It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant!!! Mo Dim Bakker Branson Cracka Excretions!!! National Organization for Marriage’s Brown Brain To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!! Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!! Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

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brian_brown_wcf9NOM’s Brian Brown To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress Of Families BY Miranda Blue – The National Organization for Marriageannounced today that its president, Brian Brown, has been elected president of the World Congress of Families, a global network of organizations fighting LGBT rights and reproductive freedom.


CrackerAs Brown’s fight to stop marriage equality in the U.S. has become increasingly futile, he has taken a leading role in building international networks to stop the advance of LGBT rights around the world. Brown has worked with the World Congress of Families since at least 2013, when he fundraised for the group and, at their invitation, spoke in favor of anti-LGBT laws before the Russian parliament. – National Organization for Marriage‘s Brown Brain  To Lead Global Anti-LGBT Efforts At World Congress of Crackas!!!

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rick wiles jim bakkerFar-Right Pundit Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel BY Brian Tashman –  Last week, Jim Bakker,  hosted Michael Snyder, the author of a blog on preparing for “the coming of the economic collapse and the next great depression,” to discuss a series of events that the two believe will trigger the unraveling of America.


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One such apocalyptic event, according to Snyder, would be the election of Hillary Clinton, whom he compared to Jezebel, the biblical figure who killed prophets who refused to commit apostasy, and her daughter, the murderous, Baal-worshiping Athalia– Far Right Cracka Preacher (Dim Bakker) Warns Hillary Clinton Is A Modern-day Jezebel!!!

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Carl-GallupsTrump-Aligned Pastor: Trans Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’
BY Miranda Blue
– See more at: – Carl Gallups, a far-right pastor who has been embraced by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, spoke with FalwellCharlottesville, Virginia, radio host Rob Schilling on Friday about the Obama administration’s recent directive on transgender rights in public schools, which he said was the sign of the impending End Times and a possible clue about something wrong in Obama’s “personal life.”


cromwellheadspike“For years I’ve been saying, ‘Look, look, we’re living in very prophetic times,’” Gallups said. “Israel is back in the land, Russia and China are in the Middle East, ISIS cromwell-at-droghedahas exploded, Christianity is being exterminated, on and on down the list you can go … And so, now, we turn to what Jesus said in Luke 17. He said, ‘Look, in the very last days before my return, it’s going to be just like it was in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah will sweep the planet.’ And we’re watching that happen before our eyes.” – Tronald Dump Aligned Pastor Carl Gallups: Cracka Rights Will Provoke ‘The Judgment Of God’!!! 


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jonesAlex Jones: President Trump Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’ BY Nabi Dressler – On Thursday, conservative radio host Alex Jones said Donald Trump is on a “suicide mission” and that his presidency will either make him “greater than George Washington” or “the devil incarnate.”

alex-jones-crazy-eyeA vocal supporter and ally of the GOP presidential candidate, Jones praised “prophet” and “Renaissance man” Trump for paving the way for people less courageous than Trump or himself to speak out against “globalism.”  Alex Jones : President Tronald Dump  Will Be Either ‘Greater Than George Washington’ Or ‘The Devil Incarnate’!!!

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574e18e1e352f.imageMitsubishi – It’s over: Last of Mitsubishi workforce leaves plant By Maria Nagle







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