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Ok, so I was telling you about this neat little Radio, the Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Top Radio in a previous post (see below). Well I ended up buying his big brother, the Sangean WR-12 AM/FM Analog Wooden Cabinet Receiver, and it is awesome! (For those of you who want to buy American check out Tivoli Audio) Now I decided I wanted something small and portable to take with me on the Constitution Trail to Fairview Park behind my Apartment.

Legal Buzz! Mental Health Tips! Just Plain Relaxing! By the Space Monkey!





Legal Buzz!!! Mental Health Tips!!! Just Plain Relaxing!!! By the Space Monkey!!!


I used to Be a Yes Freak, a Floyd  Nut, a HiFi Freak and Music Snob,  Big time,  All Album Rock all the time. And I though Top 40 was a joke and that good Music was over, all good came from the old days!!!

wolfman-jackI remember in the laundry room of my Childhood home on the work bench where I would put Models together, there was an old Tube Radio that my Dad had painted white with enamel paint. It would kinda smell funny and the Tubes would glow orange and I would tune into WLS (AM)and listen to Top Ten hits in the mid Sixties. Larry Lujack, remember him?

bowie-iggy-louFast forward, it’s now the 70’s and I’m listening to Zeppelin, Bowie and Black Sabbath. I avoid top 40 and Album Rock was just evolving. I listen to FM on the Pioneer Receiver and Vinyl on the Thorens.


mtv-casting-callNow it’s the Eighties and I developed a healthy respect for my Sony ICF-9740W table radio, which I set under my 13 Inch RCA Color TV and wired to pick up MTV off the FM Band. It sounded surprisingly good and it was fun, certainly better than the TV Speaker would have been and the whole 80’s music scene was so excellent anyway.


Trump Mad MagazineLike MTV and Reagan in the Eighties, Modern Top 40 is a counterpoint to the Dumb Fundie Cracka Politics in America with Tronald Dump in the WH! I think Top 40 is very excellent right now, it’s been building up for years. JustinsBieber and Timberlake are adults now and actually produce decent music. Top 40 is quite well produced and talented and Remixes can be just as revolutionary and exciting as any music from any post 50’s setting. I tend to look for good Remixes on the Computer.

ts_140818_book_dsm_5_800x600So anyway, I listen to 101.5 WBNQ-FM on a Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Top Radio 40th Anniversary Edition, on the headboard shelf, in the bedroom when the sun goes down to relax. Maybe if the timing is wrong I’ll have to listen to some ads, but then I generally get 5-6 songs straight and I do this once or twice a day, often in the Dark to just Chill. I think this would work with other types of Music on other Channels but I really like Top 40 these days. It’s new, it’s well done and I can’t really think of any song I just hate (Knock on wood). It’s like I’m laying there, in the Dark, the Music washes over me in waves. I can hear all the parts clearly because it really is a decent little radio. So I hear Rihanna,  Love on the Brain for the first time and I’m like OMG, it doesn’t get any better than this! It sounds right because the whole cabinet is a tuned port like a good Boom Box and WBNQ comes in good and clear with good sound. It’s a little radio so I can’t annoy the neighbors but I hear everything clearly and it’s therapeutic, relaxing.

gaga2I’m thinking of bringing some of this action into the living room with a  Sangean WR-12 AM/FM Analog Wooden Cabinet Receiver (Stereo) and using this unit to produce sound for a Digital FlatScreen once the 27 inch tube unit blows up sooner or later.


wbnq170All the Hits | 101.5 WBNQ-FM

Trance Music'


Prince Dead at 57!!!


Prince Dead at 57 Iconic singer leaves behind prolific, groundbreaking catalog By Kory Grow


PRINCE- When doves cry


视频: Prince – Let’s Pretend We’re Married


Prince and the revolution – When doves cry


Prince Live – A Video PlayList on Dailymotion


PRINCE – Dailymotion

Live Little Red CorvetteLive Little Red CorvettePrince

4 Prince Videos You Should Watch Right Now

Singer Prince dies at 57 By Ashley Fantz and Lisa Respers France, CNN

Prince6See Prince Perform ‘Purple Rain’ During Super Bowl Downpour – He tore through surprise covers, including “Best of You” and “All Along the Watchtower,” during his legendary set By


Watch Ariana Grande Debut ‘Dangerous Woman’ Tracks on ‘SNL’!!!

ariana grande

Watch Ariana Grande Debut ‘Dangerous Woman’ Tracks on ‘SNL’ !!!

ariana grande1

Ariana Grande2

Ariana Grande5

Ariana Grande-Butera (born June 26, 1993), known professionally as Ariana Grande (/ˌɑːriːˈɑːnə ˈɡrɑːndeɪ/), is an American singer and actress. She began her career in the Broadway musical 13, before landing the role of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon television series Victorious in 2009.

Ariana Grande4

Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)


Lady Gaga to Pay Tribute to David Bowie at Grammys – Michele Bachmann warns Jan Markell will take over the United Nations — and then reveal she’s the Antichrist!!! Rafael Cruz Says The ‘Presence Of The Holy Cracka’ Convinced Ted Cruz To Run For President!!! Bruce Rauner is no friend to Cracka families!!!

 Trump ClownCrackerMichelle-Bachmann-WND-800x430bachmannshiningMichele Bachmann warns Obama will take over the United Nations — and then reveal he’s the Antichrist TRAVIS GETTYS Michele Bachmann is fantasizing about the apocalypse again — but it’s hard to tell if she’s trying to stop it or enthusiastically cheering it on.



jan_markellThe former Republican congresswoman appeared Saturday on the “end times” radio program hosted by Jan Markell and Eric Barger, who she warned that the Syrian civil war was setting up the biblical battle of Armageddon, reported Right Wing Watch. – Michele Bachmann warns Jan Markell will take over the United Nations — and then reveal she’s the Antichrist!!!


Rafael Cruz Says The ‘Presence Of The Holy Spirit’ Convinced His Son To Run For President BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Rafael Cruz, father and chief campaign surrogate of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, appeared on The Dove TV‘s “Focus Today” program last week, where he revealed that the “presence of the Holy Spirit” convinced his son to run for president.


CruzAs the elder Cruz explained, Ted and his family “spent six months in prayer” trying to decide if he should seek the presidency, which culminated in a two-hour prayer session at his church where his family and top advisers “spent two hours on our knees seeking God’s will about this decision.”– Rafael Cruz Says The ‘Presence Of The Holy Cracka‘ Convinced Ted Cruz To Run For President!!!


Bruce RaunerRauner is no friend to working families – In a Thursday editorial, the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board called out the organization I lead — the Illinois Federation of Teachers — for criticizing Gov. Bruce Rauner‘s State of the State address. The editorial seemed to argue that we should simply go along with the governor because the taxpayers who provide schools with more money are leaving Illinois for other states due to our taxes. – Bruce Rauner is no friend to Cracka families!!!


720x405-David-Bowie_Lady-GagaLady Gaga to Pay Tribute to David Bowie at Grammys ‘Let’s Dance’ producer Nile Rodgers to serve as musical director By Kory Grow Read more:  RollingStone – Lady Gaga, who was already booked to make an appearance at the Grammys, will now be paying tribute to David Bowie at the awards show.

BowieChic’s Nile Rodgers, who produced Bowie’s Let’s Dance LP, will serve as music director for the performance. Producer Ken Ehrlich told The New York Times that he opened a dialog with the singer and her manager shortly after the singer-songwriter’s death last month. The ceremony will air live on CBS on February 15th. 

Bowie Reed Iggy

Ommadawn – Crossing The Line – Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Crackas!!! Michele Bachmann: Jan Markell Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches!!! Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims Crackas Acknowledged That ‘Wallbuilders Came Out Of The Bible’!!! Liberty Counsel: Mat Staver Shames David Daleiden For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing’ Top!!!


Mao Deng

Bernie SandersAlex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Mao Zedong BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Earlier today, Alex Jones spoke with InfoWars reporter Richard Reeves about the upcoming Iowa caucus, with Reeves saying he’d “love nothing better than to see Bernie Sanders take a victory here in Iowa.”

alex-jones-crazy-eye“I agree, he would be great to defeat,” Jones responded. “But I don’t want to be put in his forced labor camp. I don’t want to be ruled over by that piece of crap.”– Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Will Throw Us In Forced Labor Camps Like Crackas!!!

michele_bachmann2Michele Bachmann: Obama Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Former Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann said on Saturday that the Syrian Civil War is paving the way for an apocalyptic war between Israel and foreign powers. – Michele Bachmann: Jan Markell Seeks Global Domination As Battle Of Armageddon Approaches!!!

David Barton Falsely Claims Justice Breyer Acknowledged That ‘The Bill Of Rights Came Out Of The Bible’ BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Last year, we posted a clip of David Barton falsely claiming that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had stated in a court decision that “we all know that all of our due processes clauses in our Bill of Rights came out of the Bible.” – Fart’n Barton Falsely Claims Crackas  Acknowledged That ‘ Came Out Of The Bible’!!!

Liberty Counsel

Mat-Staver-Values-Voter-Summit (1)Anti-Planned Parenthood Lawyer Shames Attorney For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing’ Top BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Last month, a grand jury in Houston that had been convened to investigate Planned Parenthood in the wake of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress CMP) instead indicted CMP’s David Daleiden and his colleague Sandra Merritt on charges related to their infiltration of the women’s health provider. – Liberty Counsel: Mat Staver Shames David Daleiden For Once Wearing A ‘Very Revealing‘ Top!!!

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt_1453915954304_1942056_ver1.0_1280_720

Go was a rock supergroup formed in 1976 by Stomu Yamashta (percussion and keyboards), which also included Steve Winwood (vocals and keyboards), Al Di Meola (lead guitar), Klaus Schulze (synthesizers) and Michael Shrieve (drums).


Ommadawn is the third record album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1975 on Virgin Records. It peaked at No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart. The album was reissued by Mercury Records in June 2010 with additional content.





Zemfira – Tronald Dump Embraces Radical Cracka Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor Robert Jeffress!!! Ted Cruz: David Brody Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’!!! Mat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In Liberty Counsel!!! Anti-Southern Baptist Convention Activist David Daleiden Gets Indicted, But The Center for Medical Progress Still Feels Like Operation Rescue!!!

TrumpandJeffresstrumpbible1 Trump Embraces Radical Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor BY Brian Tashman – See more at: Donald Trump has once again joined up with Texas pastor Robert Jeffress, this time inviting Jeffress to introduce him at an event at a Christian college in Iowa over the weekend.


Jeffress1“It’s becoming something of a regular gig: Jeffress, you may recall, also intro’d Trump at his American Airlines Center rally in September.

robert-jeffressAnd when he’s not introducing Trump, Jeffress is laying hands on the man,” Robert Wilsonsky of The Dallas Morning News wrote, noting that Trump has returned the favor by lavishing praise on Jeffress…for boasting about Trump. – In Iowa intro, First Baptist Dallas’ Jeffress says he can’t “officially” endorse Trump, however … Robert Wilonsky – Robert Jeffress: Christians Don’t Have to Sell Their Soul to the Devil to Vote for Trump Read more at  –Tronald Dump Embraces Radical Cracka Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gay Pastor Robert Jeffress!!! 

Ted Cruz

ted-cruz-south-carolinaTed Cruz: God Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’ BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network‘s David Brody on Monday, Ted Cruz said that conservative voters should back him over Donald Trump because “for seven years, we’ve had a president in the White House who has had a messiah complex.”– Ted CruzDavid Brody Is Helping Me ‘Bring America Back From The Abyss’!!!

Mat_StaverMat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In America
BY Kyle Mantyla
– See more at: – Staver, the anti-gay legal activist representing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, said that gays have borrowed the concept of the jizya, a discriminatory tax imposed on non-Muslims under Islamic law, and are now subjecting Christians in America to such taxes. –  Mat Staver: Gays Are Imposing A ‘Jizya’ Tax On Christians In Liberty Counsel!!!