The Old Main Building, ISU, Normal Il.!!! Dumb Fundie Crackas Persecuted!!! David Benham, Jason Benham Warn That HB2 Repeal Is A ‘Political Shakedown’ Aimed At Persecuting Crackas!!! Influential Cracka Pastor To Tronald Dump: Release Plan To ‘Isolate’ Jews In America!!! Tim Wildmon Says Move To Repeal HB2 Is ‘Anti-God And It’s Anti-Morality’!!! Creationist Jerry Falwell Jr. Met with Tronald Dump About a Possible Dept. of Education Position!!!


 inbred-hillbilliesBenham Brothers Warn That HB2 Repeal Is A ‘Political Shakedown’ Aimed At Persecuting Christians By Kyle Mantyla – North Carolina-based Religious Right activists David and Jason Benham were heavily involved in mobilizing support for the state’s anti-LGBT law, HB2, earlier this year, so they are predictably outraged by reports that the unpopular law is set to be repealed.


CrackaIn a video uploaded to their Facebook page today, the brothers warned that the move to repeal the law is nothing more than a “political shakedown” designed to allow LGBT activists to pass laws that will persecute Christians. – David BenhamJason Benham Warn That HB2 Repeal Is A ‘Political Shakedown’ Aimed At Persecuting Crackas!!! 



Pence HageeInfluential Christian Pastor To Trump: Release Plan To ‘Isolate’ Jews In America (DETAILS) By Carissa House-Dunphy – When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, many of his Zionists-in-the-Church.-Robertson-Franklin-Falwell-Hinn-Lindsey-Hagee-640-x-483detractors were deeply shaken by his campaign’s racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric that galvanized and legitimized the alt-right, other white nationalist groups, and the rest of Trump’s anti-Semitic followers.


cromwell-at-droghedaOne of those followers, apparently, poses as a Christian pastor in Union, Kentucky and leads a “Christian Identity” church called Kinsman Redeemer Ministries. – Influential Cracka Pastor To Tronald Dump: Release Plan To ‘Isolate’ Jews In America!!!



tim_wildmon_aTim Wildmon Says Move To Repeal HB2 Is ‘Anti-God And It’s Anti-Morality’ By Kyle Mantyla – On the “Today’s Issues” radio program this morning, American Family Association president Tim Wildmon interviewed Religious Right activist David Benhan about his contention that the move by the North Carolina legislature to repeal its anti-LGBT law, HB2, is nothing more than a “political shakedown” designed to persecute Christians.


Klan SalireWildmon agreed and voiced his outrage that elected leaders in places like Charlotte would ever pass nondiscrimination ordinances in the first place, saying that they did so solely because they “wanted to force” women and girls to share restroom and locker room facilities with men. – Tim Wildmon Says Move To Repeal HB2 Is ‘Anti-God And It’s Anti-Morality’!!!  



Jerry Falwell Jr. Jerry Jr.Creationist Jerry Falwell, Jr. Met with Donald Trump About a Possible Dept. of Education Position by  – I thought it was bad enough when Dr. Ben Carson, an evolution and climate change denier, was being considered as the next Secretary of Education. (His business manager Armstrong Williams later said Carson didn’t want the position because he “has no government experience” and would not want to “take a position that could cripple the presidency”… even though that didn’t stop him from campaigning to be the President.)


jerry-falwell-teletubbiesTrump’s alternatives, however, are no better. The Associated Press reports that another possibility for Secretary of Education is Liberty University Ku Klux Klan1President Jerry Falwell, Jr., who recently met with Trump to discuss the role: – MORE THAN 80% OF WHITE EVANGELICALS AND BORN-AGAIN Gift JeffressCHRISTIANS VOTED FOR TRUMP –   Struggling White Voters Who Helped Elect Trump Are Headed for Some Serious Pain A lot of low-income voters believed Trump when he promised to make America great. They’re in for a rude Robert-Jeffressawakening. By Joshua Holland – Creationist Jerry Falwell Jr. Met with Tronald Dump About a Possible Dept. of Education Position!!!







omlinedrawing3The Old Main Building – “….The foundations of the building had been laid, but no work had been done for about a year. Two shanties near the building covered the lumber and other material, and made a temporary house for the keeper. What is now the campus, was then a cornfield, with neither tree nor shrub. It was part of an old farm, whose eastern boundary was a ditch on the west side of what is now Fell avenue. East of that, the site of the town of Normal, was a wild prairie, with no roads, and not more than five or six houses within the limits of the whole present corporation.







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