Jerome Corsi; Joseph Farah; Ilana Mercer; WorldNetDaily Pundit: Donald Trump Can Rally A ‘Cracka Army’ And The ‘Cracka Lives Matter Movement’!!!

 WorldNetDaily1WND Pundit: TrumpCan Rally A ‘White Army’ And The ‘White Lives Matter Movement’ BY Brian Tashman – Yesterday, WorldNetDaily Donald Trumpcolumnist Ilana Mercer praised Donald Trump for giving voice to members of the “invisible, white army” who are tired of being oppressed by “federal aggression” and immigrants who “have the run of your schools, hospitals, libraries, parks and workplace.”

27Ilana-with-Joseph-Farah-WorldNetDaily-cocktail-party-Sept-2010-Miami“Indeed, we members of the informal White Lives Matter movement notice that poor whites in America are very badly off,” she wrote, adding that “this large, mostly white cohort is waiting on the ropes for … Donald Trump.”  Maddow Calls Out Trump For Embracing Conspiracy Site BY Brian Tashman – See more at:   Jerome CorsiJoseph FarahIlana Mercer; WorldNetDaily Pundit: Donald Trump Can Rally A ‘Cracka Army’ And The ‘Cracka Lives Matter Movement’!!!





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