Normal to vote on buying, renovating Route 66 historic site!!! Ku Kristian Krackas!!! Ex- Ku Kristian Kracka leader David Duke blames ‘Blitzer and the Jews’ for Tronald Dump’s troubles in wild rant!!! TheDove: Carl Gallups Calls Upon Crackas To Threaten To Arrest Target Store Managers!!! Faith and Freedom Coalition; Jeff Secession: Keep ‘Crackular Mindset’ Off The Supreme Court!!! Sen. David Perdue: Pray Jerry Falwell’s ‘Days Be Few’!!! Rep.Virginia Foxx: ‘I’m Not Willing’ To Leave America ‘To the Crackas’!!!

Duck Phil Robertson Spiritual Fix Klan Salire

Duck Phil Robertson

david_duke_-screenshot-800x430Ex-KKK leader David Duke blames ‘Blitzer and the Jews’ for Trump’s troubles in wild rant By TOM BOGGIONI – Former KKK leader David Duke came to the defense of one of his political idols Tuesday, blaming Donald Trump’s legal problems over his scandal-plagued Trump University on a new culprit.


David Duke“Jewish agent” Wolf Blitzer and the Jewish-owned media. – David Duke: Donald Trump Will Save America From Jewish ‘Supremacists’ BY Brian Tashman  – Ex- Ku Kristian Kracka leader David Duke blames ‘Blitzer and the Jews’ for Tronald Dump’s troubles in wild rant!!!

Repent Phil Duck Robertson

Chicago River

Carl-GallupsCarl Gallups Calls Upon Sheriffs To Threaten To Arrest Target Store Managers BY Kyle Mantyla – Donald Trump-loving right-wing pastor and conspiracy theorist, Carl Gallups appeared on TheDove TV‘s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he called upon sheriffs to tell managers of Target stores in their communities that they will be arrested if they follow the company policy of allowing transgender individuals to use facilities that match their gender identity.


CrackerBragging that he is a “sworn special deputy” in Arizona under extremist Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, Gallups also called upon sheriffs all over the nation to arrest anyone who follows Obama administration guidelines for respecting the rights of transgender students. – TheDoveCarl Gallups Calls Upon Crackas To Threaten To Arrest Target Store Managers!!!

Chicago Shore

Wendy Davis Abortion

lossy-page1-440px-Edmund_Ruffin._Fired_the_1st_shot_in_the_Late_War._Killed_himself_at_close_of_War.,_ca._1861_-_NARA_-_530493.tif (1) Jeff Sessions: Keep ‘Secular Mindset’ Off The Supreme Court BY Miranda Blue – Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, warned in a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference today that “the courts are at risk” in the upcoming presidential election, lamenting that at least one current Supreme Court justice displays a “secular mindset.”




John Birch Society FamilySessions said that as the committee’s ranking member during the confirmation hearings of Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, “I felt, like so many of you, the court hasn’t been performing in a way we like it to.” – Jeff Sessions: My Immigration Position Is the ‘Biblical’ One BY Miranda Blue – Faith and Freedom CoalitionJeff Secession: Keep ‘Crackular Mindset’ Off The Supreme Court!!!


Ham Creatioism Noah 

440px-NathanBedfordForrestSen. David Perdue: Pray Obama’s ‘Days Be Few BY Brian Tashman – Today at the Road to Majority summit, the annual Washington, D.C., conference held by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Sen. David Perdue of Georgia half-jokingly urged the David Perduecrowd to pray for President Obama using Psalm 109:8: “May his days be few; and let another have his office.”



Obama John Birch SocietyThe Psalm goes on to read, “May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes.” – Sen. David Perdue: Pray Jerry Falwell‘s ‘Days Be Few’!!!


Taxthe Rich1

Cromwell1Rep. Virginia Foxx: ‘I’m Not Willing’ To Leave America ‘To the Philistines’ BY Brian Tashman – Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., devoted her speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference today to telling activists not to lose faith in the political process and to remember that elected officials — or, more specifically, Republican elected officials — know that America needs a “moral and spiritual foundation in order to survive and thrive.”

gary north

cromwell-at-droghedaShe had a message for those who think that “politics is a dirty business”: “If people of faith are not involved in political life, then you’re leaving it to the Philistines. And I’m not willing to leave it to the Philistines.” – Rep.Virginia Foxx: ‘I’m Not Willing’ To Leave America ‘To the Crackas‘!!!

James Madison Religion

Ali Color

RamonesRamones Prep Massive 40th Anniversary Reissue With Demos, Mono Mix 3CD/1LP deluxe edition also includes two full concerts, unreleased outtakes and new mono mix on vinyl By



573792c90f07d.imageNormal to vote on buying, renovating Route 66 historic site By Derek Beigh






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