Maplewood Country Club a ‘Roaring Twenties’ hot spot!!! #BirdieSanders Takes the Internet By Storm!!! Keith Olbermann Returns And Perfectly Explains Why Tronald Dump Will Not Win!!! Ku Koch Krackas Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado!!!

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BirdieSanders#BirdieSanders Takes the Internet By Storm by  – It would happen at Bernie Sanders’ Portland event, of course.


BirdieSanders2Portland being the city that gave us Portlandia, and the hilarious “Put a Bird On It” sketch. – #BirdieSanders Takes the Internet By Storm!!! 


 olbermann-trumpKeith Olbermann Returns And Perfectly Explains Why Donald Trump Will Not Win
By Jason Easley  Keith Olbermann returned to talking about politics, with an appearance on The View where he perfectly explained why Donald Trump won’t win.

Trump Bunker

Davis TrumpOlbermann said, “Because of the premise of the campaign, I don’t think he has a reasonable chance of being elected. At this point, from what I’m hearing, I don’t even think he’s going to get the nomination. Because I think the Republican Party is going to say, everybody who is in the Republican Party goes if he wins, we all lose Trump Nopeour jobs. If he loses, we all lose our jobs. He’s probably not going to win. Let’s make sure he doesn’t lose. We’re going to lose the party to him one way or another. Everybody in the Republican Party, in the establishment, has a self-interest in keeping him away because he could bring down congressional results.” – Keith Olbermann Returns And Perfectly Explains Why Tronald Dump Will Not Win!!!


Obama John Birch Society

thom_koch_brosKoch Brothers Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado  By Michael Corcoran – Colorado’s efforts to become the first state to pass a public, universal health care system are facing stiff opposition from right-wing organizations, many of which are funded by or affiliated with brothers Charles and David Koch.

mercantus center and Koch Industries1

John Birch Society FamilyAs expected, these moneyed interests are doing everything they can to stop the state from amending its constitution with a ballot referendum, Amendment 69, which would implement a statewide version of “single-payer” health care. If approved,ColoradoCare would cover every resident, regardless of employment or ability to pay. In October, organizers submitted enough signatures to put the amendment on the ballot. The vote will take place on Election Day this year. – Ku Koch Krackas Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado!!! 


994723_10205533507964991_4099556599366671011_nMaplewood Country Club a ‘Roaring Twenties’ hot spot By Bill Kemp, Archivist historian McLean County Museum of History – BLOOMINGTON — Bloomington-Normal has enjoyed a rich history when it comes to golf, a sport known by many as “a good walk spoiled.”


12593779_10205574280304274_7236940253645231106_oIt appears the first organized attempt at establishing the game in these parts occurred in 1896 when a group of interested golfers sunk tomato cans in Lillard’s meadow (now the site of Bloomington High School) and called themselves the Bloomington Golf Club.

0 (1)

86cf579ffa8dc44d3b1ba8309b578536a1ffc92a_MclcchBy 1920, there were three private country clubs in the Twin Cities, two of which remain in operation today — the blueblood Bloomington Country Club and the up-and-comer McLean County Country Club (the latter renamed Lakeside in the early 1930s).




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