Hagee’s New Apostolic Arklahoma Cracka Excretion!!! John Hagee: Robert Jeffress Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Tronald Dump!!! Liberty Counsel: Why Has The Alliance Defending Cracka Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka???American Family Association; Sandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’!!! Arklahoma Cracka planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’!!! Bloomington Council looking at study to create downtown TIF district!!!

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Pence HageeJohn Hagee: God Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Donald Trump
BY Kyle Mantyla
– See more at: – On yesterday’s “Hagee Hotline,” Pastor John Hagee urged Christians to get out and vote and made it abundantly clear that he’ll be casting his vote for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in November.




Zionists-in-the-Church.-Robertson-Franklin-Falwell-Hinn-Lindsey-Hagee-640-x-483After mangling Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s famous “not to speak is to speak” quote and falsely attributing it to Martin Niemöller, Hagee informed his viewing audience that “God will not hold us harmless” and so they have an obligation to vote. – John HageeRobert Jeffress Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Tronald Dump!!!

Target Bee HivesTHISLAND JOHN BIRCHRoy Moore Ron PaulWhy Has The Religious Right Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka? BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Our friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center have obtained a copy of the 2014 membership list of the Council for National Policy, a secretive group led by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins that includes a who’s who of leaders of the Religious Right and the wider conservative movement who work together to influence national politics. (In 2014, Perkins was the group’s vice president.) We’ve known from news reports that CNP’s membership includes a wide range of Religious Right leaders, but one name on the list obtained by SPLC stood out: Michael Peroutka.


moore_peroutkaPeroutka, who made his fortune with a family debt-collection business, has become a minor benefactor to the Religious Right, including funding anti-choice groups, bankrolling some of the campaigns and advocacy work of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (who is currently suspended for attempting to defy the federal courts on marriage equality), and, maybe most notably, donating a million-dollar dinosaur skeleton to a creationist group.  Liberty CounselWhy Has The Alliance Defending Cracka Embraced Neo-Confederate Michael Peroutka??? 

John Birch Society Family

Klan Salire

Sandy RiosSandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – After spending months promoting the presidential candidacy of Ted Cruz, the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios appears to be finally ready to get behind Donald Trump, telling listeners on her radio program today that they must unite to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.


Ku Klux Klan1“Hillary Clinton embraces every sexual deviancy you can imagine,” she said, before once again suggesting that the former secretary of state is a lesbian because “there have been more than rumors swirling about her own sexual proclivities since before she became first lady.”– American Family AssociationSandy Rios: Possible Lesbian Hillary Clinton ‘Embraces Every Sexual Deviancy You Can Imagine’!!!

Lockman Abortion


maverick_dean_mugshot-800x430Arkansas man planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’ By  –  A Mineral Springs man was taken back into custody after a judge ruled he was a threat to the community for mailing threatening letters to lawmakers over Common Core standards in the schools, reports Arkansas Online.



cromwellheadspikeMaverick Dean Bryan, 55, has been out on bond since March 28, and faces seven counts of mailing threatening communications to mayors in seven different Arkansas cities. – Arklahoma Cracka planned to hang 7 mayors over Common Core and overthrow US with ‘Christian army’!!!

Elvis Oral Roberts


Pretty Chicago


572ce8c4be050.imageBloomington Council looking at study to create downtown TIF district
By Maria Nagle







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