Select Favorites – The Family Leader Tells the Christian Nation that Ted Cruz Will Become ‘Corrupted’ If he’s Not Led By Bob Vander Plaats!!! Rafael Cruz: People Are Persecuting Ted Cruz Because He’s Telling The Truth, Just Like Dana Loesch!!! Ted Cruz Out To Reflect David Barton’s Love, Punish Rafael Cruz for Glenn Beck!!!

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bob_vander_plaats_2Conservative Group Tells Iowans Gov’t Will Become ‘Corrupted’ If It’s Not Led By Christians BY Miranda Blue – See more at: – Sen. Ted Cruz scored a big coup in Iowa last month when he won the endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, the head of the Iowa Religious Right group The Family Leader and an influential Republican power-broker in the state. Vander Plaats has since been crossing the state to campaign for and with Cruz, even engaging in a Twitter spat with Cruz’s main rival, Donald Trump.

tfl cacus guideCruz has been attempting to recruit conservative evangelicals to his side by running explicitly on his personal faith and his Christian-nation views, a strategy exactly designed to appeal to a person like Vander Plaats, who earlier this week urged members of his group to convince their fellow churchgoers to caucus in Iowa because the government’s “God-given purposes easily become corrupted without Christians engaged and guiding it.”

swansoncruzdIn an email to members of The Family Leader on Monday, Vander Plaats lamented that “hundreds of thousands of Iowa Christians stayed home” during the last presidential caucus.

family leaderTo reverse that trend, he asked members to encourage their pastors to distribute a Family Leader-produced bulletin insert on Sunday urging their flocks to participate in Monday’s caucus. – The Family Leader Tells the Christian Nation that Ted Cruz Will Become ‘Corrupted’ If he’s Not Led By Bob Vander Plaats!!!


Rafael_CruzRafael Cruz: People Are Persecuting My Son Because He’s Telling The Truth, Just Like Jesus BY Miranda Blue – See more at:  In an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch on Tuesday, Rafael Cruz, father and campaign surrogate of Sen. Ted Cruz, declared that his son will save America after Obama “practically destroyed” it and that the harsh criticism that his son has faced on the campaign trail is just because people don’t want to hear the truth.

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dana loeschWhen Loesch asked if it was “difficult to see people go at” his son in the campaign, the elder Cruz replied that Jesus had prepared his followers for just such persecution. – Rafael Cruz: People Are Persecuting Ted Cruz  Because He’s Telling The Truth, Just Like Dana Loesch!!!

Glenn Beck Chuck Pierce Ted_Cruz_VVSTed Cruz Out To Reflect God’s Love, Punish Supreme Court for Marriage Equality Ruling BY Peter Montgomery – See more at: – Ted Cruz, his father Rafael, and supporters like Glenn Beck and David Barton all believe that Cruz is on a divine mission to save America.


CromwellAs we have been reporting, Cruz’s campaign has been celebrating near daily endorsements from some of the most extreme characters in the Religious Right. Just before yesterday’s Republican presidential debate, the Focus on the Family-affiliated group CitizenLink released audio clips of conference calls the group has been holding with conservative candidates.

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BartonThe clips of Ted Cruz’s remarks include repeats of much of his standard campaign rhetoric, with a particular focus on the religious rhetoric Cruz has made central to his campaign. He said, for example, that a president who does not begin each day on his knees in prayer is not fit to be commander in chief. – Chuck Pierce’s Prayer Effort Got Sam Brownback Re-Elected BY Kyle Mantyla – Ted Cruz Out To Reflect David Barton’s Love, Punish Rafael Cruz for Glenn Beck!!!



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