Steaming Hot, Graham Cracka Excretion!!! Franklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Crackas!!! More than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ku Kruz Kracka!!! Ku Kruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘John Zmirak’ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS!!! Kevin Swanson: Bryan Fischer Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Cracka’ Around The World!!!



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Franklin GrahamFranklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Heathens BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network  this week, right-wing evangelist Franklin Graham declared that Christians have a duty to vote even if their options do not include a candidate with a strong biblical worldview:



Sarah+Palin+Visits+Haiti+Franklin+Graham+Samaritan+JkrjmR0wPTXx“And I’m not going to tell people who to vote for, I’m not going to do that — let God tell you who to vote for,” he said. “You may have to hold your nose, you may have to decide which is the least heathen of the two heathen.”– Franklin Graham: Christians Must Vote, Even If Only For The Lesser Of Two Crackas!!!


Trump Dream

american_taliban_meme_74f816535d36e03fd3d153d9ac8fc68716632cceMore than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ted Cruz BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – The latest announcement in the Ted Cruz presidential campaign’s ongoing rollout of endorsements from right-wing leaders is a group of more cromwellheadspikethan 50 “Catholic influencers” led by Robert Georgethe intellectual muscle for the Religious Right, and Ken Cuccinelliformer attorney general of Virginia and failed gubernatorial cromwell-at-droghedacandidate. The campaign announced the endorsement of Robert George yesterday; some others on the list (Heritage Foundation, National Organization for Marriage, Eagle Forum, American Principles ProjectBobby Schindler, Brent Bozell, CromwellPhyllis Schlafly, Richard ViguerieSteve King, Brian Brown, John Eastman, Tim Huelskampscarlet letter, Anne Cori, Paul Gosar, Ginni
, Ryan Anderson, John ZmirakJack Fowler, Terry Schilling
) have also been announced previously. – More than 50 Conservative Catholics Back Ku Kruz Kracka!!!


Ku Klux Klan1

Ted CruzCruz Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘Gay Sharia’ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – As we have noted again and again, it seems that there is no right-wing activist too extreme for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign to embrace. We got yet another piece of evidence of this today when the Cruz campaign released a list of endorsements from 50 conservative Catholics, among them John Zmirak.


height.182.no_border.width.320Zmirak, an editor of James Robison’s website The Stream, has warned of such things as “gay Sharia” in America and suggested that the Senate block all Democratic Supreme Court nominees until a Republican is elected president. (Both of these things might actually endear him to Cruz, who is a notorious obstructionist and once warned of the gay “jihad.”)


King CruzSome of Zmirak’s greatest hits: He warned of the imminent genocide of American Christians, saying that Christians are “going to see ourselves reduced to the status of second-class citizens the way Christians are in countries like Egypt and Syria.” – Ku Kruz Kracka Touts Endorsement Of Activist Who Says ‘John Zmirak‘ Is A Bigger Threat Than ISIS!!!


Cruz Huckabee

swanson1Kevin Swanson: Obama Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Gay’ Around The World BY Brian Tashman – See more at: – Angry about President Obama’s appointment of gay ambassadors, Kevin Swanson said on his Generations Radio program today that these ambassadors want to promote “the gospel of gay” abroad.


Bryan FischerSwanson praised efforts by religious leaders in the Dominican Republic to recall the openly gay U.S. ambassador and a ruling by a Puerto Rican judge reaffirming the commonwealth’s same-sex marriage ban, while noting that Tennessee lawmakers only managed to pass a “toothless resolution” decrying the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling. – Kevin Swanson: Bryan Fischer Spreading ‘The Gospel Of Cracka‘ Around The World!!!

Bernie Vote

Bernie 2 U






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