$101 million Noah’s Ark rises in Kentucky — Jesus-riding dinosaurs and all Newsweek!!!

Answers in Genesis

$101 million Noah’s Ark rises in Kentucky  — Jesus-riding dinosaurs and all Newsweek 
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– Imagine the Titanic minus the smokestacks, framed out of timber rather than iron. Imagine that instead of a doomed ocean liner bustling with well-dressed elites, it’s home to 2,000 seasick animals, a handful of teenage dinosaurs and one patriarchal family headed by a 500-year-old man bent on saving the world.

Palin Cultures all over the globe share the legend of Noah’s Ark, but this summer one especially enthusiastic Christian ministry will try to convince you that it looked exactly like this—dinosaurs and all—when it opens its biblical theme park. Its pièce de résistance is a 510-foot representation of Noah’s giant boat.

Davis Trump(OK, the Titanic was bigger, but you get the idea.) Tickets for the July 7 opening go on sale January 19, and the ministry folks are betting big—with borrowed money—that people will want to see the show. NOAH’S ARK RISES IN KENTUCKY, DINOSAURS AND ALL BY LINDSAY TUCKER – 10 Epic Portraits of Jesus and Dinosaurs (10 Pics)

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Matt-Bevin-AARPNew Kentucky Gov Lowers Minimum Wage By $3, Revokes Voting Rights For 140,000 By James DeVinnie – In a dismally low-turnout election in November, Kentuckians elected Matt Bevin, a Republican Tea Party favorite, to the governor’s mansion, marking just the third time since World War II that the state has elected a Republican governor.

jesus-dinosaur7Now, safely ensconced in office thanks to the apathy of the electorate, Bevin is taking action to implement his brand of oppressive extremist conservative politics at the expense of the rights of hundreds of thousands of Kentucky citizens. – $101 million Noah’s Ark rises in Kentucky — Jesus-riding dinosaurs and all Newsweek!!!

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