faces of paranoid, conspiratorial thinking in the conservative media. But, according to Jones, their similarities are no accident because Beck is an actor who was trained to present himself as a mixture of Oprah Winfrey and Alex Jones.

Beck Crazy

The cult leader, Glenn Beck, he is now an official religious cult leader,” Jones said. “He’s the false prophet and his messiah is Ted Cruz.” – Alex Jones Blasts ‘Psychotic’ ‘Ku Kracka Kult Leader’ Glenn Beck!!! 

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce



Withers Library Bloomington Illinois





Texas NASCAR Duck Cracka!!! HILLARY CLINTON PROMISES TO GIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MORE TAX MONEY!! Sick kids are dying because this Ku Kracka Kristian sect refuses to provide them medical help!!!! ‘Duck Dynasty’ star’s Cracka NASCAR prayer enrages liberals!!! Lords of the ring: A new book celebrates B-N’s rich circus heritage!!!

hillary-clinton-moneyalex-jones-crazy-eyeHillaryCrazy HillaryCLINTON ‘PROMISES TO GIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MORE TAX MONEY
Money used to assist community navigators who help guide illegals through system – – Hillary Clinton on Wednesday promised to create a national office that will offer “services” to immigrants and refugees. She made the announcement to organize an Office of Hillary ClintonImmigrant Affairs while receiving an endorsement from immigrant rights group the New York State Immigrant Action fund. – HILLARY CLINTON PROMISES TO GIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MORE TAX MONEY!!! 


Boy-cries-Shutterstock-800x430Sick kids are dying because this Christian sect refuses to provide them medical help By  – Mariah Walton’s cromwell-at-droghedavoice is quiet – her lungs have been wrecked by her illness, and her respirator doesn’t help. But her tone is resolute. “Yes, I would like to see my parents prosecuted.” Why?  “They deserve it.” She pauses. “And it might stop others.”


scarlet letterMariah is 20 but she’s frail and permanently disabled. She has pulmonary hypertension and when she’s not bedridden, she has to carry an oxygen tank that allows her to breathe. At times, she has had screws in her bones to anchor her breathing device. She may soon have no cromwellheadspikeoption for a cure except a heart and lung transplant – an extremely risky procedure. – Sick kids are dying because this Ku Kracka Kristian sect refuses to provide them medical help!!!

TrumpCruz America Wins

Cruz Klan

Phil RobertsonTODD’S AMERICAN DISPATCH – ‘Duck Dynasty’ star’s NASCAR prayer enrages liberals By  – My good buddy Phil Robertson has drawn the ire of a bunch of Jesus-bashing, liberal lug nuts after he petitioned the Lord during a NASCAR invocation to put a “Jesus-Man in the White House.”


Phil Robertson 2Brother Phil delivered the pre-race invocation on April 9th at the Texas Motor Speedway’s Duck Commander 500. And it was a mighty fine invocation, indeed. – Duck Dynasty‘ star’s Cracka NASCAR prayer enrages liberals!!!  



Tightrope/Leon Russell


522c8dbc14597.preview-699Grand Hotel By David Proeber – 
Lords of the ring: A new book celebrates B-N’s rich circus heritage
By By Dan Craft – – 
The average Twin Citian may be casually aware that Bloomington-Normal has circuses in its past.


The annual Gamma Phi Circus performance at Illinois State University helps rekindle reminders of that alliance every spring.


12973384_10209211143822209_1639109729406015428_oAnd the world-class Circus & Allied Arts Collection housed in the Special Collections and Rare Books section in ISU’s Milner Library gets an occasional shout-out in the press.