Low Life – After That – Perkins: Reagan Would Never Have Negotiated With Iran!!!! Louie Gohmert On Sex Ed!!! Louie Gohmert discusses gay marriage!!! Louie Gohmert “Aspersions on my Asparagus”!!! Gohmert: Anti-Christian Persecution Explains Rise Of Trump!!! Gohmert: ‘It’s Time To Start Impeaching Judges’ For Marriage Equality Ruling!!! Gohmert: Clinton’s Nice To Obama Because Otherwise He’ll Indict Her!!! Rafael Cruz: Ted Is Being Persecuted For Telling The Truth!!! Rafael Cruz: Obama Ushering In ‘The Destruction Of America’!!! Rafael Cruz Falsely Claims Public School System Was Founded By Communist Party Member!!!

Ronald Reagan


Anthony Richard “Tony” Perkins (born March 20, 1963) is president of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy and lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C.

King Gohmert Bachmann

Gohmert King

Louis Buller “Louie” Gohmert, Jr. (born August 18, 1953) is a current Republican U.S. Representative from Texas’s First Congressional District.

american_taliban_meme_74f816535d36e03fd3d153d9ac8fc68716632cceRafael Bienvenido Cruz (born March 22, 1939) is a Cuban-born American Christian preacher and public speaker. The father of US politician Ted Cruz, he is described by various media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, as an acting surrogate in his son’s political campaigns.


Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn,[1] (born November 20, 1983),[2] better known by his stage name Future, is an American hip hop artist from Atlanta, Georgia.










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