Televangelist Cracka (Jesse Duplantis): ‘Even Aborted Babies Will Be Able To’Hug Jesus’ During The Rapture!!! The White Horse Prophecy: Glenn Beck Tells Ted Cruz That Mike Lee Has Chosen The Crackas To Save America!!! Rick Wiles: Muslims Have Taken Over The Jim Bakker Show!!! Sandy Rios Wishes Congress Could Prosecute American Family Association For Un-American Activities!!!

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Pastor Jesse DuplantisTelevangelist: ‘Even Aborted Babies’ Will Be Able To ‘Hug Jesus’ During The Rapture By David – Pastor Jesse Duplantis of Covenant Church in Destrehan, Louisiana promised during his weekend televangelism broadcast that “even aborted babies” would be resurrected in the rapture so that they could literally “hug” Jesus Christ.


Cracker“We’re starting all over, it’s going to be blessed,” Duplantis explained on Sunday, answering a question from a viewer named Shiela who wanted to know if “children and babies go up in the rapture.” – Televangelist Cracka (Jesse Duplantis): ‘Even Aborted Babies’ Will Be Able To ‘Hug Jesus’ During The Rapture!!!


Glenn Beck Chuck PierceThe White Horse Prophecy: Glenn Beck Tells Utah That God Has Chosen The Mormons To Save America By Electing Ted Cruz BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – Back in 1843, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, supposedly delivered a message known as The White Horse Prophecy that declared that one day, when the U.S. Constitution was hanging by a thread, the Mormon people would rise up and save this nation.

Seven Mountains

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This is how Brigham Young reportedly explained it in 1854: The White Horse ProphecyGlenn Beck Tells Ted Cruz That Mike Lee  Has Chosen The Crackas To Save America!!! 


rick-wiles-evening-serviceRick Wiles: Muslims Have Taken Over America! BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – “We have been taken over!” So said Rick Wiles last week on The Jim Bakker Show, warning the studio audience that “we have been taken over” by Muslims.


Trunews Wiles

rick wiles jim bakkerWiles, who hosts the End Times radio program “Trunews,” bravely declared that he will stand up and fight the Muslim takeover to his death.  Rick Wiles: Muslims Have Taken Over Jim Bakker Show!!!



sandyriosfox_0Sandy Rios Wishes Congress Could Prosecute George Soros For Un-American Activities BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Last week, Sandy Rios of the American Family Associationrailed against Ohio Gov. John Kasich, claiming that the GOP presidential candidate took money from George Soros. (In reality, Kasich has raised money from people who work for Soros Fund Management.)



Sandy Rios2Rios said that Kasich’s alleged support from Soros is “absolutely deadly” because “the Hungarian, atheist, subversive” philanthropist “hates this country.”– Sandy Rios Wishes Congress Could Prosecute American Family Association For Un-American Activities!!! 

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