Ku Peroxide Krone Graham Krackas!!! Anne Graham Lotz: LGBT Rights Helping Lead To Janet Mefferd’s Judgment, End Times!!! Liberty Counsel; Anita Staver: Can’t Name A Single Case Of Nondiscrimination Policies Leading To Sexual Assault!!! Sandy Rios: Pray That Micah Clark Delivers A Ku Kruz Kracka Victory In Indiana!!! Habitat helps families dig into their future!!!

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Anne_Graham_LotzAnne Graham Lotz: LGBT Rights Helping Lead To God’s Judgment, End Times
BY Miranda Blue
– See more at: – Anne Graham Lotz, the evangelist daughter of Billy Graham, warned in an interview with Christian broadcaster Janet Mefferd last month that the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino and “things that are happening in our weather” are “wake-up calls” from God to Christians who have turned away from Him and failed to stop such things as advances in LGBT rights in America.


janet mefferd


graham crackerLotz told Mefferd that conservative Christians have to “stop being judgmental and stop being self-righteous and stop pointing our finger at them” and instead take on some of the blame for what she sees as a turning away from God. – Anne Graham Lotz: LGBT Rights Helping Lead To  Janet Mefferd‘s Judgment, End Times!!!



Anti-LGBT Acti vist Can’t Name A Single Case Of NondiscriminationAnita-Staver-poses-with-assault-weapon-on-Facebook-800x430 Policies Leading To Sexual Assault BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Last month, Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver said that she plans ontaking a Glock .45 to the ladies room after Target announced a new policy prohibiting discrimination against transgender customers.

Anita Staver Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel

Mat Anita Staver is a notorious anti-LGBT group that has taken credit for shaping discriminatory laws such as North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2. – Liberty CounselAnita StaverCan’t Name A Single Case Of Nondiscrimination Policies Leading To Sexual Assault!!!

Trump CruzR Rapist baby

Religous Right

sandyriosfoxSandy Rios: Pray That God Delivers A Ted Cruz Victory In Indiana BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Earlier today, Sandy Rios of the American Family Associationspoke with Micah Clark, the head of the group’s Indiana affiliate, about the state’s Republican primary, which is taking place today.


afa_general_facebookRios and Clark, who have both endorsed Ted Cruz, appeared despondent about predictions that the Texas senator will be defeated by Donald Trump in the state, blaming pastors for not getting involved and preaching about politics. – Sandy Rios: Pray That Micah Clark Delivers A Ku Kruz Kracka Victory In Indiana!!!

Pence Hagee

Prince6David Gilmour mashes up “Comfortably Numb” and “Purple Rain” in tribute to Prince — watch One guitar virtuoso pays his respects to another BY



5724dd566c021.imageHabitat helps families dig into their future Julia Evelsizer jevelsizer@pantagraph.com









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