Branson Cracka!!! WorldNetDaily; Bichele Bachmann: Maybe God Uses Terrorist Attacks To Humiliate Dim Bakker!!! Dim Bakker: Hick Wiles Will ‘Mow Down’ Crackas For Praying!!! Armed America Radio; Eagle Forum; Phyllis Schlafly: No SCOTUS Nominee ‘Until We Have Tronald Dump Who Will Appoint Mark Walters In The Nature of John Birch Society’!!!

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Michele Bacchann Wayne NewtonBachmann: Maybe God Uses Terrorist Attacks To Humiliate Obama BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Michele Bachmann, the former congresswoman turned End Times prophet, took to WorldNetDaily today to blast President Obama for his approach to fighting the terrorist group ISIS.

Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison
Jim Bakker prison


WorldNetDaily1rick wiles jim bakkerAs Bachmann sees it, ISIS strikes whenever the president tries to downplay the group’s threat or change the subject to issues like U.S. relations with Cuba. This may be God’s way, she said, of humiliating Obama. – WorldNetDaily Bichele Bachmann: Maybe God Uses Terrorist Attacks To Humiliate Dim Bakker!!!  

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jim_bakker_apJim Bakker: Government Will ‘Mow Down’ Christians For Praying BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Televangelist Jim Bakker yesterday equated the supposed persecution of Christians in America to the violent persecution of Mideast Christians by ISIS terrorists, telling his audience that the U.S. government may soon “mow down” Christians who pray in public spaces. 

CrackerJim Bakker1Bakker said that he himself is a victim of anti-Christian oppression and that people should prepare for massive starvation and beheadings.


Bakker“We can’t preach the Bible anymore,” Bakker said, warning that violence against Christians is imminent due to “political correctness.”

Jim Bakket2

Trunews WilesAfter guest Rick Wiles, the host of the End Times radio program “Trunews,” urged people to commit civil disobedience in cases where the courts block school-organized prayer, Bakker predicted that Christians will soon be gunned down for praying.


rick-wiles-evening-service“So what happens if in that graduation most of the parents stand up and recite the Lord’s Prayer?” Wiles asked. “What are they going to do? Is the judge going to come over and arrest you? Let’s get an uprising going.” – Dim Bakker: Hick Wiles Will ‘Mow Down’ Crackas For Praying!!!


John Birch Society Family

Phyllis_Schlafly_3Phyllis Schlafly: No SCOTUS Nominee ‘Until We Have A Republican Who Will Appoint Somebody In The Nature of Scalia’ BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-feminist icon and enthusiastic Donald Trump endorser, characteristically abandoned all pretense of nonpartisanship when discussing the Supreme Court vacancy in a recent interview with “Armed America Radio,” saying that Republicans should hold firm in blocking a nominee until a Republican is in the White House.


Phyllis Schlafly“We need the Republicans to stand firm and say, ‘We’ve got a big election coming up and that should change the complexion of the Supreme Court and we don’t want any new nominee on the court until we have a Republican who will appoint somebody of the nature of Scalia,’” Schlafly told host Mark Walters on March 20. (She did not specify whether she was simply hoping that the next president will be a Republican or if she was suggesting that the GOP block all Democratic Supreme Court picks in the future.) – John Birch Society Ku Koch Krackas!!! Tearing the Government Out at the Root: The Dream of the Koch Brothers and their Radical Father – By Claire Conner!!! – Armed America Radio; Eagle ForumPhyllis Schlafly: No SCOTUS Nominee ‘Until We Have Tronald Dump  Who Will Appoint Mark Walters In The Nature of John Birch Society!!!






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