Kruz Kreech Kracka!!! Christian Action League: Mark Creech, The Pastor Who Said Gay Marriage Is An ‘Attempted Gang Rape Of Our Culture’ Endorses Ted Cruz!!! Cracka Televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne: Tronald Dump Will Save Us From Antichrist!!! Rat Pobertson: The 700 Club Has ‘Ripped Up The Fabric Of The Christian Broadcasting Network’!!! Concerned Women for America; Penny Nance: ‘This Is The Most Important Fundies In Undies Of Our Crackas’!!!




creech_cPastor Who Said Gay Marriage Is An ‘Attempted Gang Rape Of Our Culture’ Endorses Ted Cruz BY Kyle Mantyla – See more at: – As we have noted several times before, people who hate gays sure do seem to love Ted Cruz, and to that ever-growing list we can now add Mark Creech of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, who endorsed Cruz last week:

Christian Action League

Catherine Engelbrecht

swansoncruzdWe are witnessing possibly the most dangerous time in American history. It’s not that our great country hasn’t faced incredible challenges in the past, but today the enemies of our Republic strike at the heart of our national identity – the meaning of America. Such issues will determine the preservation of liberty for the generations to come. 


Ku Klux Klan1


scarlet letterAlthough the Christian Action League concedes there are many pressing considerations in choosing a President, none are more important than marriage and family, restoring a culture of life, and preserving our first right – the right to practice one’s faith freely. No current John Birch Society Familycandidate in the Democratic field demonstrates a proper commitment to any of these necessary supports for a healthy society. All the candidates in the GOP field have shown some commitment to these three, either with lip service or some Creech-300x200 (1)demonstration of allegiance, but none has the long track record of their zealous defense and promotion as Senator Ted Cruz. – Creationism is a Political Tool to enable Fundamentalism!!! Fundamentalism is then further supported by Junk Science, Junk History, Junk Therapy and Junk Economics!!! The 50’s and the 60’s were periods of relatively high taxation, most yuppie dumb ignorant
Klanfundamentalist teabagging crackas were raised in this Golden Age of Prosperity, it wasn’t changed till 1980 when Reagan let the John Birch Society back into the GOP
under the new label of the
Christian Coalition!!!
 – Right-wing pastor Mark Creech accuses Republican KlanPat Robertson of “blasphemy” for rejecting young-earth creationism  Christian Action League: Mark Creech The Pastor Who Said Gay Marriage Is An ‘Attempted Gang Rape Of Our Culture’ Endorses Ted Cruz!!!

gary north

Huckabee Islam

howardbrowneTelevangelist: Donald Trump Will Save Us From Antichrist BY Brian Tashman – Earlier this week on Trunews, televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne explained to host Rick Wiles  why he decided to endorse Donald Trump for president.


Trunews Wiles

rick wiles jim bakkerHoward-Browne, who last appeared on “Trunews” to warn that America is now “Nazi Germany,” said that Trump is “a threat to the New World Order and the one-world government.” – Cracka Televangelist Rodney Howard-BrowneTronald Dump  Will Save Us From Antichrist!!!



quote-feminism-is-a-socialist-anti-family-political-movement-that-encourages-women-to-leave-pat-robertson-24-72-78Pat Robertson: The Supreme Court Has ‘Ripped Up The Fabric Of American Life’ BY Brian Tashman – Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson told Senate Republicans to “hold firm” on their Supreme Court blockade.


700_Club_logo“If Republicans cave, they can kiss the Senate goodbye,” he said. (Polls actually show the Supreme Court blockade hurting Republicans’ re-election prospects). – Rat Pobertson: The 700 Club Has ‘Ripped Up The Fabric Of The Christian Broadcasting Network‘!!!

7-mountains-of-americaElvis Oral Roberts

 Nance Dobson‘This Is The Most Important Battle Of Our Lives’ BY Brian Tashman – Today on Breitbart News Daily, Penny Nance of the right-wing group Concerned Women for America told activists to prepare for “the fight of our lives” over the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.


concerned women for americaNance said that President Obama is “out of control” and urged conservatives to support the Senate Republicans’ refusal to even grant a hearing to his nominee. “It is going to be a blood match,” she said. “It is going to be a cage match…. This is the most important battle of our lives.” – Concerned Women for America; Penny Nance ‘This Is The Most Important Fundies In Undies Of Our Crackas‘!!! 




  Ted Cruz


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