Fart’n Barton Will Train Fundies in Undies To Take Control Of Andrew Wommack And Transform Ballbuilders Into The ‘Crackas That Jim Bakker Wants It To Be’!!! Generations Radio: Ku Kruz Kracka Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor Kevin Swanson!!! American Family Association: – Bryan Fischer: Steve Deace Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law!!!

 Glenn Beck Chuck PierceMaternity Leavenew-apostolic-reformation-what-is-it

david_barton_3_aDavid Barton Will Train Christians To Take Control Of Government And Transform America Into The ‘Nation That God Wants It To Be’ by Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Last month, we noted that right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton,  plans to launch a “School of Practical Government” at Andrew Wommack‘s Charis Bible College in Colorado, which will be based heavily in Seven Mountains dominionism.

Seven Mountains

Barton 7 Mountains

New Apostolic Reformation

David Barton 1-3-13Seven Mountains theology teaches that conservative Christians are to take control of the seven primary institutions, or “mountains,” that shape and control our culture — (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Jim Bakker TammyEntertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion — and use them to implement biblical standards and spread the
Gospel. – 
Chuck Pierce’s CrackaPrayer Effort Got Sam Brownback Re-Elected BY Kyle Mantyla  Fart’n Barton Will Train Fundies in Undies To Take Control Of  Andrew Wommack And Transform Ballbuilders Into The ‘Crackas That Jim Bakker Wants It To Be’!!!


swansoncruzdCruz Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz, his father Rafael Cruz, and two of his then-rivals in the Republican presidential race attended a “religious liberty” conference in Iowa hosted by Kevin Swanson, a radical pastor who had a long record of viciously anti-gay rhetoric, which he continued at the conference itself by expounding at length about his view that the Bible commands governments to put gay people to death.

Ku Klux Klan1

Before the conference, we publicized Swanson’s history — including his discussions of the death penalty for gay people — leading one Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, to drop out of the conference.

Republican Klan

2015-11-06-kevin-swanson-cow-manure-right-wing-watch-screen-grab-640-668x501A few days before the conference, CNN’s Jake Tapper read Cruz a few of Swanson’s statements and asked him about the wisdom of appearing alongside Swanson. Cruz claimed ignorance about Swanson and then dodged the question.

Cruz Klan

swanson1Cruz went ahead to the conference, where he joined Swanson for one-on-one discussionOn the same stage that weekend, Swanson went on several unhinged rants about gay peopleHarry Potter and wildfires– Generations Radio: Ku Kruz Kracka Tries To Rewrite History, Claims He ‘Denounced’ Radical ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor Kevin Swanson!!!

Klan Salire


Bryan-Fischer_II Bryan Fischer: Bryan Adams Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at:  The American Family Association‘s Bryan Fischer is unjustifiably convinced of his own cleverness and enamored with trying to defend acts of bigotry by arguing that those who oppose such bigotry are the real bigots. 


Bryan FischerHe has used this laughable tactic time and again, so it was no surprise to see him post a new column today arguing that singer Bryan Adams is racist for having canceled a concert in Mississippi in protest of the state’s recently enacted anti-LGBT law. – Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car By  – American Family Association: – Bryan Fischer: Steve Deace Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT Law!!!









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