Maximum DJ Remixes!!! Son Of Duck Cracka!!! Transformation Michigan; Oak Initiative; Lou Engle; Rick Warzywak: Wonders If Jerry Boykin Is Behind The ‘Never’ Trump Movement!!! Phil Robertson: If Tronald Dump Loses, I’ll Go Into Hiding!!! Orlando Cracka pastor: American veterans are no longer heroes because of single mothers who wear pants!!! Christian ministry says Thom Yorke is the antiChrist!!! TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED “AFFORDABLE” HOUSING HITS BLOOMINGTON MARKET!!!

 Trump Elephant Bible Scriptures Phil RobertsonChicago Riverrick_warzywakOak Initiative Wonders If Satan Is Behind The ‘Never Trump’ Movement BY Peter Montgomery – The latest missive, or “Oak Leaf,” from the dominionist Oak CrackaInitiative, is a scoldingMessage to the Never Trump Voters! from Rick Warzywak, head of Transformation Michigan and state co-director of the Michigan Oak Initiative. CromwellWarzywak chastises, “If even the Supreme Court was the only issue to vote for him that should be enough – the future of your
children and grandchildren are at stake. He has given us his pro-life constitutional sound [sic] nominations!”
– Transformation Michigan; Lou Engle; Rick WarzywakWonders If Jerry Boykin Is Behind The ‘Never’ Trump Movement!!!

Godly Men Phil Robertson

GOP Sharia

phil-robertson-620x439Phil Robertson: If Donald Trump Loses, I’ll Go Into Hiding BY Brian Tashman – Today onBreitbart News Daily, reality TV star and conservative activist Phil Robertson spoke with radio host Stephen Bannon and Citizens United president David Bossie about the Republican National Convention, and Robertson urged listeners to rally behind Donald Trump.

Klan Salire

CrackerThe Duck Dynasty patriarch said that evangelicals must turn out and vote because they are facing “spiritual warfare” from “the depraved bunch, this political correct crowd” that is “of the Evil One.” – Phil Robertson: If Tronald Dump Loses, I’ll Go Into Hiding!!!

God Told me

Phil Robertson Nature

Butler-Book-800x430Orlando pastor: American veterans are no longer heroes because of single mothers who wear pants By  – Those celebrating the sweet land of liberty and thankful for soldiers who fought and died to protect American freedom are all wasting their time according to Rev. John Butler Book of Christian Viewpoint Ministry.

rick wiles jim bakker

Jim Bakker Tammy“We have a future leadership in our country of young people that have been devoid of that all important ingredient in the home called mother. That male ingredient called father,” Butler Book said in a bright banana-colored suit sitting at a desk. – Orlando Cracka pastor: American veterans are no longer heroes because of single mothers who wear pants!!!


Elvis Oral Roberts


Chicago Fountain

SatanChristian ministry says Thom Yorke is the anti – Christ
The New Generation For God tweets that Radiohead frontman is the embodiment of drugs, atheism, pornography and witchcraft BY ALEX YOUNG



13892106_10210087567732259_3026632246668526710_nTAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED “AFFORDABLE” HOUSING HITS BLOOMINGTON MARKET –    by Tanya L. 











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