Reince Priebus Admits GOP More Afraid of Bernie Sanders Than Hillary Clinton!!!


Reince Priebus Tamara ScottRNC Chair Admits GOP More Afraid of Sanders Than Clinton – The current chair of the Republican National Convention, Reince Priebus admitted on the John Gibson Show that the Republican Party would rather face up against candidate Hillary Clinton than Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders2Priebus used the “devil you know” argument, saying that the GOP is already familiar with the old attack strategies that can be used against Hillary, whereas things with Bernie are significantly less predictable.

Bernie Sanders

rs-sanders-6-1068x561Of course, Priebus wouldn’t have lavished that sort of praise on a Democrat without providing some sort of smear; the chair also said that Bernie’s “sort of wild, socialistic, liberal” character would also be easy to beat. Don’t be so sure, Reince! – Reince Priebus Admits GOP More Afraid of Bernie Sanders Than Hillary Clinton!!! 

Bernie Sanders1




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